Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation to the Planck Sphere:
Origin of Negentropy
THE Path out of Chaos.

by Daniel Winter , , , , ,

with acknowledgement to Mark Rohrbaugh

The most common if not the ONLY serious scientific argument for the existence of God or Spirit- has been the existence of negentropy / self-organization / or intelligence among waves. SO it is clear and self-evident that those who wish to understand the existence of Spirit or God- scientifically- can ONLY do so by understanding the natural wave origins of NEGENTROPY.

Without science- spirituality and religion are inevitably blind and condemned to the poisonous disempowerment of personality and miracle worship - which has definitely caused most every war on the planet- especially the present ones. WITH a clear wave mechanic understanding of how negentropy originates among waves- spiritual science quickly comes to measureable evidence:
- for how memory / plasma / life emerges from the death bed and the graveyard ( fractal / conjugate / longitudinal embedded perfected charge distribution IS he-aven, 'planes of sharon' , 'champs- elysee') - this includes specific electrical instructions for what can or cannot become part of the so-called 'communion of saints' / ' collective unconscious ' / ancestral memory (starting with an electrical engineers understanding - of Korotkov measures for the fractality of the AIR - in the only place the Kogi could make phone calls to ancestors)

- for how life force is propagated to seeds and people/ how 'grace' 'chi' 'barrakah' 'shakipat' 'orgone' were all imprecise terms for the negentropic self-organizing cold plasma of implosive charge.

and much much more. ALL of this creates the first real POSSIBILITY of AGREEMENT among science and government for WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR? - and thus the possibility of PEACE! ( see ) - - - SO - we urge those who imagine a way out of the dark ignorant tunnel of religious fundamentalism- and even new age wu wu fired zealotry - to see the ONLY way to implement the real science of spirit- is to learn the simple electrical rules which create this divine - BUT LAWFUL- fractal field . Phase conjugate negentropic charge collapse / IMPLOSION -- IS the path to the divine- because - divine MEANS precisely that perfect fractal branching (implosive perfected charge compression) wave principle.

- - - see below-- also Dan Winter's new book : "Origins of Biologic Negentropy" -

Here Dan Winter animates/ rotates in 3D ('the grail') his original equation (see below) for exact golden ratio (caducceus shaped) phase conjugate exponents of Planck:

This perfect GRAIL geometry of charge implosion (named 'the gravity) - is the only possible 3D fractal (field). -2018 series Online University Series- update (exerpts)

March 4 - Dan Winter- a highly visual - Physics review -and intro to the latest Breakthru's: "Waves of constructive electric charge compression/rarefaction in the ether are the only reason to study sacred geometry and quantum mechanics (because this is why they exist). The boundary between what we call mass and energy -is only a 'matter' of how much charge is compressed (by fractality/conjugation)- this is WHY: E = MC^2. This charge fractality (successful compression) is the only cause of both mass and gravity: Charge in rotation -SPIN- is the only cause of inertia- the only definition of mass- AND simultaneously the only cause of the PERIOD of charge rotation- the only definition of time. Once you see how the 'pine cone kissing' waves of golden fractal conjugation- CAUSE the possibility of implosive charge collapse- (the only wave mechanic of fusion / alchemy / and ultimately LIFE) - you then understand for yourself- (unlike Einstein, Stephen Hawkings and NASA) - why objects fall to the ground- BECAUSE you will understand HOW (conjugate fractality) - causes charge to be ACCELERATED toward center ( named THE gravity /recursive constructive phase velocity heterodynes perfected by golden ratio conjugation). Gravity doesn't 'bend space time'- charge fractality nearby in space merely accelerates the SPIN rate CALLED time. Once you see what happens to waves necessarily SELF SORTED IN TO PHASE as they approach this conjugate fractal fusion center ( origin of PROTON and ELECTRON mass/radii - NEXT weeks subject with Mark R.) - THEN you will understand for yourself WHY - CONSCIOUSNESS - LIFE FORCE and NEGENTROPY (self-organization) exist. This is why this fractal / conjugate /embeddable charge coupling (generally capacitive - because this supports the lo wattage and superluminal) is the only physics and instruction set- for what we call synchronicity ( ). THEN unlike conventional physicists you will be relieved of the profoundly dangerous fatalistic schizophrenia which believes (not only wrongly that charge and gravity - are somehow made of different stuff)- that the UNIVERSE is somehow condemned to running down to ENTROPY / DISORDER. While- in fact - this fractal physics - wave mechanics is absolute proof- that the electrical power (to become centripetal) - of your CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF- to EMBED in this NEG-ENTROPY - and CREATE- is most basic PROOF that they are wrong. Negentropy is not only possible and sustainable- it is WHY you exist. This introduces the conjugate EEG power spectra ( ) which measures and teaches this Peak Perception/ Bliss physics - the only (electric) POWER of consciousness: 'Get Centripetal or Get Dead' - We conclude with comparing the brainwaves which allowed Ingo Swann to repeatedly light that flame (thermistor-heating) - with his mind - thru a faraday cage- in laboratory measure. We introduce the (superluminal by golden ratio x C) conjugate produced longitudinal wave mechanics - which are the ONLY mechanism for this action at a distance (which Einstein incorrectly labelled spooky - because he could not conceive of the superluminal physics phase conjugation produces ). Walking thru this basic / we see that this fundamental faster than light / able to return to transverse FROM longitudinal - (Egyptian KA from the BA) charge wave mechanics- (heat containment at a distance/ holy grail of fusion physics) is also the ONLY mechanism and reason for:
-the existence of gravity waves
-the existence of collective unconscious/ communion of saints / 'akashic records'
-the existence of 'Sacred Geometry' in the Earth Grid (and beyond) - and 'sacred sites'
- in fact this embedability (and resultant negentropy / sustainability) is virtually the only wave mechanic in general behind what we CALL Sacred - even the very concept CULTURE (ritual is embedabilty/entanglement perfected- what conjugation IS) only exists to point to this - the only door not only to long term survival- but literally electrical immortality : a

March 11 - Mark Rohrbaugh: -When Mark co-authored he showed that implosive charge collapse not only produced his new equations for proton / electron mass ratio - but directly supported Dan Winter's new (fractal conjugate) equation for hydrogen radii ( ). Mark and Dan have breakthru new publication on this in process- their co-authored peer reviewed physics - are already in the top .5% there. Mark has combined his high level commercial solid state electrical engineering profession with a talent and a team for breakthru fractal math and physics- with us. Mark's latest papers/projects- "Proton to Electron Mass Ratio Paper Points to New Physics" , "A 4th Order 7D-Dimensional Polynomial Whose Roots are the Proton and Electron Masses and Standard Physics Constants ", "Gravitational Control - EM Drive - How It Really Works - A Preliminary Explanation (Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster) " - lead up to Mark and Dan (and his partner Lyz) - developing their new breakthru- synthesis paper - on the Fractal Physics Cause of Gravity- tentatively titled:"Proton Electron Geometric Evidence: Gravity is the Charge Implosion Caused by Golden Ratio Phase Conjugating FRACTALITY"

pdf download - article discussion:

Does Golden Ratio Phase Conjugate Fractality in the Universe best describe gravity stability-.. and even replace the notion of Dark Matter?
Dan Winter: IF you know ‘why objects fall to the ground’ (thus excluding NASA, Einstein, Stephen Hawking) THEN you might understand the famous EM DRIVE microwave propulsion -This graph of the microwave path - in the famous EM propulsion drive would be more accurately called PHASE CONJUGATION. See HOW phase conjugation causes gravity (propulsion);
Multiple equation based examples of propulsion tech which results: , more on conjugate interferometry:

Gravity= inphiknit (implosive) charge collapse (paraphrasing Einstein)- Fractal / phase conjugate charge collapse - precise exponents of golden ratio - to planck - cause gravity by allowing superluminal Acceleration* past C by golden ratio (non destructive self re-entry= perfected recursion in phase velocity heterodyning) into longitudinal emf - *This underlies Einsteins conviction there is no experiment which could discriminate acceleration from gravity- meaning charge acceleration IS gravity- meaning if you learn what causes charge to accelerate DURING compression ( hint golden ratio phase conjugate recursive constructive heterodyning of phase velocities) - you have then PRECISELY DEFINED THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY ( and how else would any physicist explain my new equation -planck x integer exponents golden ratio - proving this conjugation of phases to planck - is the precise geometry of hydrogen, photosynthesis, orbital mechanics- and so much more ... and this then explains perfectly WHY gravity, life, mind/consciousness are centripetal and negentropic - just like phase conjugation is in optics..

Enter here Dan Winter- Implosion Charge Collapse- 2018 SlideShow-

Update May 2018:> <'Gravity Making:Your Life Depends on it' -key article emerged from the huge response to film ->principle of 'Planet Taming' -when dolmens embed well by conjugated crosses in longitudinal emf (gravity waves ) not only is gravity stabilized-but atmosphere is maintained - :proofs -(see article) -gyro spin rate can be 'pumped' by nutating it in your hand..- (that implosion is gravity- the form of charge acceleration produced by the recursive /fractal compression as conjugation of phases-DEFINES GRAVITY ) - -also micro gravity measure over pyramids- especially at sunrises, eclipse.. - also here see image- magnetic line collapse during eclipse (image here from Cardinaux

Dear Professor: In the context of the evidence->
(discussion exerpted below)

that golden ratio phase conjugation to planck- - optimizes negentropy and gravity-
we believe it would follow then that the known dodecahedral symmtries of the universe
(below)- in hot spots/ mass concentration/ microwave background etc-
SHOULD be spaced at distances close to golden ratio integer exponents of planck length.
(Per the equation in the first graph right)

Could you help us check this hypothesis?

For example- if the concept dark matter is only a name for areas with excess gravity,
if those areas correspond to this dodec symmetry- then this phase conjugate model
of gravity might account for the excess gravity- better than an unproven dark matter hypothesis.

Appreciate your help, Dan Winter --> info at

Exerpting from : This paper is suggesting the significant evidence for the hypothesis that this symmetry (golden ratio to planck) is the wave mechanics (cause and mechanism ) of

  • the structure of hydrogen and fusion and implosive collapse in general
  • the electrical wave geometric cause of gravity
  • the wave geometric phase conjugate origin of color, (see yellow and blue as dodeca photon phase angles here) - and self - organization in phase conjugation - in general (optical, dielectric, phonon, and magnetic), and origin of centripetal forces (like electronegativity
  • the origin of perception (as evidenced by golden ratio in eeg during peak perception- and the fact as Tiller proved- focused attention compresses charge fields.


Note how the x,y,z values of each of the vertices of all the nodes in the Infinite Dodeca-/Icosa- golden ratio Stellation, we call The ”star mother" , are simple exponents (whole number multiples) of Golden Mean .618 , 1.0, 1.618, 2.618 . This is further mathematical evidence that since we see this EACH POINT IS ALWAYS A MULTIPLE OF GOLDEN RATIO, ALSO IN DISTANCE TO CENTER POINT! (meaning - perfect compression by golden ratio is present on ALL SYMMETRY LINES TO CENTER- 'Mathematics of fusion/ superconductivity / implosive collapse')

This has been recently proven in the structure of hydrogen, and is how this model effectively (quoting mathematician El Naschie) “how the GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY is EVIDENCE THAT FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY”.

So, we reprint the list here as Dan Winter published in his first book “ONE CRYSTAL’S DANCE” over 30 years ago. The Golden Coordinates of the Star Mother:

This set assumes the cube edge = 2 units. So, the tetra- edges would be square root of 2 times 2, the dodeca- edge = .618 times 2, the icosa- edge = 1.618 times 2, and the NEXT outer dodeca stellation edge 2.618 times 2.

  • Vertices of the octahedron: (6) – (0,1,0), (1,0,0), (0,-1,0), (-1,0,0), (0,0,1), (0,0,-1)
  • Vertices of the cube (8) – (1,1,1), (1,-1,1), (-1,-1,1), (-1,1,1), (1,1,-1), (1,-1,-1), (-1,-1,-1), (-1,1,-1)
  • Vertices of the dodecahedron (20) – The dodeca vertex are composed exactly of the above 8 vertex of the cube- PLUS-these additional 12: (-.618, 1.618, 0), (.618, 1.618, 0), (1.618, 0, .618), (1.618, 0, -.618), (-.618, -1.618, 0), (.618, -1.618, 0), (-1.618, 0, .618), (-1.618, 0, -.618), (0, .618, 1.618), (0, -.618, 1.618), (0, .618, -1.618), (0, -.618, -1.618)
  • Vertices of the icosahedron (12) – (2.618, 0, 1.618), (2.618, 0, -1.618), (-2.618, 0, 1.618), (-2.618, 0, -1.618), (-1.618, 2.618, 0), (1.618, 2.618, 0), (-1.618, -2.618, 0), (1.618, -2.618, 0), (0, 1.618, 2.618), (0, -1.618, 2.618), (0, 1.618, -2.618), (0, -1.618, -2.618)

Feb 16, 2016 Comment regarding recent confirmation of GRAVITY WAVES- from Dan Winter: " the key experiment was not done - placing the heavy mass (or black hole) centers- at golden ratio / dodeca array ( as is KNOWN for the geometry of the universe) - and that placement will INCREASE the gravity- - thus proving phase conjugation causes gravity - and eliminating the need for the spurious unproven idea about dark matter- in the known dodeca geometry mass arranged universe ( see image) - dark matter was only imagined to account for the extra gravity created by that dodeca mass symmetry - . Also - the fact that -hodowanec and ramsey - proved that gravity waves move faster than light- is also evidence that phase conjugation causes gravity - in that phase conjugation is the known mechanism to produce longitudinal EMF (which is known faster than light)

- then later when prof raymond chao measured the faster than light velocity see Raymond Chiao - wikipedia: "CHIAO - has become well known in the field of quantum optics due to several important experiments. Based on former experiments carried out by Günter Nimtz in 1992[1] he measured the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 and 1.7 times the speed of light. " ( 1.618 is golden ratio )

Phase conjugate gravity prediction (Dan Winter) which says that faster than light velocities produced will propagate primarily at integer golden ratio multiples times the speed of light -

The ability of LIGO to measure gravity waves as compressional waves- is in itself proof that gravity waves are longitudinal / compressional. The original design of LIGO - laser interferometry to measure gravity waves was based on the idea that gravity waves were compressional (longitudinal)- yet they ignored the simple fact that phase conjugation was required to couple longitudinal waves (convert transverse to longitudinal and -the idea was for LIGO to measure the change in the compression of space time- (using laser intrferometry) but they failed to understand that coherent compressional wave propagation WAS longitudinal emf - namely GRAVITY WAVES!

LIGO ability to measure gravity waves is entirely based on the physics of gravity waves as compressional / longitudinal - yet no one admits that since only phase conjugation creates longitudinal emf coherently- therefore phase conjugation is the mechanism behind gravity- which creates longitudinal gravity waves in the first place.

Laser interferometry will never sensitively measure gravity waves -unless they use phase conjugation... capacitive coupling measures gravity waves (hodowanec and ramsey- see image- ) indicating gravity waves are longitudinal emf interferometry -note measurement shows faster than light gravity waves consistent with longitudinal...- the next experiment needs to prove those faster than light velocities are centered around 1.618 time C light speed (proof of my conjugate cause of gravity hypothesis)- noting all of well known professor Raymond Chiao measurements of faster than light velocities so far were between 1.5 and 1.7 time C light speed!





Symptoms of “Einstein Induced Insanity”: by Dan Winter-

-not having a clue why objects fall to the ground
(perfected fractal charge compression’s -golden ratio recursive constructive heterodyning of phase velocities produces the acceleration of charge toward symmetry center- named the gravity)

-thinking the speed of light is a speed limit
(velocities faster than light are routinely measured -centering rather accurately around 1.618 golden ratio x light speedproof of the conjugate cause of gravity)

-thinking it takes infinite energy to go thru the speed of light
(this mistake reflects ignorance of how longitudinal waves accelerate smoothly thru light speed by golden ratio conjugation precisely at the planck threshold- see image)

-thinking all action at a distance is 'spooky'
(this mistake reflects ignorance of how superluminal longitudinal emf waves/gravity waves pass thru about anything- but reconstruct inertia and heat containing transverse emfwhen they cross in conjugation at a distance-example 'Russian woodpecker')

-not having a clue what the ether is made of (it is a compressible superfluid whose compression and rarefaction is charge)
(this mistake reflects the schizophrenia rampant without a real fractal unified field science - somehow rediculously believing gravity and electromagnetism were made of a different 'substance')

-incorectly and wierdly believing space-time is somehow 'bent'- instead of clearly understanding precisely what is bent (by gravity for example) is compressible charge wave-front trajectory.

-not understanding that both mass and time are both created and defined SIMPLY by (the inertia and period of) charge rotation-
so for example the change of clock speed in the presence of acceleration (sometimes named gravity) - is SIMPLY a change of spin density and spin rate!

See also Joseph Cater - book: "The Awesome Force" INCONTROVERTIBLE FLAWS IN THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY AND  THE ROLE IT HAS PLAYED IN CURRENT TRENDS OF COSMOLOGICAL THOUGHT.. is a breakthru concept in brainwave feedback empowerment:

Note below- the golden ratio bliss training potential- note on TOP the raw EEG data shows clearly the EEG delta wave:

FlameinMind- EEG

Above actual data of Bliss Meditation- from Dan Winter - March 8, 2017
Soon to be added binaural beat audio cues to enhance the bliss - coherence training.

Note data on the right is the 2nd Order Power Spectra- REAL BRAIN COHERENCE MEASURE (amplitude of primary peak of 2nd order spectra= INTERNAL BRAIN COHERENCE.)


-including - the clear and teachable physics of a PHASE CONJUGATE PHYSICS OF (PEAK)PERCEPTION- in EEG:


Since it is apparent by inspection that MASS is only defined by the INERTIA created by charge ROTATION,

and that TIME is only created by the PERIOD of that same charge ROTATION,

then it is self-evident that the physics of COINCIDENCE

is necessarily only created by CHARGE COUPLING between rotations-

which is precisely what phase conjugation ( perfect embedding) optimizes. Dan Winter

Beautiful Golden Ratio in music theory ( ) there becomes actual (charge) wave mechanics (implosion/gravity physics)
when you add the wave equations to prove HOW golden ratio solves the (non-destructive compression) problem of inPHIknit constructive wave interference:


Update Nov 1, 2016 -90 min.Interview with Dan Winter and Roger Green - film

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Update Nov 7, 2016- 107min. Interview with Paul Harris and Roger Green - film

Note: ENTER PASSWORD: hub-untrue-tacit

Thank you to Roger Green :

--Update- Newest Theraphi Rejuvenation Plasma Negentropy Slideshow - top at


Oct 11, 2016 -Scientific Abstract

Dan Winter's new equation applied commercially in plasma for rejuvenation: (now in 13 countries)

Our related original paper: Perfect phi ratio spiral for phase conjuagte implosion:
Compressions, The Hydrogen Atom, and Phase Conjugation New Golden Mathematics of Fusion/Implosion: Restoring Centripetal Forces
by William Donovan, Martin Jones, Dan Winter
Additional notes: Phase Conjugate Negentropic charge collapse:
-as cause of gravity:
(examples of phase conjugate propulsion: )
-as cause of perception / bliss:
-as cause of life force:
-as cause of peak perception/bliss/psychokinesis - in EEG biofeedback implementation:
(HRV/Mayer Wave : , , )
-as cause of color:

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If a someone is to help you understand FRACTAL FIELDS- centripetal life force and biologic rejuvenation ( commercial proof it works: you will definitely need a scientist who knows why an object falls to the ground (thus excluding Einstein and Stephen Hawkins). Gravity is a centripetal electrical force. Golden ratio perfected fractality/recursion/embedding called phase conjugation- is proven to be negentropic/ self-organizing - 'self aware'. This LIFE PRINCIPLE allows charge waves to add and multiply (heterodyne) recursively constructively not just their wave lengths- but also their phase VELOCITY. This converts a part of the charge COMPRESSION toward center into charge ACCELERATION toward center - named THE GRAVITY - and the ORIGIN OF ALL BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY (book). The new equations: Dan Winter
Einstein:the solution to infinite non-destructive (charge)compression IS the unified field. ..So- if perfect compression is the solution to virtually every science problem in history: gravity, alchemy, fusion, urban design, computers.. the physics of human (peak)perception/bliss.. the list goes on - THEN what does it mean that we have just proven the (fractality perfected) wave mechanics showing that golden ratio IS the solution to perfect (charge) compression?
Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy - by Daniel Winter-
212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter's team ( , ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and (peak perception) BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE - and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter's original successful water implosion for growth - invention - used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : ) and more recently - Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in - which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.

Explanation of key terms used- from Dan Winter:

Phase Conjugation - in optics phase conjugation has a very particular meaning. It refers to opposing laser pairs lined up precisely (4 wave mixing)- which then converge into the high dielectric (capactively resonant- perfect electrical mixing) material- resulting in a 'mirror' effect where another incident laser will bounce off the 'mirror' and appear to walk it's path backwards (return to where it came from: 'time reversed' or path reversed). In optics many researchers believe that phase conjugate mirrors exhibit self-ordering, or 'negentropic' behavior. In this work we consider also a wider meaning of phase conjugation where we take the term literally. To conjugate- generally means waves which recursively and CONSTRUCTIVELY interfere or beat or heterodyne with each other. (example- DNA between people is recursively mixed- when sex creates CONJUGAL relationship: what emerges is the result of which DNA / wave patterns survive recursive/embedded 'conjugate' mixing). When we consider this 'conjugation' principle ('to conjure?') - in the widest general context of wave principle- it literally means phases of waves which CONJUGATE - meaning to ADD and MULTIPLY recursively / constructively (which is EXACTLY the wave geometry problem which Golden Ratio solves).

To CONJURE- here we explicitly link the rites of CONJURING as in (John Dee for example) the calling of ancestors/ spirits/ angels- with the centripetal plasma or charge cloud dynamics of wave CONJUGATION. Spirits are called specifically because conjugation gives their plasma bodies of memory a place to converge- to conjugate.

Planck Sphere: Since the famous Planck length and time- is the unit of length and time- into which every wave physics has ever measured- divides evenly- this comprises a clear 'musical key signature' for all the waves of physics. SO if ever there was a quintessential 'billiard ball' or 'matter bullet' - original 'particle' (or more exactly- perfect 'wave packet')- this is it. Since our description of a perfect phase conjugate / golden ratio / caducceus path down to exactly this distance is clearly 3 dimensional- it is useful to imagine then a SPHERE of this PLANCK diameter- blinking on and off - in this PLANCK time: a kind of primal matter / energy interface point. Beyond this point - clearly you cannot describe quantized bits of intertia as 'mass' - only as energy. In terms of alchemic/ access to THE black hole - where the 'particle' - 'becomes' wave- (conjugates?) - 'the buck' appears to stop here. Other scientists like Nassim Harramein- talk extensively of the Planck Sphere.

Negentropy: the tendency of certain (conjugate?) - wave patterns to 'spontaneously' become MORE ordered (LESS entropic)- to 'self'' organize... quite literally - the opposite of entropy.

Implosion: a wave convergence pattern which results in centripetal force/ 'suction' to center. Implosion by it's nature-explicitly answers Einstein's unanswered question: what IS perfect non-destructive (charge) compression. We suggest this is THE problem a phase conjugate or 'fractal field' solves. Somewhat ironically- implosion can also describe how pressure waves can converge accurately to trigger atomic reactions. It is beautiful to consider this same implosion process- can also be the path BACK from destruction to perfect (wave) construction. Viktor Schauberger- made famous water implosion which spontaneously created self- ordering. He demonstrated a piezoelectric / charged water vortex which 'spontaneously' began getting colder- with increased order- much like the cooling effect of phase conjugate implosion in our plasma tubes. Heat is simple destructive wave interference in essence- spontaneous cooling is beautiful evidence of successful CONSTRUCTIVE interference- and we suggetion also constructive (non-destructive) perfect COMPRESSION. - This author has for example spent much of his life proving- even commercially- that LOVE and COMPASSION are quite literally - and measureably- perfect electrical implosion (conjugation) in the heart. We also ( ) prove that bliss and ecstacy are quite literally and measureably perfect electrical implosion (conjugation) in the brain/ EEG.

Dielectric: In strictly electrical terms- the dielectric constant measures the efficiency of resonance in the material insulator between the plates of capacitor. To use our favorite metaphor- (from the Sufi - showing the spiritual mastery IS the skill to make the perfect echo): a capacitor resonates like a bell when you ring it with the hammer that is voltage/ pressure. IF the bell rings forever (returns more energy then the hammer that hit the bell)- then the capacitors dielectric constant is very high. This means that high enough dielectric capacitors (like 'Alice in Barium Titanate Land'- phase conjugate dielectric- which appear to be self-organizing) - are by definition accessing zero point energy. Examples of phase conjugate dielectrics- potentially include John Dee's scrying 'shewstone', the coating on the bottom of Nostredamus's water scrying cup, the Kabbah meteorite stone ground up to be the 'philosophers stone'/ projective red powder- Dee and Kelley used to alchemically make the purest gold every measured historically by the British Royal Society.

Plasma- the cloud of charge. We say that plasma is simply a cloud of electrical charge. Usually heat ('agravated disorder') keeps the plasma charge 'cloud' circulating but in conjugate/ implosive fields we have 'cold' plasma - see (the stuff of your aura? and your afterlife? - 'boat to the underworld/KA?) Saying that plasma IS a cloud of charge: does demand we ask the question what IS charge? (Elizabeth Rauschers question to me- at our fundamental physics conference ). I suggest plus and minus CHARGE (yin/yang) is the centripetal/centrifugal compression / rarefaction of the universal wave compressibility of the pervasive 'ether'.

Gravity, Mass, Time, Life Force and Perception: defined in these terms- Waves of charge rotate creating the gyroscopic INERTIA named MASS- AND so also only charge rotation creates the rotation periodicity called TIME. So for example time acceleration is simply the charge rotation acceleration - caused by phase conjugate compression. Acceleration of that charge toward center caused by phase conjugate compression is named THE GRAVITY . When the charge rotations called time are forced to converge implosively by conjugation- emerging waves are sorted (from the planck sphere 'black hole') negentropically- meaning rejuvenated to their original symmetry of maximum ORDER: hence 'time reversed'. This ability to centripetal sort charge waves in to order by conjugation is the cause of 'life force' and ultimately focused perception - (phase conjugation defines the perfection of wave focus). - Embed-ability / Fractality / Nesting Perfected - as the electrical mechanism of CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY- and therefore NEGENTROPY- is breakthru core concept revolution for everything from particle physics, to HeartRateVariability to Architecture of Life Force... (compare to the meaning of ‘to conjure / conjugate’) - ''consciousness is present in the particle field to the extent it is electrically phase conjugate (embedded) -thus able to generate the mechanism of negentropy and biological communication - phase conjugate longitudinal emf ''.


It is clear that certain electrical phenomenon appear to be self-organizing. Bill Tiller showed that focused human attention caused charge fields to compress/ organize ( "Conscious Acts of Creation"). In phase conjugate optics- negentropy / self-organization is well documented. Most scientists would probably agree that life is self organizing. We think we can make the case that gravity is negentropic. Lovelock - provided extensive evidence that GAIA - Earth's major life variables- are self organizing. Here we make the case also that conventional science notion that the whole universe is moving toward entropy / disorder- may be not just a mistake but a fatal pessimism that blinds us to seeing what may be the ONLY path out of chaos.

Here we present compelling physics evidence that the very harmonics which sets up this negentropy and centripetal force - in EACH Of these cases ( and many more ) are from the SAME SIMPLE EQUATION:
- planck length / time x golden ratio (phase conjugation ) ^ integer N.

As we shall evidence here: this is true of the EEG which cause peak attention (charge self organization), and the harmonics of the Earth's Schumann resonance which set's up her negentropy, and the harmonics of hydrogen which sets up negentropic gravity in water and DNA- and many other examples. It is true of the exact wavelength of the only 2 frequencies that make photosynthesis. It is true of the exact wavelength of ADP - charge collapse to ATP- center of cell metabolism. It is true of the exact frequency of the famous blood pressure MAYER wave- .1 hz- and the key related centerpoints of HRV- (Heart Rate Variability) the LF and VF peaks. It is true of the duration of the Earth Year, Venus Year, Precession AND Galactic Year.

These virtually and significantly precise alignments to NEGENTROPY wave mechanics- CANNOT be a 'coincidence' and therefore present overwhelming evidence of the correctness of our hypothesis- that this


First: understanding the physics. We showed by wave equations- that golden ratio is THE solution to max constructive wave interference (and therefore generalized solution to compression / implosion and phase conjugation) - in the published article

Therefore it is logical that this infinite constructive wave collapse (Einstein's words for the definition of gravity) - must converge at a universal threshold point. It is obvious what that point is- namely the Planck length and time ('sphere') - which is the universal musical key signature of every wave science has ever measured. (Nassim Haramein and I and many others converge here). The reason constructive interference works- is that phase conjugation (by golden ratio) is well known to be the mechanism to produce LONGITUDINAL EMF ( sometimes erroneously labelled scalar waves). These are well known to be faster than light and penetrate thru about anything ..and anytime- and therefore are undoubtedly the mechanism of gravity waves ( see Hodowanec picture- superluminal gravity wave measures ). Since this PHASE CONJUGATE MODEL OF GRAVITY (<link)- requires that the faster than light longitudinal EMF which ARE the gravity waves- propagate primarily at GOLDEN RATIO phase conjugate multiples OF the speed of light- it is HIGHLY significant that Prof Raymond Chiao - pioneering measures of faster than light speeds (see below) - have been centered between 1.5 and 1.7 times the speed of light- powerfully pointing to 1.618 (golden ratio)!

This means that at the planck sphere a conjugate longitudinal EMF is generated (gravity wave) at a universal key signature. This also then becomes the key signature wave mechanic which regulates 'DNA radio' (collective unconscious/ communion of saints), and -we hypothesize - interstellar gravity mechanics. This is consistent with New Scientist magazine cover showed the Universe is Dodeca / golden ratio, while Nature magazine showed the Universe is Fractal; it is because the stellated dodeca/ icosa ( golden ratio phase conjugate field propagation- model see Star Mother Kit- )- IS the only possible 3D - FRACTAL FIELD. Important to note below how we proved 3 key radii of hydrogen also fit my new equation- proving the heart of hydrogen, the heart of water, and the center bond of every DNA codon (hydrogen)- is precisely a phase conjugate fractal field radiator.

Let us summarize: implosive charge collapse by golden ratio phase conjugation to the planck sphere is here hypothesized to be the generalized origin of all negentropy and self-organization- especially the cause and origin of gravity, water, color, perception/ consciousness, and life ( all centripetal forces).

As you see in the image set (10 golden spiral top down view of hydrogen and DNA etc) - the reason the wave mechanics of golden ratio (phase conjugation) work to create gravity and centripetal forces in general- is that only this compression path allows the wave phase velocities to heterodyne (recursively interfere ) non-destructively. Only in this golden ratio harmonic series then can the PHASE VELOCITIES toward center add and multiply constructively ( recursion / fractality and inPHIknit compression - perfected in wave mechanics). Thus only this geometry - turns COMPRESSION OF CHARGE TOWARD CENTER- in to ACCELERATON OF CHARGE TOWARD CENTER. This author is emphatic -(along with Einstein) - that ACCELERATION OF CHARGE toward center - is the most elegant electrical definition of gravity.

This author is not the first to hypothesize fractality is the funcional cause of gravity ( Andrei Linde, 'Surfer Dude' Garrett Lisi's golden ratio based E8 work etc)- but we may be the first to specifically describe the wave mechanics for HOW golden ratio (fractal recursive) phase conjugation electrically causes gravity ( only golden ratio constructive recursive phase velocity heteodynes produce charge acceleration toward center - directly producing acceleration from compression).

My new equation which enables this process again is:

Planck Length and Time x Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugation) ^ Integer N.

See here our new picture of hydrogen radii to see how this implosive charge collapse works (2nd image below). 3D animation: , 3D fractal- 'Star Mother' kit assembly


Golden Ratio Phase Conjugate Negentropic / Implosive Charge Collapse-
The perfect and universal - IMPLOSIVE / CENTRIPETAL force:
Perfect EMBEDDING defined. Perfect NESTING defined. Perfect FRACTALITY defined. Perfect ENTANGLEMENT defined. Perfect COMPRESSION defined.

Now lets summarize the evidence (we present in detailed graphics below):

This author's new equation:

Planck Length or Time x Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugation) ^ Integer N

accurately predicts- (or to within an overwhelmingly significant approximation) as this author has discovered -more to come-- :

- 3 major Hydrogen Radii (below and at We started with Heyrovska-see below-extensive illustration golden ratio between hydrogen shells- then simply proved those golden ratio spaced radii- were ALSO in fact integer golden ratio exponents of the PLANCK sphere center of hydrogen. )

- the mhz frequency longitudinal EMF Kanzius used to ignite cool water

- the exact and only 2 frequencies causing photosynthesis (phase conjugate charge collapse) (below and at

- the exact conjugate symmetry of photon as torus (photons now illustrated to BE conjugate 4 wave mixing) -CAUSE and ORIGIN of COLOR and RAINBOWs (

- the exact key molecular bond length and resonance connecting ADP to ATP in cell metabolism (below- ATP bond)

- virtually exact Alpha Beta frequency series of EEG brainwave harmonics to produce peak perception / bliss / ecstasy and euphoria ( see ) -
Longitudinal interferometry between hemispheres is THE mechanism of Flame in Mind- psychokinesis- remote action - Microwave example holy grail of plasma fusion research:

- virtually exact frequency of the key MAYER WAVE- (.1hz)- body blood pressure central resonator

- virtually exact band center frequency of the HRV famous LF and HF peaks ( HRV harmonic inclusiveness mechanism- quantifies immune health in general )
See our elegant commercial implementations of my original discovery of heart coherence- .1hz Mayer wave, and conjugate cadduceus breath - in HRV IOS biofeedback: , , ,

- since this harmonic establishes the frequency key of hydrogen- it therefore establishes the short wave key of water and DNA codons- we further prove the macro braiding of DNA helicity
is precisely the same phase conjugate ( wratcheted dodeca) series:
We show the measurements as DNA braid responds/ entrains to these exact coherent EKG and EEG phonons of bliss 'ensoulment'

- the exact golden ratio on the torus- wave guide to implosive creation physics- origins of Hebrew / Sanskrit and 'sacred' alphabets (this authors discovery)

- virtually exact LENGTH (.9964) of the English FOOT - and geometric root of Roman Pace, Megalithic Yard, Royal Cubit, Remen, even the Teotihuacan Cubit- (image below)
Sacred length IS life force creating due to implosive charge collapse!

- virtually exact known harmonic cascade of Earth's (GAIA) Schumann resonance

- virtually exact duration of Earth Year

- virtually exact duration of Venus Year

- virtually exact duration of PRECESSION

- virtually exact duration of Galactic Year


We present the data to support each of these below.

Therefore this author declares it virtually evidenced and proven that this perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC / IMPLOSIVE CHARGE COLLAPSE
is the generalized origin of centripetal (implosive) forces- and (biologic and all) negentropy.

The fact that our commercial implementation of phase conjugate negentropy ( in plasma - -more below, in water - ) -is overwhelmingly successful,
compellingly illustrates our proof of concept.
Our further and upcoming technological implementations:

-- this article serves as a concise scientific abstract and intro - to this author's new book ORIGINS OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY-

Fractality in Space and Time:
Defining Co-Incidence

Fractal / conjugate optimized (capacitive) coupling of charge rotation ( time) - is the FRACTAL PHYSICS of Time and Coinicidence


If TIME (like mass), is only defined by Rotation of Charge

Then 'co-incident' coupling of inertia- in time.. perfected is precisely fractal.

Golden Ratio fractality optimizes the constructive rotational to linear inertia wave interference- which allows event histories to exchange charge...

Thus is co-incidence defined.. (Miracles and Synchronicity)

Phase conjugate negentropic charge collapse IS FRACTALITY / NEGENTROPY / and COINCIDENCE that is charge coupling enabled/optimized (rotational embedding perfected) - in TIME.

We add to the now overwhelming evidence below- the new discovery we show here that:
PRECESSION time of 25427 years (VERY close to literature predictions) - = Planck Time x Golden Ratio ^ 264 - integer power (constructive negentropic gravity making charge collapse)


the GALACTIC YEAR - (literature predicts between 225 and 250 million years)- of 237,719,551 Years - = Planck Time x Golden Ratio ^ 283

The chance of this being 'coincidence' is 'astronomic' - in other words- it is compelling now- to conclude that our negentropic (Gaia like -self organizing ) privelege in our galaxy is directly related to the perfected EMBEDABILITY - that PHASE CONJUGATE IMPLOSIVE CHARGE COLLAPSE- allows. Literally FRACTAL timing (charge rotations embedded by Phi).

The context: Dan Winter in his new book ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY- ( ) hypothesizes that the GENERAL ORIGIN OF NEGENTROPY / SELF ORGANIZATION is

PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC IMPLOSIVE CHARGE COLLAPSE. Then we prove that golden ratio is the wave mechanics of max constructive wave interference, and therefore constructive compression, and therefore phase conjugation ( ).

Then we show the resulting equation for perfected implosive charge collapse and negentropy is

Planck Time / Length x Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugation) ^ Integer N


THEN we provide overwhelming evidence:

Solar year = Plank time x Golden Ratio ^241.01 ( 1.35125 x 10^-43) x (1.618 ^ 241.01) = 31538925.97 Secs= 1 yr

Venus Year = Plank time x Golden Ratio ^240 ( 224.701 Earth days / Solar Year 365.242 = .6152 (~ Golden Ratio)

also- even more fundamentally- in Hydrogen Structure:

Hydrogen Frequency- Plank time x Golden Ratio


Example of phase conjugate charge implosive negentropy/ rejuvenation in the (capacitive field) scaling of ancient sites:
- notice the English FOOT- (and therefore the other 'sacred' lengths)=
Planck Length x Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugation) ^ Integer N (N=164) = .9964 feet

Notice also Planck Time x Golden Ratio ^ Integer N = 1.06365 hz ( the second is within 6% of embedding in this cascade)

(next image below) -
- Schumann Harmonics

AND - EEG Harmonics - for peak (phase conjugate) perception ( ) / bliss / ecstacy and psychokinesis

AND -Photosynthesis Harmonics

= Planck Time x Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugation ) ^ Integer N


Below: The Russians measure the Earth’s Schumann Harmonics from space:
the result- we confirm how GAIA rings like a bell to embed:PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE

Shows that the earth's schumann harmonics accurately fit my new equation of negentropy (phase conjugate implosive charge collapse)
- meaning that not only do we know HOW GAIA is as was shown -self-organizing (cf Lovelock) - but also how to make her more self organizing (emerge from chaos) - namely optimize the harmonics- tune the grid..

--Below our new implementation of our - brainwave tech for life force measure:
showing how Schumann cascades can be measured for tree health AND potentially tuned / optimized.. even we will show in building bio-architecture.

Then we showed that

- the HRV - LF - MAYER WAVE (.1hz) Frequency

- the SPINE LIQUID PUMP Long Wave Tidals

- and the critical ADP / ATP cell metabolism wavelengths/frequency

ALL = Planck Length / Time x Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugation ) ^ Integer N (Pure phase conjugate negentropic charge collapse)


We showed how this fit the measurement of faster than light velocities - and fit the structure of DNA

THE FACT THAT SPEEDS FASTER THAN LIGHT- measurements- do center very near- 1.618 golden ratio TIMES the speed of light: Confirms- Golden Ratio/Phase Conjugation - CAUSES gravity.. because.. " my theory of gravity says the (inPHIknit) charge compression producing golden ratio phase velocity heterodynes- going toward planck center- allows the WAY OUT for that charge (why gravity goes one way ) by the superluminal component - of charge accelerated by phase conjugation- to LONGITUDINAL (gravity ) waves- which must then necessarily be golden ratio multiples of the speed of light- note that famously prof. raymond chiao - concluded by measurement that faster than light velocities measure generally between 1.5 to 1.7 times the speed of light ( suggesting 1.618 is probably correct) : "Q&A: Since quantum tunnelling through light speed C- is shown to be dominant very near 1.618 GOLDEN RATIO times normal light speed C- this would strong evidence Dan Winter's golden ratio conjugate cause of gravity- theory is correct (ref prof raymond chiao): Cam McNaughton What happens at the "zero point", Dan; a bending back, from a boundary? Dan Winter answered: at the zero (planck) point - phase conjugate charge wave velocities are accelerated through the speed of light by golden ratio multiples OF the speed of light (one of the proofs of the theory-ref prof raymond chiao "the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 to 1.7 times the speed of light'.- hint 1.618)-
quoting...Chiao has become well known in the field of quantum optics due to several important experiments. Based on former experiments carried out by Günter Nimtz in 1992[1] he measured the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 to 1.7 times the speed of light.

( In essence Dan Winter is saying golden ratio phase conjugation IS the wave geometry of the PERFECT QUANTUM TUNNEL / constructive interference solved.../ EMBEDDING PERFECTED... the advanced thinker begins considering here then HOW golden ratio conjugation IS the only way thru death.. see the geometry of successful death:

Link to Dan Winter's article : Phase Conjugate Implosive Centripetal Negentropy Physics APPLIED TO DNA - and how we get a soul:

Related Dan's original film: Pupose of DNA

Note our phase conjugate model of the origin of COLOR:- an extension of our equation for photosynthesis

Below- Dan Winter's strong evidence- COLOR PERCEPTION- is a PHASE CONJUGATE Phenomenon-
(along with his original discovery that PHOTOSYNTHESIS frequencies are precisely phase conjugate to Planck length)

Below- how the cubic symmetry of color photon toroids- nesting to produce the angles of the photon CALLED COLOR,
embed to produce the 3 pairs of primary colors- which are the cube of 4 wave mixing CALLED phase conjugation..
which is also- the hex shadow of dodeca.. (the 63 degree and 117 degree photon phase angles of yellow and blue:
which ARE the face angles of the -phase conjugating- dodecahedron.

below- compare geometry of photon- in new science article-What Shape are PHOTONS
with wave mechanics of 4 wave mixing as phase conjugate optics- illustrating phase conjugate origin of color and photosynthesis





and successfully PROVED negentropy / rejuvenation:

Note the Golden Ratio exponents of Planck tuning- above- which defines the THERAPHI design.

discussion: and

TheraPhi - Plasma Healing Field Technology -

is a powerful centripetal broad spectra phase conjugate field (both plasma/optical and ELF)

based on the famous PRIORE device- the net effect was a highly stimulating and healing and rejuvenating to most cellular life.

Our TheraPhi Plasma Healing light field device- is inspired by the origin Priore device (see below) from France.

However- our hardware and implementation is entirely new and updated. The primary difference is our group, Implosion Group
has discovered the PRINCIPLE of how the Priore device worked (unknown at the time).

That principle - is broad spectral phase conjugation- the "Origin of Biologic Negentropy"-
the entire physics which is Dan Winter's new book by that title (more below).
This new Implosion Physics specifically predicts precisely all the frequencies and phase relationships used in the TheraPhi.


The New Fractal Unified Field Physics:
All Centripedal Forces and Self organization (gravity, color, perception, consciousness, bliss/enlightenment)
are caused by 'Golden' fractality
(in waves of rotating charge) in both space and time.

NEW Evidence how fractality in time- is proven: we extended our pioneering derivation of the orbital periods of HYDROGEN just from PLANK TIME CONSTANT times GOLDEN RATIO... now we have directly derived the ORBITAL PERIOD OF THE EARTH YEAR - AND THE VENUS YEAR- as whole number multiples of PLANK TIME times GOLDEN RATIO! - This means- that fractality in time- truly regulates our solar system- and more.

(Illustration) This, my new equation also shows the same Planck (length vs time- in this case length) times Golden Ratio exponents ACCURATELY PREDICTS THE FREQUENCY/WAVELENGTH OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS!- Proving the photosynthetic basis of life is ALSO PHASE CONJUGATE/FRACTAL!

Phase Conjugation by Golden Ratio DOES Quantify and define the color spectra AND its bioactive peaks!


Winter's new equations:- climactic evidence of fractality in time..

---(confirms also - Bruce Cathie- how Grid Dimensions determine nuclear critical mass- should now be refined to include fractality in time..

Cathie did it with multiples of speed of light - but did not understand the role of Golden Ratio Fractality)

Hydrogen Frequency- Plank time x Golden Ratio

Solar year = Plank time x Golden Ratio ^241.01 ( 1.35125 x 10^-43) x (1.618 ^ 241.01) = 31538925.97 Secs= 1 yr

Venus Year = Plank time x Golden Ratio ^240 ( 224.701 Earth days / Solar Year 365.242 = .6152 (~ Golden Ratio)
> See Venus Pent Retrograde Orbit below..

Venus = Niburu= Return of Phoenix (Osiris . Enki)- Below...

'Timestar' animation - focus particularly on the embedding which allows you to zoom within (compress well).

This image was inspired by the remarkable work of John Martineau, in "A Little Book of Coincidence". Five tiled spiral galactic (NGC300) planes form the background. The perigee and apogee relationship between Earth and Venus is described by a nested pentagram pair. The orbit of Venus is represented by the larger sphere (with the Sun in its center), and smaller sphere has the Earth at its center. The five inner spheres just fit inside the outer circle to touch the inner sphere. The radius ratio of outer circle to smaller circle is phi ** 4. Spheres are used to represent the circles for artistic effect, and the outermost five spheres are decorative only. More info: I think John Martineau's name will (some day, hopefully soon!) be heralded among Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Einstein for the astronomical discoveries he's made. Here's a link to John's book if you haven't seen it (HIGHLY recommended): (Created with POV-Ray created by BruceRawles

Seeing the fractal implosive self organizing elegance of the Venus orbit.. let us consider- Anton Parks - evidence that Venus is the returning plasma body - Phoenix rising- of Osiris / Sam / Enki..

not to mention - the solution to the Missing.. Neb Heru (Niburu)! (see bottom reprint here..)

--- next: 3 images from

end exerpt from


Update- Jan 10, 2013- Our wonderful old friend Shine Richards writes:

Hi Dan, long time no see. This page was from some discoveries of many years ago around PHI (Golden Mean). It was done in the days of Commodore 64 and its printer. It was based around the fact of discovering that

365.25 days (Earth year) divided by PHI gives the days cycle of Venus (225.7).

Then Venus (225.7) divided by Phi squared gives Mercury Rev. approximately (86.2) days.

Then Mercury (86.2) divided by Phi gives 53.3 days, no known planet.

But 53.3 days divided by 2 equals 26.64 days. Very close to the Sun rotation at the equator. That I called S as the Interplanetary Magnetic Field 26.64 days.

Now , working back out,

2 times S times Phi equals Mercury in days. 2xSxPhi=Mercury days

2xSxPhi to third power=Venus (225.7) days

2xSxPhi to fourth power =Earth (365.25) days

8/9xSxPhi to seventh power = Mars days

4/3xSxPhi to tenth power = Jupiter

5/4xS x Phi to 12th power = Saturn

11/5xSxPhi to 13th power = Uranus

7xSxPhi to 12th power = Neptune

13/2xSxPhi to 13th =Pluto ETC.

Now these numbers may not be exact as we know them from today’s astronomy, However, it does show a strong Phi relationship across the whole solar system when we look at some of the moons. When I did the calculations for all of the planets and their moons, plus all of the then available asteroids and converted them to frequencies I found many, many, many harmonic relationships within the solar system. But not exact frequencies. If they had been exact at all times then the whole solar system would lock up. But, it is an alive and ever changing system. As I see it , with those slight varying frequencies and the resultant beat notes we have an ever functioning alive system. A vast musical instrument, capable of receiving/resonating with the cosmic vibrations as well as passing on those resonances to Earth’s very own life forms. You and Me to name a few. And it all dances to the joy of PHI Shine PS: I have vast amounts of solar system frequency calculations

-- End exerpt from Shine

- How Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugate / Fractality) Causes Gravity -

(Credits- site index- see bottom here-- this is - where else would you expect to read the new proof THAT GOLDEN MEAN- causes gravity.. )

What other explanation could there be?...>

(Dan's new mathematics reveals) - The THREE known GOLDEN RATIO radii of HYDROGEN - actually are a PERFECT MULTIPLE of GOLDEN RATIO times the PLANCK LENGTH (to within about 1/1000 accuracy).

There could be no other explanation than it is this GOLDEN RATIO - that holds these waves of charge together!
- Producing the electrical centripedal force - called GRAVITY!
The ULTIMATE form of global scaling:

Gravity Exists Because.. the amount of rotational inertia at each wave node in the vortex must perfectly balance the amount of centripedal inertia toward center. The golden ratio as perfected translation of vorticitiy- allows this multiple branching of wave directions. Just as it allows the adding and multiplying of both wave lengths and wave velocities.

Successful wave interference- because of Golden Ratio- IS - successful CONSTRUCTIVE compression. Because the phase velocities interfere CONstructively (add & multiply by phi / branch perfectly): - that PRODUCES acceleration- which (simply ) IS GRAVITY!

Behind E8's symmetry map to the Unified Field- Golden Ratio is the secret glue- to centripedal force creation - GRAVITY MAKING.

Original Physics Equations from Dan Winter: June 14, 09 - as Published - all other physics journals will need to credit this as first source.

Dan Winter- is well known for being the first to announce Golden Ratio Fractality as the Electric Cause of Gravity- in his Budapest 2006 Paper, Presented & Published with the proceedings- International Unified Field Conference: .- a view now supported by the mathematics of El Naschie. Here are Winter's new-elegantly simple equations. He also has widely published his prediction: Atoms MAKE Gravity to the Extent that their nucleus is FRACTAL TO - SELF SIMILAR TO- EMBEDDED (by Golden Ratio) - in & to their electrons:

Acknowledgement for support from Salvatore Giandinoto PhD for help with the mathematics and for his help making the biological measurements! - Abstract and Links- to Sal's 2 important papers on Golden Ratio- in Shrodinger Wave Function, and Golden Ratio in Faster than Light Wormhole Propagation - below.

Note- added June 20, 09: NEW! FLASH Film for with THIS article entitled: "Gravity Explained!- From Little Black Holes to Big Black Holes" - with - great feedback from scientists from this article- all at:

Exerpt: Explaining Gravity: The HOLY GRAIL Of Science.. to play this letter WITH film in flash>>>


Gravity Exists Because.. the amount of rotational inertia at each wave node in the vortex must perfectly balance the amount of centripedal inertia toward center. The golden ratio as perfected translation of vorticitiy- allows this multiple branching of wave directions. Just as it allows the adding and multiplying of both wave lengths and wave velocities.

Successful wave interference- because of Golden Ratio- IS - successful CONSTRUCTIVE compression. Because the phase velocities interfere CONstructively (add & multiply by phi / branch perfectly): - that PRODUCES acceleration- which (simply ) IS GRAVITY!

We had many requests and much encouragement to continue explaining the CAUSE OF GRAVITY- in this powerfully testable, practically useable, yet simply elegant- way.. SO- here is a little visual review... in FLASH (click to play FLASH FILM HERE - if you are seeing this in your email)

A week ago- we released:
New mathematic 'golden' proof: - How Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugate / Fractality) Causes Gravity
GOLDEN RATIO radii of HYDROGEN - actually are a PERFECT MULTIPLE of GOLDEN RATIO times the PLANCK LENGTH. There could be no other explanation than it is this GOLDEN RATIO - that holds these waves of charge together! (ultimate global scaling)
- Producing the electrical centripedal force - called GRAVITY!

Feedback has been MOST encouraging..- here is a sample:

From: Douglass White -from Observer Physics another - TM Physics PhD: <> Date: Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Re: Winter's new equation:PROOF-Golden Ratio Fractality-Causes Gravity!
Hello Dan, Thanks for sending this and other updates on your Golden Ratio Fractality research. This is an excellent update that pulls together a lot of your work and that of many colleagues around the world. It also has vital practical implications in many directions. This material confirms and elaborates on many key insights I have been pointing at in my Observer Physics articles. It is great to see more and more scientists from various disciplines -- physics, math, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and so on, all converging on this emerging paradigm that will help us to integrate the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds and create a new civilization that is in tune with how things really work in a holistic manner rather than simply pushing agendas that exploit in a highly biased manner.
.. Keep me posted on your work and that of all the other brilliant minds. Elegant theories achieve fulfillment when they reap elegant solutions and applications. As always, I love your great computer graphics. You are one of the great scions of the amazing Bucky
Regards to all, Douglass White

from Sal Giandinoto, PhD (Towards a Frand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Ratio & Quantum Gravity) .: Dan, This is really great work. This is truly an amazing triumph for Phi. Especially (Dan's) calculation of the Kanzius frequency of 13.56 MHz using the Planck time and the 171 power of Phi!!! It just doesn't get better than this!! Case closed for the validity of the Kanzius work. Your idea when put through the rigorous mathematical test holds water for the Kanzius results too!! What a gold mine! Thanks a million for the acknowledgement. Best, Sal.

INCORPORATION OF THE GOLDEN RATIO PHI INTO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE FUNCTION USING THE PHI RECURSIVE HETERODYNING SET , by Salvatore Giandinoto*, Ph.D. *Advanced Laser Quantum Dynamics Research Institute Abstract. The Golden Ratio Phi - is an extraordinary and ubiquitous irrational number having a value of 1.618033… Phi’s presence may be seen in both the biological and astronomical realms and recently in the quantum mechanical and physical realms. In the biological realm, the number Phi can be seen in both Phyllotaxis and DNA. In the astronomical realm, its presence is found in the spiral structures of galaxies. In physics, Phi can now be related to the g-factors of the electron, proton and neutron. This paper will show and prove that Phi is also intimately related to the quantum realm by virtue of its presence in the quantum mechanical wave function -(x, y, z, t). The basis for the compact incorporation of Phi into the wavefunction will be derived from solving the Schrödinger Wave Equation and the use of the Phi recursive heterodyning set of wavelengths ?n. Solutions to the Schrödinger Wave Equation based on these recursive wavelengths and ? will be derived in both Cartesian and Polar coordinates.
SUPERLUMINAL TRANSPORTATION OF HIGH ENERGY PARTICLES THROUGH WORMHOLES USING THE PHI-BASED SOLUTION TO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE EQUATION, THE THEOREM OF RESIDUES AND THE CAUCHY INTEGRAL FORMULA by Salvatore Giandinoto, Ph.D. - Abstract. This paper will demonstrate that the transportation of high energy subatomic particles through wormholes occurs at superluminal speeds through an ‘elastic’ wormhole entity which adjusts its diameter based upon the kinetic energy of the subatomic particle. Additionally, it is shown that the diameters of such wormholes are of sub-Planckian lengths for energetic subatomic particles. This is demonstrated by the use of the Phi-based solution to the Schrödinger wave equation, the theorem of residues and the Cauchy integral formula of complex analysis.

So - our international-research team- on the- Frequency Keys- to Hydrolysis & Hydrogen- just came up with HOW - the famous KANSIUS ('Can Water Fuel the World!) - got his frequency key to split hydrogen. He took the known sputtering frequency of Palladium (phase conjugate/ PGM!) - 13.56 Mhz. He found out that this radically reduced the power needed to split hydrogen from water. Even the noble Rustum Roy - quickly realized this was the end of Earth's energy crisis. (Check the films and links- water IS power- when you can directly ring out the hydrogen).

I decided to apply the mathematics I had originally discovered to produce the key frequencies I use to make phase conjugate dielectrics. With these frequency recipes- in Phase Conjugate dielectric- materials - I have been able to produce 50% growth increase- measured - in bioactive fields. ( The key is to know that the GOLDEN MEAN- and PLANCK TIME CONSTANT (and PLANK LENGTH) define the sacred- and the bioactive - and phase conjugation (and gravity)! I had multiplied the Plank time constant times PHI powers- to get my magic frequency for EVERYTHING. (Take a lesson - you folks who talk about 528 hz - Len Horowitz- and 8 hz etc. being sacred- we KNOW what sacred frequencies are!).

So I took my same original equation- and applied it to Kansius's Palladium / Hydrogen frequency - guess what - I got a perfect multiple of GOLDEN RATIO - to many places of accuracy:

So now I knew how to derive most any 'sacred' and bioactive - and hydrogen ringing frequency.

Note here: if you have commercial resources to participate- in our Hydrolysis & The FREQUENCY Solution- project- we have films of results (hydrogen overflowing)- we are ready for your serious partnership:

SO- I decided to go deeper. I had been so thrilled to find the work - of Heyrovska (below) - showing GOLDEN RATIO - accurately in the radii of hydrogen and many related ions. I devised a test. If I was right- that:

Gravity is an electric field coupled by Golden Ratio (perfect charge collapse) at (universal ) quantum distances:
(Perfect Charge Collapse- IS Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation - / Fractality)

The Golden Ratio radii in hydrogen ( from Heyrovska- below)
- I hypothesized SHOULD be whole number multiples of GOLDEN RATIO - times the PLANK LENGTH...

Summarizing - Heyrovska et al- showed extensively golden ratio relations BETWEEN hydrogen radii- then I further took his known radii which were golden ratio to each other- and then newly proved those radii were ALSO golden ratio distance from planck center.

This author suggests this is evidence of the cause of the centripetal force (gravity?) in hyrogen.

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 116 power = .282537 Angstrom -The First Radii of Hydrogen (below)

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 117 power = .457154 Angstrom -The Second Radii of Hydrogen

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 118 power = .739691 Angstrom -The Third Radii of Hydrogen

Compare the calculation from Winter above - with Hydrogen experimental base below- (Heyrovska) .28 Angstrom, .46 Angstrom, .74 Angstrom. (1 Angstrom = 10 ^-10 meter)
(Equations above from WINTER) - This next section BELOW is exerpt fromDr. Rajalakshmi Heyrovska (Raji Heyrovska, Ph. D.)Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic.
"...the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity"

Nassim has evidence protons are entangled making a black hole- into the nucleus. Dan's work (golden ratio times plank length= hydrogen radii) shows HOW their are entangled! - namely by the (Golden Ratio) Phase Conjugate FRACTALITY which CAUSES gravity.. and the black hole! Dan Winter's Phase Conjugate/Fractality Powerpoint ANIMATED



Why TIME must be FRACTAL to emerge from chaos, create synchronicity and support SELF AWARENESS

The essence:

Time in physics is simply a name for rate of ROTATION. Rotation rates HAVE to eventually self organize in to fractality - because only that ability to compress perfectly the (charge) inertia of rotation- allows energy systems to emerge from chaos into the efficient energy distribution that fractality allows!

ORIGIN OF SPIN: The inertia stored by electric charge in rotation - being the ONLY definition physics has for BOTH mass AND time.

Perfect and fractal compression (among rotating systems called mass and time) are the essential prerequisite for the perfect charge radiance called life, mind, and self organization.

This has dramatic implications: it means -that to create synchronicity - it is necessary to restore the fractality in time (example- the book SPIRAL CALENDAR below - showing key events in TIME will nest in a golden mean spiral in temporal perdiodicity).

It means that to create mind, and emerge from chaos - that the fractal and self-aware fabric of time must be maintained. This is a deep spiritual truth - sometimes called - the TEMPLAR agenda of the repair of the fabric of time.

Deep ancient wars were fought among the dracos about the timelines and time travel- (Montauk) - which have fractionated and bled the fractality in time. Repairing this is akin to surgery to fix a living body.(electric rotation=time-requiring the fractality which is bodymaking)

Essentially - it is self evident that only fractality MAKES living bodies (electrically) - in BOTH space and time.

"failure to embed (ground /get in phase synchrony .. etc.) - is the cause of depletion, because it is lack of fractality that causes wave coherence to bleed. Even as re-arranging events in historical time so that they embed better on a Golden Spiral temporally (book:"Spiral Calendar" /Carolan) - is what makes time itself inhabitable and stops 'Angels' (timelord / Solarian) from bleeding."


< Star Mother- infinite Dodeca Stellation by Golden Ratio (heart of E8)

Note how the x,y,z values of each of the vertex of all the nodes in the Infinite Dodeca/ Icosa golden ratio Stellation - we call - The "star mother"- are simple exponents (whole number multiples) of Golden Mean .618 , 1.0, 1.618, 2.618
This is mathematic evidence- further- that since by trig- we see- this confirms that in addition-EACH POINT IS ALWAYS A MULTIPLE OF GOLDEN RATIO ALSO- IN DISTANCE TO CENTER POINT!
-This- as has been recently proven in the structure of hydrogen - is how this model- is effectively (quoting mathematician - El Naschie) - how the GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- is EVIDENCE THAT FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.
So - we reprint the list here - as Dan Winter published in his first book ONE CRYSTAL'S DANCE- (over 30 years ago)- the Golden Coordinates of the Star Mother:

This set assumes- cube edge = 2 units / So the tetra edges would be square root of 2 times 2 / Dodeca edge = .618 times 2 / Icosa edge = 1.618 times 2 / and the NEXT outer dodeca stellation edge 2.618 times 2

-- Vertex of the octahedron: (6) / 0,1,0 / 1,0,0 / 0, -1,0 / -1,0,0 / 0,0,1 / 0,0,-1

-- Vertex of the cube (8) / 1,1,1 / 1,-1,1 / -1,-1,1 / -1,1,1, / 1,1,-1 / 1,-1,-1 / -1,-1,-1 / -1,1,-1

-- Vertex of the dodecahedron (20): The dodeca vertex are composed exactly of the above 8 vertex of the cube- PLUS-these additional 12: -.618, 1.618, 0 / .618, 1.618, 0 / 1.618, 0, .618 / 1.618, 0, -.618 / -.618, -1.618, 0 / .618, -1.618, 0 / -1.618, 0, .618 / -1.618, 0, -.618 / 0, .618, 1.618 / 0, -.618, 1.618 / 0, .618, -1.618 / 0, -.618, -1.618

--- Vertex of the Icosahedron (12): 2.618, 0, 1.618 / 2.618, 0, -1.618 / -2.618, 0, 1.618 / -2.618, 0, -1.618 / -1.618, 2.618, 0 / 1.618, 2.618, 0 / -1.618, -2.618, 0 / 1.618, -2.618, 0 / 0, 1.618, 2.618 / 0, -1.618, 2.618 / 0, 1.618, -2.618 / 0, -1.618, -2.618

-- Quoting further from One Crystal's Dance by Dan Winter - in his 20's

"Note how simple it is to continue infinitely.. - simply extend every icosahedron edge length straight out by ratio Golden Mean, to make another Dodeca, then extend that dodeca edge straight out again by Golden Ratio longer to make another icosa etc. Alternating (interdigitating) infinitely. Each succeeding dodeca or icosa can be plotted digitally by simply multiplying by Golden Mean squared (2.618) to the vertex coordinates of the previous!

Use vision to understand the physical (phi cycle) significance of this. The distance from every node to every axis of symmetry, AND to the core (center point) is ALWAYS a power of the GOLDEN MEAN. See 12 golden mean, spiral cones, in this required pyramid like angular relation, making our STAR MOTHER, and indirectly the dodecahedron of DNA. See concentric spheres as wave bubbles. The wave length must divide evenly into the RADIUS AS A POWER OF THE GOLDEN MEAN. This fulfills the requirement that waves colliding toward center of gravity (mass), in order to conserve momentum (order, memory, mind) must not interfere with each other. The harmonics make ONLY constructive interference as they nest in this way."

(30 years later this seems precisely predictive of El Naschie's GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- MATHEMATICS- agreeing that this FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY. (see golden ratio proven in the structure of hydrogen.. - bottom see this nest become the atomic table:

MORE EVIDENCE GOLDEN RATIO CAUSES GRAVITY: (and now a short GOLDEN RATIO nod to Nassim Haramein-)...note how GOLDEN RATIO (phase conjugate) animates the UNIVERSAL SCALING of FREQUENCY vs Radius of UNVERSAL MASSES.
The remainder of this article- below - exerpt reprinted here from Nassim Haramein,

Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter
Haramein, N., Rauscher, E.A., and Hyson, M. (2008). Scale unification: a universal scaling law. Proceedings of the Unified Theories Conference. ISBN 9780967868776

Below - legend for the above: (U,G,S,A - datapoints defined)

* Scale Unification ??? A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter (PDF), by Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, and E.A. Rauscher.
From observational data and our theoretical analysis, we demonstrate that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter utilizing the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole, describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures. Of interest are solutions involving torque and Coriolis effects in the field equations. --- Significant observations have led to theoretical and experimental advancement describing systems undergoing gravitational collapse, including vacuum interactions. The universality of this scaling law suggests an underlying polarizable structured vacuum of mini white holes / black holes.- --- As the atomic and subatomic data points levels obey the scaling law, a computation is given demonstrating that the proton can be defined in terms of a Schwarzschild condition, when the vacuum structure is considered. Further, we briefly discuss the manner in which this polarizable structured vacuum can be described in terms of resolutions analogous to a fractal-like scaling as a means of renormalization at the Planck distance. Finally, we describe a new horizon we term the ???spin horizon??? which is defined as a result of a spacetime torque producing boundary conditions in the magnetohydrodynamic structures of galactic center black holes, which we demonstrate obeys similar dynamics as the interior of our sun., Preprint: N. Haramein, M. Hyson, E. A. Rauscher, Proceedings of The Unified Theories Conference (2008), Budapest, Hungary, Scale Unification: A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter, in Cs Varga, I. Dienes & R.L. Amoroso (eds.)