and Fractal Water

seed treatment - by implosive charge

demonstration project.

Section 1- here

evidence a simple capacitive voltage charge field-

in the electrical geometry of centripetal/ implosive symmetry-

creates a powefully bioactive- growth affecting field.

Note 2 things:

1. replicated- lab tests (below) showing the 'pyraphi' capacitive (conjugator of charge)

field- repeatedly generated 40 percent increase in fermentation

with zero power input passive capacitive field applied.

2. note the parallel MIR pulse process- from the Burke Levengood- "Seeds of Knowledge"

team- who are our partners in collaboration- also generated dramatic seed growth

from these pulse arcs- of just minutes in duration- (see photos below)


and finally - see the other section here- the PRIORE PLASMA CONJUGATOR- our prototype device - new- which has shown dramatic bioactive field effect- which is now being launched also as a seed treatment- in collaboration with TheImploder and Fractal Water team (separate document)



Life Force "Fractal Field"

Pyr (fire in center) by Phi (Golden Ratio): A PYRAmidal Puri-PHI-er

It's simple- we are trying to teach a pure principle here. There is a FIELD EFFECT- and charge field that creates life- versus death (Note the book 'Seed of Knowledge' below). Would a rose grow if it was not shaped like a rose. The reason all living things require a field effect environnment which 'looks like a rose' (phase conjugate / or fractal)- is this allows efficient distribution of charge- which is a DEFINER of LIFE! This is the only way- the sacred and the divine can be created and understood. ONLY when this is understood is it possible to know WHAT ARCHITECTURE IS FOR! (how health and bliss are maintained).

Science has long known that in a liquid - if charge distribution efficiency (same as fractality) is good ( called Redox: Electron availability to react) - THEN - life processes are facilitated.
Why has not physics realized that ability to get charge into efficient distribution (fractal) also is life or death- in AIR .. in space?

We have all known and felt - live air versus dead air- yet few have done the electrical engineering to measure the difference- and produce the field effect we KNOW is powerful in most any sacred ancient church. Korotkov and others (graphics below -& at architecture link- fractality in air - MEASURED) - have pioneered work that defines this difference. Follow-the shaman to the ('sacred') place they go to 'telephone' their ancestors- air measurements there are FRACTAL! Carl Jung needs updating: the collective unconsious DNA radio - actually is limited by the (phase conjugate) space where you make the phone call (Staying in metal framed buildings with dead air is literally soul-killing). Actually it is simple all living process happens more quickly and easily if charge distribution is made perfect. (literally: the DIVINE- meaning perfectly branched or fractal)

The electric field which creates this self similar or fractal field is called 'phase conjugate dielectric' in electrical engineering terms- and those in the know - understand why this is bioactive and powerful ( - see bottom) .These developments in creating literally life giving electric field are going to revolutionize many fields in biology and architecture.

Along with Korotkov- we pioneered the electrical measure of sacred space ( - the place where harmonics implosively become inclusive - the fractality which defines LIFE!).. but we went further- here we show that once you know the measurement physics of life force in sacred space- you prove you know by BUILDING IT!

With the Pyraphi we demonstrate how literally 'hair raising' spiritual power is. More than a life force generator / concentrator - meditative power implosive cocoon - the physics extends to triggering regeneration and growth - reducing electrosmog (and reducing radioactivity-we shall show), electrically conditioning to that 'ringing presence' whole life space. The principle is quite simple: the centripetal charge space (vacuum compression gone implosive) in the center- sorts all entering waves into ONLY those which can be propagated fractally. THAT charge propagation made efficient is the (fractal) electrical common denominator of EVERY living thing.

Scaled by planck and hydrogen and golden ratio accurately- this living capacitor - like no other - is the first REAL electrical engineering build of the ancient concept : The SHEM. The Shem is a 'highward fire stone' fractal capacitor (phase conjugating dielectric implosive generator) - later called - the ALTAR in church, the origin of SCHEMe (matrix by design) and the word SHEM-an, and CHEMistry and alCHEMy... literally : access to a black hole!

The "Pyraphi": Living Architecture now has an electrical definition!
See More below- about What is a LIVING 'Phase Conjugate or Fractal'
- Centripetal - ELECTRIC FIELD.. Just like the one at Stonehenge which Replicably Increases Seed Germination

Designed using the revolutionary plasma implosive phase conjugate electric physics of the sacred-
planck/ hydrogen/golden ratio metric ... by Dan Winter,
Built like the Ark of the Covenant- of special geometric hardwood -precisely phase angled- real gold- ..and 'egg' ceramic
by Master Builder Andrew.-

Construction is delayed due to the tragic death of our partner Andrw- in lightning on solstice- more info email to:

PyraPhi is a "Fractal Field" Charge Imploder-
(precisely idealized 'phase conjugate dielectric' bioactive capacitive field effect generator)
applicable to
- concentration of focus and meditation
-concentration of life force, freshness, and vitality
-reduction of electrosmog, and radiation (even radioactivity) by the principle of dielectric phase conjugation
-concentration of implosive charge for biologic rock powders (purifying lakes, triggering growth)
- natural cooling effect:'fractal fridge' (implosive compression eliminates heat)
-triggering growth- bone and tissue regeneration (living electric field)
-birth / death / initiation (see "Vairocana Effect")
.. and more..

PYRAPHI set up- demo


Just for comparison- see the larger : ICOSAPHI-


Powerful centripetal charge field: will - accelerate growth, reduce radioactivity, preserve life force (food etc).
To be added soon: phase conjugate MAGNETICS: pain reduction, healing acceleration.


Above- right- intro to the work of partners- Levengood and Burke (Seed of Knowledge)- developed a pulse hi voltage seed treatment

which is parallel to our PLASMA CONJUGATE PULSE - see our PRIORE section

here are photos from our partners- (with Levengood's present team) - of their success

in SEED TREATMENT with this Pulse Treatment (called MIR)

Seed Treatment Pulse- Success Photos


It's simple- we are trying to teach a pure principle here. There is a FIELD EFFECT- and charge field that creates life- versus death (Note the book 'Seed of Knowledge' above). Would a rose grow if it was not shaped like a rose. The reason all living things require a field effect environnment which 'looks like a rose' (phase conjugate / or fractal)- is this allows efficient distribution of charge- which is a DEFINER of LIFE! This is the only way- the sacred and the divine can be created and understood. ONLY when this is understood is it possible to know WHAT ARCHITECTURE IS FOR! (how health and bliss are maintained).

Read more about the technology Dan Winter pioneered for measuring the weak electrical field harmonics- to quantify life force:

Read more about how Dan Winter- created a leading International Curriculum for BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE- centered around his new definition of LIFE FORCE- creation in structures electrically:


gold eggs labelled
LifeGiving Bioactive 'Phase Conjugate' FRACTAL FIELD



We have built a preliminary example of an equation based - fractal capacitor..
the field effect is biologicall palpable, dramatic..

We are in the process of proving bioactivity:

-seed pretreatment

-plant growth

-food storage

related tests include- ability to eliminate electrosmog,
and stimulate growth (in bone - or even in stem cells)


The ancient shem or highward fire stone (translated as 'altar' in church)- is a phase conjugating dielectric- (prevents aging when used properly)..

in the same way- the (p.c.dielectric) Ark of the Covenant- would generate the field for white gold powder manufacture (-the white wafer later called shewbread or 'holy communion)..

AND could non-destructively contain radioactivity

(in the same way the phase conjugate dielectric field of human plasma - focused human attention- does measureably cause charge fields to compress- and reduce radioactivity measureably.

(More on Phase Conjugate Dielectric Fields - bottom here..)

The KEY is the symmetry which allows field effects to become CENTRIPETAL..

Imagine a rose in 3D - its effectively a stellated golden ratio DODECA-
scaled by planck length - and stellated by golden ratio.

See Dan Winter's new formula to predict the SIZE of hydrogen:


April 2010 Insert: See how the SYMMETRY (below- 5 spins inside / 7 out of the ANU and Ophanim Sigil - creates a palpable and useable charge plasma field- a sneak preview of - the New Fractal LIFE FORCE CONCENTRATOR.. a "PyraPhier":

Designed to commercially prove:

-perfected food storage / freshness maintainer

-perfected seed and agricultural storage / life force concentrator

-perfected medicines / homeopathic storage..

-perfected metabolic rate accelerator - for digesters, and more

Note we will also soon be offering with the growth enhancing product line- a series of
agricultural products including: The PYRAPHI:
(here) which is a phase conjugate or fractal electric or dielectric bioactive field generator.

In addition to the device itself- we are assembling dramatic evidence that this life giving field effect
generator - can be used (as the scientific evidence shows- was Stonehenge) to pretreat seed for a dramatic
growth effect.

We will also be offering a new line a agricultural growth accelerators- all extremely organic and naturalwhich
because they have been electrically charged inside this field effect- will also create dramatic
germination and growth acceleration. These include:
a) - fractal field - rock sands (piezo calcite / quartz and other special stone powders) which by virtue of their
being stronging electrically ringing from the charge of the PC field effect, will create life giving charge
around the growing plant or the water. To see a bit of the history of this- see
That excellent german group has been famous for years- showing that a small amount of this highly charge
white sand- will - in addition to the seed growth effectvery
quickly for example cause a cloudy and polluted lake to clarify!
The difference between what they distribute - and our product- is that we will teach the exact measureable
physics and (self empowering) principle of what (phase conjugate) electric field produced the growth effect
in the rock powders.
We will soon offer more photos and evidence of these effects as well.

b) - fractal field- Agricultural Ormes. Be introduced to the thousands who are using agricultural Ormesphase
conjugate, or rhodium iridium emulates- for dramatic growth effects - for example with Barry Carter:
When we combine the natural phase conjugate electric field of these (inexpensive growth effect) materialswith
charging inside their correct surrounding electric field- the PYRAPHI- we amplify their ability to
radiate their life giving FRACTAL electric field.

c) - fractal field - Effective Microorganisms: It is well known that if you place your compost pile - in a
fractal field- you accelerate metabolism. The key is to know - the (fractal) measureable 'place of powder' -
where the ley lines cross in a rose- for example. This is why the phase conjugate dielectric coating which
are part of THE PYRAPHI concept - will revolutionize digester and fermentation related industries - see
If as part of that your very large micro reservoir has a population of the correct BIOSUSTAINABILITYpermaculture-
INTELLIGENT MICROORGANISM- population- what is now proven is that effectively
this colony of microorganisms- becomes so intelligent- in a sense they literally RUN THE FARM! For
example - this is how - in the studies of our friends- like Malcolm Borgward of Perth, and Rob Gourlay of
Canberra- that farms with thriving colonies of the RIGHT microorganisms- show in overhead photos- they
are the ones that survive huge waves of pests eating the rest of the countryside.
Well- by treating the microorganism colony to the inspired metabolic field effect- we amplify their growth
(and selforganization) curve.
So these above 4 items- in combination will be the complementary FRACTAL FIELD TECHNOLOGIES -
we will soon be distributing thru our IMPLODER network.
Stay tuned to announcements as we assemble more of the necessary results and documentation- especially
with the help of Colin - in our FRACTAL FIELD -testing lab here in South France..

Here is a new film intro, July 2010- to our P.C.Dielectric: Fractal Field- PYRAPHI - Capacitive Life Force Field Generator

We designed the device (phase conjugate dielectric)..

phase conjugate eggs

which did this (see the 3 peaks) - each time we put it around Korotkov's little measuring antenna:

GDV measures cups

The frequency signature we use to phase conjugate the resins- corresponds to Golden Ratio fractality and hydrogen. This demonstrates we UNDERSTAND WELL in principle: what makes a field conjugate- and therefore distributeable. People think that by defining pure intention and the voice of ancestors- as a perfectly shareable wave- we are speaking poetry - this may be true - but this is also a precise physics.


The book "Seed of Knowledge" showed - any scientists with a 90 cent budget for seeds could replicably measure what a 'sacred site' - stone circle did to seed growth


Did any university biology department check this out?

NO - University Biology departments continue to construct buildings made of the field effect poisoning steel and aluminum. (The PRINCIPLE: Steel / Aluminum create a capacitor which is:
harmonic EXCLUSIVE- death making-
versus - biologic or 'phase conjugate' materials which create a capacitor - which like the heart HRV which tells you your immune system is sustainable- is
harmonic INCLUSIVE /
embedable/ fractal /
context rich /
connective for living plasma instead of isolating -
charge distribution= life- invites your aura/plasma to breathe, versus charge isolation= death
- read- )

Governments- keep wrapping their sacred sites in horrifying electrosmog and metal. Greece lined the Parthenon in steel rope! Scotland built a huge steel and aluminum cap completely covering Rosslyn Chapel. (Amateurs built Noah's ark- professionals built the Titanic).

The experience of bliss and peak perception and biologic charge which the ancients intended - is wiped out by the idiot 'scientists' of western government. These are the scientists- who like Einstein- because they have no clue what (fractal) field effect causes an object to fall to the ground (constructive Golden Ratio compression-produces acceleration- causes gravity)- also have no clue to how to make - the (perfected charge distribution) electric field which causes perception, life, and bliss / peak experience. (Science review: )


Some years ago, James Lovelock- author of the GAIA hypothesis was invited to contribute to the science software- in the game SIM-Earth. In this sophisticated software game environment- the player tries to adjust the ingredients on a test planet- in order to make life happen and grow. The factors- like cloud reflectivity / albeido, gravity, temperature- and hundreds of other variables are accurately programmed to test whether life is made possible. The tricky part of the code- which Lovelock- Mr GAIA- was invited to write- was to program the effect of what happens - when STONE DOLMEN- sacred stone circles- are built on the land. What does THAT do to evolution (from the point of view of bioscience)?

What Lovelock concluded and wrote into the code- was that Stone Dolmen - accelerate growth, population and civilization - but with the risk of premature resource burnout.

When we put the gold eggs treated with phase conjugate dielectric resin:

(which had measureably spiked Dr Korotkov's space fractality probe)

simply passively around a glass jar containing fermenting yeast:


we got a (very repeatable) 20-40 percent increase in fermentation rate. GROWTH ACCELERATION!

glucose consumed


(Rather like what happens when you get smart enough to locate your compost pile where ley lines cross...maybe that's where cities should be..
oh- the aboriginals knew that..
pity about modern architects.. guess they haven't reach stone age skill yet...).

The principle is simple- whatever facilitates constructive charge compression / acceleration/ and therefore charge distribution- ACCELERATES LIFE! Young children often succeed to explain this to their prehistoric biology teachers after attending our global seminars.