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- from Fractal Field group and Dan Winter- " Hydrodynamically AND Magnetically Imploded- Viktor Schauberger's dream of Implosion for Water.."
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May/June 2012>New SuperImploder Research updates> with Newest TimeLapse Growth Results:

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"Viktor Schauberger knew that IMPLOSION in Water and Air created a Centripetal and Self-Organizing force
- capable of sorting pollution- now we know the exact symmetry and physics- the precise geometry and the principle:
The PHASE CONJUGATE.. or Fractal Field !
Dan Winter, Implosion Group

imploder banner originally >

The IMPLODER is the first major breakthru technology based directly on:
(equation based implosive hydrodynamic AND magnetic)

The extremely powerful special "CONJUGATE" array of magnetics inside The IMPLODER total 132,000 Gauss!

We also prepared a special personal FILM INTRODUCTION from Dan Winter- -UNDERSTANDING THE IMPLODER- see link
also see newest Tour of The Imploder Fractal Field Lab: 3 films below
New Film JULY 14: How The Imploder Works: And A Tour of the Lab..:

Film: Here is how the output of TheIMPLODER Nozzle- works..


Film: Here is an intro to our new P.C.Dielectric: Fractal Field- PYRAPHI - Capacitive Life Force Field
More at

Also See the 24 new Films- Including "The Vairocana Effect"-How the Field Effect That Causes Growth IS The Hermetic Revolution:

Evidence that phase conjugate dielectrics are bioactive: (bottom)

Scientific principle reviewd: - article continues from the original presentation Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio-Gravity's CAUSE-by Dan Winter, in the proceedings International Unified Field Physics conference(s) Budapest 06(&08):

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July 2011 Update- the new SuperImploder press release, brochure and web site relaunch are scheduled by mid-July. In the meantime- if you can specifically offer to do serious growth testing with photos- we do have a special opportunity - please email:, click here to download the New SuperImploder Brochure SNEAK PREVIEW:


Just released: The New Web site -
with SuperImploder and Complete Updated Research..


frame2 anim2


We have numerous test projects underway with the SuperImploder magnetic system, we are excited to announce that the first test runs in the Lismore Australia, Southern Cross University - lab test trials :
"Brief interpretation: in the first trials The Superimploder magnet array- produced
a (1) - modest movement of ph/ acidity in the alkaline direction,
modest/slight increase in conductivity and dissolved sates (2), (3)
However a probably signficant -useful increase in dissolved oxygen (4),
and possibly most important a fairly dramatic move of Redox potential (5) in the direction useful to life! (redox IS fractality!)"


These tests are being replicated - and significant results are reproducing- more soon- specifically the lab is being set up to nicely differentiate the effect of the magnetic array separately from the now removeable implosive nozzle. Thanks and a tip of the Imploder hat especially to Martin Selecki and Keith there in Byron area!

Note also the general magnetic effect (SuperImploder is the world's most powerful commerial water magnetic treatment) shown to be useful in many ways for water treatment across industries- summary:

This is the precise equation we use from Dan Winter- for the 5 Cone Angle Golden Spirals - for IMPLOSIVE COLLAPSE in The Imploder Water Nozzle.

dodecPHASECONJUGATE masterprinciple

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation):
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (

Regarding Michael Heleus question: "Does the Imploder affect or generate electricity , compatible with chi?"-
-- response from Dan: It is in the 'optimized translation of vorticity' in the piezoelectric charge field around flowing water- where the rotation translation inertia directly to centripetal (implosive) charge (movement toward center) - that the exchange of inertia between charge and gravity- does occur.

See pic:implosion

By optimizing this relation WITH the perfected curvature angle (for golden ratio phase conjugate recursion).. that...produces the angle of centripetal collapse- hydrodynamically. (Implosive liquid collapse- gains inertia). Now IF in the angle of that collapse- water vortex- the liquid is also piezoelectric (doped with small content piezo rock materials etc)- then that precise WATER VORTEX (on which the SuperImploder nozzle is mathematically modelled) WILL CREATE ELECTRICITY FROM GRAVITY.

News update: The New "SUPER-IMPLODER" url:


imploder1 imploder2


from Dan - July, 2010- Hi.. I was skeptical myself- so many science folks helped us with the original tests.. I had to test the replicability of this effect myself. Now we have set up yet another real trial group here in South France- (thanks to Colin and his wonderful family) and as of today- I am absolutely convinced- this growth effect is replicable!
Here- after only 5 days- we already had this dramatic difference in growth.. We had placed 7-8 radish seeds in each pot- look at the difference! Imploder water fed pots on the right. Many more seeds germinated AND grew much better.


few days later: (note pots switched sides- to eliminate any environment difference)
(we also put Imploder water in the swimming pool there at Colin's - we are all sure that it is more 'silky' water -everyone agrees much nicer swimming.. as well)..

Note in this growth - study we started with very nice mountain water. So - the effect is across water types. In UK we had water which had notably bad re-dox potential measure for growth. There we got such a dramatic (328%by weight!) growth effect. I was doubtful this would happen when starting with good water. But.. here we are next to mount Canigou- with nice mountain water- and STILL this dramatic difference!


radish results double

On Aug 4,2010: Colin reports from the Fractal Field growth labs:

"Dan, Please find attached the close out of the radish test. This is the one from the black containers that showed dramatic differences when comparing Imploder watering and regular water. - The end result of the radish was double the weight primarily due to the rate of germination. We planted the same number of seeds in each container and the results were 3g of regular water radish and 6 grams of Imploder water radish. ... New test underway tonight to test peas, beans and tomatoes for effectiveness of the Imploder water.

The existing bean plant test is now beyond belief. The Imploder beans are now 250 cm and 220 cm versus the 55 and 65 cm regular water plants. We are at week five and I am looking forward to letting this test run its course until the fall. Everyone who visits is astonished. If I wasn't the person growing them it would be hard to believe that the only difference is in the water! What force have you unleashed Dan? The implications for agriculture are staggering. We are getting in touch with a wine producer to start some grape tests as well. Talk to you soon, Colin"

How the Imploder Nozzle creates water- which is self-referring:

--Results keep coming in..
jeffs beans

Compare above Vancouver Beans test on Imploder- with early results here in France:
imploded beansbeans





The Imploder is based on phase conjugate HYDRODYNAMICS (liquid implosion- see nozzle below..
COMBINED with PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS.. where the LIKE or SIMILAR poles of the Magnets ATTRACT each other:
(please show this to your physics professor.. after they fall off their chair- send us an email.. this is NOT an illusion- thousands have witness.. the ANGLE of the 2 like magnetic poles - when precise and octahedral across correct permissivity.. creates the ATTRACTION of like poles!)

The extreme converging magnetic flux lines- create the centripetal inertia at the liquid molecular level- which creates the spin cycle of the wash machine- sorting by mass. Resulting in the increase molecular order and spin density (see measures below).

phaseconjugate magnets


& of the origin of (self organization) in Time!

Evidence that phase conjugate dielectrics are bioactive: (bottom)

This article continues from the original presentation Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio-Gravity's CAUSE-by Dan Winter,
in the proceedings International Unified Field Physics conference(s) Budapest 06(&08):

Implosion Group with Dan Winter- is Announcing: All New Suite of Fractal Tech:Projects>

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pdf imploder

Fractal Field: Technology: The IMPLODER- Now Available :--Note the growth effect and reduction in entropy etc below.



Copyright: Daniel Winter 2009-2010








phoenix imploder film


Compare our technology to:


Jason Verbelli's new Docu Film about the Imploder:



imploder schauberger vortex



- announcement IMPLODER-COMMERCIAL VERSION OFFERED Dec29 ship- now available to order:

Background: Our original TheImploder - is a beautiful clear ABS transparent plastic in which you can SEE the implosion happening!. Naturally- for that there are some structural limitations. It was primarily designed for in -line watering/ irrigation, and was suggested not to exceed 35-45 psi max pressure. For in-line permanent plumbing- and commercial users- a stronger higher pressure unit was needed.. SO:
Imploder users in agriculture- you spoke- we listened: Our users were divided- some wanted a beautiful unit for direct watering and showering etc. Others, however wanted a COMMERCIAL UNIT for TheImploder- which was designed for higher pressure- in line plumbing- and wanted a tough unbreakable unit for COMMERCIAL use. SO.. we listened-

We now offer The COMMERCIAL IMPLODER - option- IT is the SAME- IMPLODER design-
you know and appreciate for it's agriculture growth effect- and smooth silky (HIGHLY soluble / hydrating ) water.. AND newly measured effective in chlorine removal and more..

EXCEPT - the New COMMERCIAL IMPLODER- NOZZLE part is built of A NEW SUPER TOUGH FORTRON PLASTIC(see below spec)- so strong - it often replaces aluminum and brass. AND it can withstand much higher temperature and pressure!
(the new commercial optional nozzle for commercial use- is opaque- not clear-)


(click to download material technical data sheet)

This new COMMERCIAL IMPLODER - starts shipping Dec 29- for orders placed now- first come first served..

Price: will be $950 US- but in order to introduce it - we have an advance offer order price $750 - the SAME SPECIAL OFFER- as the regular imploder (please specify if you want the clear regular imploder- or the opaque SUPER TOUGH COMMERCIAL unit..)

Until Christmas- you can still benefit from the FREE Imploder Shower nozzle - included- AND the free freight.

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Recent - Feedback- Barney H. in UK writes - Dec 2, 2010: "Hello Dan ! Just wanted to emphasize the important usefullness of the Imploder repairing damage to the body that I have after drug damage. It's a holistic process - many other treatments involved - and possibly might be a treatment that only works with some people- But after recovering basic health using nutrition, etc I could never get a proper field. I am now able to drink coffee again (bad I know, but it's one of those things that works for me). I am able to hold lots of information in my attention, improved memory, better insight, calmer more balanced emotions. This is surely as a result of the string memory effect of water transmitting the carefully calculated Imploder pattern to my energy field ? Anyhow, don't want to flood you here,... I feel I need to emphasise the huge breakthrough that this is in the fight to help people effected by these terrible drugs. Guess you're used to the Breakthrough (technologies) ... so maybe it's not a surprise to you. But felt a strong need to communicate this. Cheers."

Also Jeff G.-Vancouver area -who has been testing the Imploder since the beginning- see his amazing beans result at - he writes in response: Jeff wrote: re: "I am able to hold lots of information in my attention, improved memory, better insight, calmer more balanced emotions."-" I noticed the same thing.. Have been drinking the imploded water for a while & noticed the increase in memory - processing speed / calmer balanced emotions for sure."

AND - nice breakthru in DOCUMENTING- The Imploder benefit to reducing CHLORINE in water- issues: we had multiple suggestive but subjective reports- that in fact The Imploder does eliminate chlorine smell - and chorine poison to growth:

Rui our Imploder representative in Portugal wrote in detail about how The Imploder eliminated the chlorine smell in his water, and improved the problem with plant growth which is normally inhibited by chlorine.

Yvan in Cambodia is doing detailed tests with The Imploder. He writes "Dan, It is very clear that the chlorine taste in water is very reduced to un-noticeable (with TheImploder). Showering with The Imploder is an amazing feeling..."
- Then Yvan set up independant lab testing to measure TheImploder Chlorine Solution.
We now have our documented independant laboratory reports- reduction in chlorine- from passing thru The Imploder:

chlorine test

The mechanism-HOW the chlorine- or other pollutants are SORTED in the presence of IMPLOSION (we will be measuring results with other impurities):
the precisely (phase conjugate) angle of CENTRIPETAL force spin- first hydrodynamically then amplified magnetically in TheIMPLODER- is better than your washing machine spin cycle for sorting by mass. Water's molecular structure normally is set to gently work to push out any molecules which do not fit the fractality of its array (rather like a growing quartz crystal deciding which 'dopant' to accept- the iron that turns it into citrine / amythyst for example - families KNOW who fits.) The more centripetal the electric field of the water, the greater it's ability to push out molecules which don't 'fit the nest'. See- below discuss about heavy metals- like aluminum- WHY lack of fractality- means in-ability to EMBED!

For another example of this principle- read about how The PYRAPHI - charges rock powder- (piezoelectric / phase conjugate / dielectrically CENTRIPETAL) - when a small amount is put in polluted pond- THE WATER CLEARS! :

Check out the new press release page- FRACTAL FIELD TEAM



Dan Winter - personal

Team- Lead by Daniel Winter ( Implosion Group : )

Creating the Electric Field which Causes Life:

Phase Conjugate / Fractal Field

& Breakthru in Water Treatment

all communication to

PHASE CONJUGATOR: Uses Hi Magnetic Flux Density - In Proprietary PHASE CONJUGATE ARRAY-

Worlds most potent Water Restructuring Device- Fast / Efficient / Safe - VERY Lo Cost:

Phase Conjugate Magnetic Water Treatment - tests

below: Plant weight increase in response to phase conjugated water: over 300%

Tests performed by Sal Gino PhD.

Note: these are the tests so far for effect on growth / germination / biologic benefit - of treated water.

Preliminary indications are: effect on SEDIMENTATION RATE - for breakthru in water treatment- will be equally dramatic.

More info on Dan Winter's work on the theory of electric self organization by PHASE CONJUGATION is here.

Note: Self Organization during phase conjugation is well documented in Optics, it is becoming known in phase conjugated dielectrics (links) -

Dan Winter has invented PHASE CONJUGATED DIELECTRICS (separately from his work here on PC Magnetics) which have produced a measured 50% increase in glucose uptake -fermentation RATE increase. (Documentation on those measures IS AT THE BOTTOM HERE).

Dan Winter is the inventor of the concept and here the demonstration of:

PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS ( the reason like poles of a magnetic can ATTRACT in the correct geometry- his first paper on PHASE CONJUGATOR MAGNETICS - he is co-authoring with ELIZABETH RAUSCHER).

TEST APPARATUS: THE IMPLODER - phase conjugate hydrodynamic NOZZLE- from Dan Winter - is fitted to: A series of Neodymium Iron Boron magnets are precisely set in a unique design: “Phase Conjugate” position . Like poles of the magnet can actually attract each other. We utilize the enhanced 'z pinch' effect of our custom phase conjugate array.

Each of the individual magnets had a 1/2" diameter hole at the centre to allow for water flow. The magnet array was attached to a diaphragm water pump which allowed for recirculation of water using a 20 Liter reservoir. Water was re-circulated for a period of approximately 15 minutes before measurement or experimentation.

Redox Results – After circulating water through the new air-core magnet stack encased in copper tubing for 8 minutes, there was a noticeable 6.5% drop in Redox potential of the sample compared to the control. This is advantageous for drinking water since a lower value in Redox potential is healthier. There was also a 5% drop in pH from the control value of pH 8.0 to 7.6. The ORP (redox potential) readings were as follows:

Control: 738.5 mV

Test sample: 690.2 mV

Measurements were made in reference to a saturated Ag/AgCl calomel electrode.


-- ealier test:

GDV Entropy results- Ordinary tap water (15L) was re-circulated through the magnet stack for about 15-20 minutes. A sample of this ‘magnetized’ water was compared to the original tap water prior to passage through the magnet stack. The two samples were analyzed using the Kirlionics GDV device with the water attachment plate which was submerged in 1 Liter of water in a glass beaker. The results, shown below, indicate a 46% reduction in entropy of the magnet water compared to that of the tap water. 100 data points for each sample was taken for the measurements.

Tap water (BLUE) Magnet Water (RED)
Entropy Avg. (magnetic water)= 1.43, Entropy Avg. (tap water)=2.66

Germination Results- Two individual germination studies were conducted using mustard seeds. In the first experiment, 25 mustard seeds were planted onto a square cotton mat inside of a shallow plastic container about 7 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height. For each experiment three dishes were set up prior to planting. One was used for the control water sample and the other two for the magnet water sample. In the first experiment 25 mustard seeds were planted in each dish and 50 ml of test water was added to each dish. The dishes were covered initially with paper towels and the evaporated water was replenished periodically as needed. After 7 days of germination the seedlings were weighed on an analytical balance to the nearest milligram. The results showed an average increase in germination yield of 12% with the magnet water compared to the untreated tap water. A second experiment was conducted in a similar manner except that 30 seeds were used in each dish and the dishes were covered with plastic wrap to avoid evaporation and subsequent water replenishment. The plastic wrap was ideal since the initial water charge of 50ml was more than enough to keep the seedlings moist over a period of 7 days without having to replenish the water. The results of this study showed a much more prominent effect with the average germination yield of the two magnet water samples at 25% greater than the control water sample.

Plant weight increase in response to phase conjugated water: over 300%

Laboratory comparison on plant weights - as seen above:
Subject: Weights on plants
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 18:14:47 +0100
From: Sal Giandinoto
I weighed the plants and placed them in sealed plastic bags for shipment for more tests. The weights were:

Magnet Water Plant 12.864g

Tap Water Plant 3.925g

That is a yield ratio of 3.28 to 1.
Quite impressive.


Finally: Imploder Nozzle design updates- and report preliminaries- from - May/June 2010

1. Chris Dean: - found 30% effect on sprout weight- with only gravity feed water pressure thru IMPLODER
- and probable improved resistance to pests- see photos:

Maggie wrote: " Hi Dan
Just spoke with Vern. He did some rudimentary work with the Imploder on himself. He found that our imploder water felt as good as the one he has in his house which has no magnets, the effect was immediate."

Paul Corben - Japan wrote:

hey dan me and my friend put water on lemon balm herb plants and overnight the stems became thicker and were standing up more when we checked this afternoon, [05/03/10] Paul Corben: i have had these 3 lemon balm plants small herbs for only three weeks from the store and the stems were flimsy
[05/03/10] daniel winter: excellent-
[05/03/10] Paul Corben: my pleasure Dan

[05/03/10] Paul Corben: i tested the taste with my friend and she was able to easily identify the water she said it tasted smoother
[05/03/10] Paul Corben: this has awesome potential

Thanks for your help!


Announcements- from Dan Winter- Implosion Group:

Update: TWENTY FOUR-New SUMMER 2010 Films! - over 30 Hours, & Technology Update - Released July 2010-from Implosion Group- with Dan Winter
Including:"The Vairocana Effect":The LIFE GIVING FIELD EFFECT-Hermes Real Revolution


Dan Winter- in Prague - Czech TV- Update July 2010- on New FRACTAL SCIENCE OF LIFE (English and Czech)
also see: new English and Czech web site for Implosion Group:

Also New: July 13,2010 New Radio Conversation with Dan Winter:



Mar10,10:Blockbuster Physics Summary:Overwhelming Evidence:PLUS:Best FILM SERIES EVER-Aussie10Reviewed Golden Ratio Fractal Phase Conjugation causes Gravity, Perception, Color, Life, Time: All Centripedal Forces. , PLUS -ElNaschie GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY - PLUS:NewRelease THEIMPLODER-Ready for YOU to Try..


Milan Libreria Esoterica: Presentation Dan Winter - March 2010


Upcoming events..

in July:


Details of Major Conference in POLAND- in September


Harmony of the Cosmos Festival Poland:

3-5 September 2010. with Janusz Zagórski

Also : Krakow, Poland Conference Sept 11-12, 2010 :





New Announcements; Events with Dan Winter- Prague: Brno : and Skola v Haluzicich, Nesovice. Czech. Sept. 14-19, 2010 - English and Caech- contact: eva (at)


Event: Country retreat conference- English and Spanish- St Maria De Besora- Outside- Barcelona, Spain: Sept 24- 26 - 3 Days- Contact: marco (at)




Also- Tour: Mexico and Chile in October 2010-

For mexico and chile courses

Congreso Geometría Sagrada y Salud Fractal en MEXICO

16 y 17 de octubre del 2010

Lugar: México, D.F.

Más información próximamente

Congreso Geometría Sagrada y Salud Fractal en CHILE, SANTIAGO

23 y 24 de octubre del 2010

Lugar: México, D.F.

Más información próximamente


Bienvenido al Congreso

El objetivo de este Congreso es explorar sobre la salud y su relación con las formas geométricas, presentando nuevas técnicas y desarrollos científicos de Europa y América basados en el estudio de la vida y su resonancia con ciertos patrones que restablecen la salud del individuo. Exponemos los avances y aportes de la Medicina Complementaria y las terapias alternativas, a la luz de los sistemas de medición con biofeedback.

El biofeedback le proporciona a la persona el acceso a la información del inconsciente que desconoce y le ofrece una alternativa para hacerse consciente de sus procesos físicos y psicológicas permitiéndole recuperar la dirección de su propia salud.

Nos congregamos para generar una renovación de conceptos y una apertura a nuevos sistemas de pensamiento y equilibrio del ser humano en su ámbito corporal, emocional, intelectual y espiritual. Esta apertura es requisito indispensable para cualquier persona que busca construir o mejorar cualquier aspecto de su vida.

Exploraremos sobre diferentes herramientas útiles en la detección de la perdida de armonía en el cuerpo físico, emocional y mental así como nuevas propuestas terapéuticas para la corrección del Estado Energético Global del ser humano. Profundizamos en la relación que tiene la salud del individuo con la biología humana, su ambiente psicológico, su estilo de vida, y su entorno arquitectónico.

Ven y aprende sobre la Salud Geométrica, la terapia con poliedros, la Geometría Sustentable, la terapia con emisiones lumínicas, las herramientas científicas de biofeedback y un paradigma innovador que integra la sólida estructura de la medicina ancestral con la visión de la salud integral.

Aprende y déjate inspirar. Únete con personas de todo el mundo que se van a reunir en México en el 1er Congreso Internacional de Salud Geométrica y Biofeedback organizado por Psicogeometría México.

Únete en esta excitante y hermosa experiencia. No te quedes fuera de las últimas tendencias de la Salud y la Ciencia que rige las formas de la vida.


November 09- March 2011- Australia Tour- being discussed.

Events with Dan Winter: 2011:

April 9-10- Rimini- Italy - Dr. Cutolo- Conference

May 26-29 part 1- Turin (Borgo Dale)

August 25-28 part 2 Turin (Borgo Dale)