(note - from the government of KARMA to the government of CALIFORNIA: )
Dear California Governor
- if you cannot teach your kids how to repair (& embed) the broken rose like (centripetal) fractal pattern of Earth magnetic lines
- to attract precipitation
- then it looks like those same kids... are gonna starve!

Why access to Rain and Access to Zero Point Energy
BOTH Depend on Understanding Charge Attraction by 'CONJUGATE' FRACTALITY.

Karma of Nations?

Understanding Long Term Drought - and What to do About it..


--It is fundamental to understand that the cause of precipitation is charge: specifically the symmetry of an electric field.

Anyone who has done cloud seeding for rainmaking- knows that it is the charge field around the seeding crystals

which attract the vapor and form droplets. It is very appropriate that the concept of precipitation in the physics of rainmaking-

is the same as referred to as precipitation in making magic.

Precipitation happens when charge draws in the vapor- like a kind of 'fractal attractor'. Studying the science of rainmaking is very much the science of making fields of charge become centripetal / implosive / fractal. There are many examples of successful rainmaking in the scientific literature- which involve- not just cloud seeding- but actually restored in the centripetal force on the land. Rain in attracted to where charge is attracted. Mountains are often a good example. In Autralian- - Wullumbin sacred mountain original name means 'cloudcatcher'. In many cases the magnetic map around a mountain will look like a rose- or fractal - which makes it centripetal to attract water/ rain.

In our biologic architecture curriculum- we often talk about cities - like PRAGUE- whose magnetic map IS literally a rose-

See especially- "FRACTALITY IN AFRICAN ARCHITECTURE" (below) discussion- at www.goldenmean.info/architecture

which are unusually successful in attracting charge, and rain, and people, and money, and energy etc.


So specifically it is a certain charge symmetry or geometry of magnetic lines- which determines whether a bioregion attracts rain. And the easiest way to teach what kinds of pattern (namely FRACTAL attraction)- are effective is to use - the visual of a rose, or pine cone or fern or onion.

Before we talk about what countries should DO about their rainmaking karma- lets share a few suggestions for background reading:

Some of our articles on how rainmaking works:


On how magnetic maps work- for bioregions:


Examples of rainmaking geobiological structures: Labyrinths, Sri Yantra magnetics:




These projects grew out of our international Biologic Architecture - curriculum:


and our South American group: www.psicogeometria.com

And especially - our international project BLOOM THE DESERT: www.fractalfield.com/bloomthedesert


The short summary is that countries end up causing drought in part because they fractionate (break up) their sacred long magnetic lines. When highway engineers or urban planners cut across ancient magnetic paths and sites- this ends up reducing the attractive force- to preciptation of whole bioregions. It is important to recognize the karma of loss of rain.


Elemental forces- nature spirits- are real plasma beings.
They thrive in forests- they die due to the charge fractionation - in cities- and where human projects cut the living magnetic lines of nature.
Without the elemental forces- climate has less order- more chaos (above).

Young people need to be taught to see and help the elementals.


OF course even conventional hydrolygists recognize that a certain number of acres of healthy forest is needed for each acred of water that can be sustained behind a dam. A famous case of this- is the nation of PANAMA discovering that the ability to keep water in their national treasure- Panama Canal- DEPENDED entirely upon keeping so many thousands of acres of healthy trees around the canal. Otherwise- the water attracting and water retaining sponge quality of the land is lost.

This will sound like sour grapes- and old news- to a country like Brazil having legislated for decades to try to save their forest. Sadly- with the specter of drought - I suggest probably there is evidence not enough has been done. Not only does it take healthy huge areas of forest- to attract rain- (rain will avoid the electrosmog hell of cities - mostly like the plague that they are- because water vapor would be caught dead there)- it ALSO takes huge areas of healthy MAGNETIC LINES of earth current- to attract rain. For that good dowsers- and geobiologists to restore magnetic symmetry.

Read about how peacemaking and rainmaking- depend on making the magnetic line survive thru the land - from Professor Phil Callahan:


The short summary was that in the amazon- the Professor could tell in advance which tribes were healthy- versus the head-hunters- by simply measuring the land for magnetic flux. It turns out the same paramagnetic restoration of the land- predicts agriculture success also. Magnetic lines are the radio of the land- thats why cutting them causes war AND lack of rain.

Finally- please consider the famous Reichian concept and paper : DESERTIFICATION AND PATRIARCHY:


--There is something compelling about looking at the map of the spread of the great Sahara- desert: it cannot be coincidence that it almost exactly maps the spread of the patriarchical cultures. The short summary- being - solid anthropologic evidence how and why - particularly patriarchical culture CAUSE the spread of deserts. Fundamentally- permission to touch- for magnetic lines- is exactly what is lost when PEOPLE do not have permission to touch. Touch permissive - female dominated cultures (Minoa, Samoa)- never existed in- or caused deserts. Patriarchical culture- by preventing the touchy - wet making power of the feminine- divorces people from FEELING the land as if it were their own body. It is critical to understand part of the reason- Ceasar killed the DRUIDs- the land feeling-shaman- culture- was he was the product of Ceasarian section. Meaning that- without the ability to bond- created by the (conjugate) birth canal experience- Ceasar then could not properly bond with- his mother, his village, the land etc etc. (see the famous book BOND OF POWER).

So- the concept of designing a culture to attract rain-is quite a beautiful study.


To summarize here then - responsible actions for a culture which knows that water vapor chooses to become rain only under attractive conditions:

1. Of course- the need to re-double our efforts to maintain large healthy forests- reducing de-forestation.

2. Magnetic maps- which allow geobiologists and dowsers to see where critical magnetic lines have been broken- AND to fix them.

3. Allow the shaman and the claivoyants and the psychic children- to develop relationship with the elementals, the nature spirits, the living plasma of the nature kingdom- which thrives in the wild ( and dies in the cities). Some pictures also: www.goldenmean.info/geobiology

4. Reduce the poisonous to rain and life- electrosmog and metal grid effect of cities and railroads- by carefully minimizing their biologically poisonous- opposite to fractal charge field.

5. Actual genuine bliss process- as practiced by ancient cultures- has a profound effect of local rain. (see biologic science of the role of bliss in immune health: www.goldenmean.info/consciouskids ). Remember the Italians cheered when they learned that the definition of culture had little to do with the color of your clothes and your food and your shoe polish- culture was ultimately defined by the ability to TEACH your young people HOW to have a bliss experience (because that determined actually- their survival- since bliss itself - that charge density- IS the final form of education- biological information absorbtion.. like rain..)

6. Stone circles, labyrinth, paramagnetically designed fractal structures on the line- including the shape of the berm structures of earth mounds etc- are a primary way to attract- rain. We have significant evidence - these DO create local microclimate! Trevor Constable - "Weather Engineering on the High Seas" etc. was among many (like Reich) who showed that fractal geometry of capacitance - IS the rainmaker! (and the energy maker).



SO- what is the relationship of a science of creating RAIN- to a science of energy. In Brazil it is appropriate- that the loss of water- is loss of energy (the hydroelectric dams). There is another aspect to this connection which enriches this symbolism. Our group- conjugateONE- leads the planet in pioneering the actual physics behind electric energy sources which COHERE the ZERO POINT ENERGY.

Our zero point energy science- you may call COHERE THE VACUUM- has multiple cutting edge projects in focus. (see links..)-

These projects- come with a new recognition of the core principle of zero point energy devices. The core breakthrough to accessing the energy of the vacuum- is to understand how charge circuits- which is to say capacitive field effects (energy fields) - become FRACTAL or RECURSIVE or SELF-EMBEDDED - enough to IMPLODE (cohere) the (virtually infinite) energy of the vacuum. This process of creating the right kind of "FRACTAL FIELD" in physics is known as PHASE CONJUGATE- and is one of the first areas of physics which has clearly documented NEGENTROPY- which means SELF ORGANIZATION.

(more reading at


It is called -'restoring biologic negentropy' specifically because these 'phase conjugate systems (optical, dielectric and magnetic) exhibit a quality of cohereing the vacuum which is over unity- which is to say gain energy from the ZERO POINT. Hence our group is called "CONJUGATE ONE".

Below- you will see articulated- cutting edge evidence of our breakthrough approaches to zero point energy. All of them in some way represent phase conjugation or fractality- or using self-embedding / recursion- to literally implode and centripetally - 'suck in' vacuum energy. We think you will agree this is exciting. Several of these systems come directly from Nicola Tesla: we believe our engineers lead the planet in understanding how to use his legacy.

The point for this conversation- is the connection between - how to attract the energy of the vacuum- (zero point)- versus how to attract life force- and how to attract rain. You will see that the so called 'phase conjugate' geometry of capacitors - or dielectrics- or recursive circuits- in many cases actually looks like a pine cone or a rose. In other words- the geometry of charge - which allows the pine cone - or chicken egg to attract the power from the zero point called life- is to be fractal.

You can read about how we measure the life force electrically- of things - based on fractality at



A pine cone is a fractal arrangement of capacitors (the seeds)!

Why is this an important lesson for a country in drought?

Because the education in how to design the 'fractal' / conjugate charge field of a capacitor - for zero point energy - is the same lesson for a country to arrange it's energy lines to attract charge and rain! We call this the so called 'get fractal or get dead' bio architecture/ geobiology curriculum. Restoring centripetal (implosive) forces- restores energy - AND restores RAIN!

A practical example of this- is in the famous father of Implosion Science Viktor Schauberger. He had a famous water vortex- which would 'heal' water by imploding- which was a revolution for agriculutre. It made 'wetter' water- which required less to irrigate- and would accelerate growth. Today this is the heart of our Agriculture water- division- see: TheImploder.com

The point for this conversation about energy- is - that Viktor's famous (piezo / mineral rich) water vortex- was so powerful that properly insulated - you could connect wires to the extremes of the vortex- and generate so much electricity - that famously Hitler wrote a check to pay for the working device. - see picture.

Now if you understand this 'conjugating' vortex correctly- you will understand this observation: you know when a charged water vortex is about to start generating power from gravity- because just then IT WILL BEGIN SPONTANEOUSLY GETTING COLDER!

The important insight here is- negentropy from implosion is the opposite of heat! This is a deep understanding which also has major implications for global warming ( read www.goldenmean.info/fractalitynotcarbon


These IMPLOSION- Restored Biologic Negentropy- projects underlie breakthru energy projects which cohere the vacuum for zero point energy. The same centripetal or implosive (or 'fractal') field which self organizes water for growth ( theimploder.com ) and charges pyramids for measureable growth acceleration ( pyraphi.com ) - IS the shape for charge devices - which generate power from the vacuum / zero point. This shape for charge is self-similar, compressible, fractal - very much like the charge fractality of the pine cone - or chicken egg - which measureable generated voltage from the vacuum ( www.goldenmean.info/biophoton ).

So - our CONJUGATE ONE group presents here- cutting edge developments in energy technology based on the so called FRACTAL FIELD- or CONJUGATION Of PHASES. And in the process we recognize our mission is at the same time - responsible education- in the correct relationship to energy and vacuum - AND attracting rain. All of these insights are based on the simple life-giving pure principle- which even measures sacred space ( goldenmean.info/architecture ) - which is that the ability to be attractive to life and rain and energy itself- is exactly the ability to 'get fractal'! This perfect compressible fusion is what is behind our sacred 'Conjugate' Oneness.