HRV Pro- the holy grail of HRV Heart Coherence- iPhone / iPad - and soon iWatch software

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Major breakthrough HEART/ BREATH Coherence biofeedback software

new app- upcoming features: (new features- film instructions planned for September 2015)

(the next step..)

Dan Winter- original invention- HeartTuner:

original documentary on Dan Winter's invention of Heart Coherence:

Winter documents the HRV / Sacral Cranial Frequencies- Mechanism of Bliss/Kundalini (PEAK PERCEPTION/ Bliss)
-are ALSO precisely PHASE CONJUGATE Implosive Collapse

(also shown the ADP /ATP Key frequency=precisely fits phase conjugation in Biologic Microwave)

See Dan Winter's new article: Phase Conjugate Origins of Perception:


section 1.

Present features-

-HRV coherence peak training

-breath entrainment- biofeedback cue

-includes empathy training -

to be added: support for multiple transducer inputs (initially- input will be iPhone light- but other inputs- including earpiece with bluetooth and finger clip and chest strap needed for comfortable long term use).

-larger numbers at least 6-12 - for group entrainment. empathy, conflict resolution training



section 2.

Longer term 6 hour, 12 hour, 1 day, and 4-7 day- hrv analysis training-

algorhythmn to include mathematical analysis of which periods- need high variability


section 3. (per Patrick) - IMAGES BELOW

- longer wave spectrum analysis of HRV into vlf, lf, and hf- wave spectra-

to include MAYER wave- coherence training ( approx .1 hz) - with breath feedback- and map the components of the SACRAL CRANIAL frequencies

which can be linked to HRV spectral components.


section 4.- Perfect conjugate caducceus experience- feedback - IMAGES BELOW

caducceus breath / HRV training- to include a short wave to long wave breathing cue- to allow creating still point climax peak (performance) experience.

initially that will be the short wave breathing cue- which directly creates caducceus in near term HRV (bottom right in the pic there - in section 4).

But then also this is to include a longer term HRV feedback loop to allow athletes to acheive a cadduceus like HEART RATE CASCADE - during a whole training session ( as per Dardik-


section 5.- CORPORATE HEART- more on group entrainment / empowerment / peacemaking / conflict resolution by heart entrainment training - (more below)

section 6. - BINAURAL BEAT- perfect conjugation binaural audio feedback options to be linked (more below)



existing features-


Hearts Beats, Breath Entrainment and the Oneness Experience

- REAL -HRV Power Harmonics Plot- including time history

-real Heart Coherence measure

- real breath biofeedback cue- to directly see the result of your own conscious breathing

- real EMPATHY training, micro-motion / heart tuning- BIOFEEDBACK

- real group process BIOFEEDBACK - for group concensus building with real biologic entrainment


HeartsRing Animation
You immediately SEE your heart beating on the screen- to confirm your input (from finger on the iPhone light- or from chest strap/receiver- which is necessary for iPad- optional on iPhone)
Breathing cue instructor- is the light blue vertical slider top left-(changes frequency when you click on your goal / person to link to )
to bring your heart key frequency to WHERE you wish (another person / another group / or your Rave concert key..?- this frame sequence not contiguous)
In the newest version we also display (for your rock band conductor)-
the musical key signature of your heart at the moment- AND the key signature of your goal point
(where you clicked to put the white line- could be your lover or healer - or your group's concensus point).

The vertical height of your HRV interactive water fall time history power spectra plot-
is the AMOUNT of your HEART COHERENCE- the right /left x-axis value is the frequency key (also listed on top).
You have all the benefits of medical HRV training - PLUS coherence training..
AND broadcast server- other iPhones / iPads for CONSCENSUS TRAINING / CONFLICT RESOLUTION...
and ultimately 'group ONEness experience' training.


The Lo Frequencies of your Heart Harmonics - called Heart Rate Variability -(HRV)- are one of the most important medical indicators of overall (immune system) health. The more frequencies present- called Harmonic Inclusive - or "fractal field' in your heart's harmonics - quite literally - indicate how long you will live - references (largely controllable with your breathing). Another really kool benefit of tuning your (breath controllable) hearts major low frequency key signature (visible on HeartsRing) - is the principle of bio-resonance or micromotion entrainment - which is a proven way to create a palpable energy connection with your lover, your guru, your healer, your music hero - or any individual or group with whom you may want to feel a ONE-ness experience. Whether it is lovemaking, tantra, or conflict resolution, or healing, or corporate consensus building, or rock concert bliss - clearly the feeling of group entrainment - is enhanced when biologic 'pendulum' swing together.

Since the pace of breathing is the powerful way - to tune your hearts beat's musical fundamental - on the HEARTSRING - once you have noticed where YOUR (HRV) musical key (harmonic) peak is- you simply click on the moving peak (harmonic line on top) of the person - or leader (or guru or lover - or teacher or..) whose heart you want to FEEL (who is also connected). Then the simple breathing cue program is timing adjusted to allow you to synchronize BREATH AND HEART - with your (lover / guru / teacher / healer / rock band-DJ..). AND then as you carefully breathe in the new rhythmn for a few minutes - you can WATCH as your heart's RING (musical harmonic peak/ HRV) - moves to TOUCH YOUR LEADER. You can even see - who moves first toward touching the other! See - if you don't literally feel a little hair raising RUSH- the moment your heart LINKS with the HEARTs RING of your chosen person or group!

(In version 1.0 here - you can link with up to 4 people at once - each must be connected.) In addition to HEART COHERENCE control - (see the film from Dan Winter- who is credited in the literature with inventing the TERM Heart Coherence- by inventing how to measure it mathematically: ) and learning to Heart LINK to any person you choose to FEEL energy with - by resonance entrainment... - you can learn 'yogic' conscious control of your breathing: where your breath goes to TOUCH the HEARTS RING you choose to move to - your choice of coherent emotion- and intentional empathy.

Empathy training is immensely valuable to corporate boardrooms, healers, peacemakers, military generals, bank managers.. to name a few.


section 3. (per Patrick) - IMAGES BELOW

Advanced Healing with the Breath: Measurement with HRV and the Sacral Cranial Technique

with Dan Winter- Introducing Patrick Botte:- Play film part ONE:


1 the raw signal of the light ear clip sensor

2 The VLF, LF and HF waves coming from HRV and pressure variation (last minute in real time)

                VLF wave of pressure (green)

                LF wave of pressure (white)

                HF wave of pressure (yellow)

                LF wave of HRV (red)

                Phase correlation  of LF pressure and LF HRV (dots in light blue)

3 display of phase correlation between the 2 LF

4 HRV spectrum (peak at 6/minute)

5 pressure spectrum (peak at 6/minute)

6 ICC from cardiac signal and ear sensor (peak at 8.5)

                Light blue: cardiac

                Orange: ear sensor


- Click here to Play Part TWO: The HRV Breath with Patrick






section 4.- Perfect conjugate caducceus experience- feedback - IMAGES BELOW

goldenmean team - is proud to announce new simple software - anyone can play BREATHE THE HEART TO BLISS!

AND if you happen to have a HeartTuner ( - you can WATCH AND LEARN as your breath perfects the CADEUCEUS in the MEASURED HRV- AND- produces overall COHERENCE; measured!




section 5.- CORPORATE HEART- more on group entrainment / empowerment / peacemaking / conflict resolution by heart entrainment training - (more below)

Project - Corporate Heart

Finally- to include in the Iphone app- for group concensus work display- we show our Harmonic Module- display- as an example- from our earlier work:

How to interactively teach group heart link up and entrainment..


Corporate Harmonics:

New Tools to Measure and Feedback:

Leading Leaders Into a Shared Space in the Heart

- A Business Model- Intended to Prove the Principle

to Later be Used To Teach a New Science of PeaceMaking to Political Leaders

In Collaboration with

Prakash Kirpalani , Corporate Harmonics ,

Heart Coherence Team,

Dan Winter (HeartTuner Pro - Inventor),


Submitted by:

Dan Winter

Corporate Coherence is the name... becoming grand attractors in business...

CEO's ultimate and essential tool to help ceo's sustain weath into the coming decades...

The essential question all CEO's need to be asking during these times of chaos and uncertainty - is..




"How do I create a COHERENT business organization - quickly- to sustain our wealth!"

letter - from sonja -.. become grand attractor, heart becomes in tune..

what it is the grand attractor for money... of wealth in business.. relationship to become coherent...

what is coherence, how do you create, how does that bring in wealth.. grandattractors in business.. the essential new physics of commerce for sustaining wealth during the coming turbulence.. grandattractor.. yvonne evans .. director of corporate consciousness... question based.,baby steps..

the new physics now offers us conclusive evidence that we do indeed attract wealth and resource just as magnets attract fields. Example - stock market chaos emerges into self-organization at the moment volume harmonics become Golden Ratio.. (reference) which is really EMOTION becoming coherent..

Grand Attractors have high magnetic draw capabilty in business

High magnetic draw is the result

High magnetic draw is created thru a COHERENT organization


The right partners in diversity - create the ('fractal') possibility of cohesion.


This is just like harmonic diversity in your heart frequencies (Heart Rate Variability / HRV) predicts surviving into old age.


But the science theory is not required to make the necessary next step. We now have the tools to create a coherent organization.. to create Grand Attractors in Business. Thus to minimize the risk of potential loss, and maximize the financial gain.

The new instruments for measuring coherence in business organization, designed by Dan Winter - demonstrate a never before quantified relationship between coherence and attraction.

How do you get access to these tools for coherence in organizations / training programs & seminars..


Perfect diversity (genetic diversity for example) creates perfec

Grand Attraction is the result of coherence i

Since group coherence produces biological radiance in the UV spectra - aligning leaders into EKG Heart Coherence - produces a 'BLUE FLAME'

January 12, 2003

The Need: To make agreement in the heart teachable and measureable. To make the move from conceptual and un-feeling decision making to true inner concensus FEELING based decision making - measureable and teachable. To make Heart Intelligence and Coherence in Heart Emotion measureable and teachable.

And then - perhaps more importantly - to apply this in a commercially successful way to the corporate business practice ... and finally to create an invitation for POLITICAL leaders to learn how agreement can be measured in the Heart for PEACEMAKING and CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

Biologically, the ability to AGREE depends on getting biological resonance to bond and phase lock. Examples include - the nature of the bond which occures when an egg embeds in the womb, - or when sexual bonding occurs, - or when humans speak and listen in proper timing. All of these, and ultimately every biological bond that ever happens occurs when two waving biological 'oscillators' learn to come into the same musical key or 'get on the same wavelength'. The way this is expressed in the deep principles of chemistry - is to say that: ALL BONDING IS PHASE LOCKING (covalent and ionic - local sharing and extended sharing). .. Among people we may extend this simple physics to say the ALL BONDING IS FACE LOCKING and HEART LOCKING.

Ben Bentov's fascinating book: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" really focuses on how biological resonance (the 'wild' pendulum) - can come into still point..( Ref - ... - - Still point physics / 'IMPLOSION' is how EVERYTHING ultimate gets sorted in order to be come distributeable / shareable.

Bentov was a biomedical engineer, and a personal mentor for me. He developed the first meaningful bio-mechanical model of bliss practice and kundalini. This work became the basis for my seminars with young people "Musical Recipes for Self-Empowering Bliss Process". (covered by 4 major Australian National Media Groups for my Workshop in Rainbow Serpent Festival next week). The point is that we do know the musical nature of how biological agreement takes place, it begins with phase lock of hearts, and leads to a musical PHI based wave collapse process (ascknowledgement to Yvonne Evans - Collapse Psychology work for Corporations here).

The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness

Fusion-Phi Phenomenon-Unlocking Ultimate PHIre.

This produces AGREEMENT because it allows an infinite number of waves (people) to converge (compressed non-destrutively) in one place. We have extensively modeled this GEOMETRY OF TURNING INSIDE OUT - as the electrical symmetry recipe of COMPASSION.

How Symmetry Map to Inside Out Makes Compassion's Harmonics Measureable

We understand how this musical recipe for agreement is based on waves which nest non-destructively (people are biological oscillators learning to agree - the role of mind is to teach waves to agree).The secret or key, becomes measureable and teachable in 2 steps:

1. Measure the moment of PHASE LOCK (all the clocks pendulums in the room naturally lock together, and then each becomes more efficient).

2. Take the harmonic analysis and see when the contained musical notes nest in Golden Mean ratio - because THAT predicts:

a). the moment of Bliss and Euphoria in brainwave studies (Korotkov)

b.) the moment of implosion, self organization, emergence from chaos - 'Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution'

c.) non-destructive collapse - literally the ability to ATTRACT CHARGE - which is the (electrically measureable) definition of LIFE .



section 6. - BINAURAL BEAT- perfect conjugation binaural audio feedback options to be linked (more below)

New- Aug 2013: Powerful Psychoactive BINAURAL BEAT- Audio Generator Software released - for use with
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