The CONJUGATE MIND: Longitudinal Wave Solution to Consciousness, Compression, and the PERFECT FLAME
from Dan Winter -

This article was continued- July 27, 2015 at: Phase Conjugate Wave Mechanics as THE CAUSE of Perception:

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"Flame in the Mind"- Whether Bon Po- or Cherokee- your initiation moment is when you can make flame with your mind- rather like Luke Skywalker learning to move 'the force'! The kind of wave - longitudinal (more accurate term than 'scalar' or 'torsional') which measureably allows mind to make flame at a distance- contains deep lessons-not only in how to focus your mind- (phase conjugation produces the right compressional wave)- but ALSO has the real holy grail key to plasma fusion- and alchemy. On day one- we do the psychology- using biofeedback tools - and the BlissTuner. On day two- we look at the physics- how zero point and cohere the vacuum energies- ALL rely specifically on the implosive compression which only this 'long wave' produces. When we can 'restore centripetal forces'- self organization in wave understanding holds keys to energy physics, alchemy, the psychology of psychokinesis - and so much more. Intro animations to the new wave mechanics:

NEW: March 12, 2013

Finally - the REAL science to properly respond to your lover when (he/she) demands: "Come on Baby: Light My Fire!"


Video Series Flame in the Mind- from Barcelona Cognos Conference- with Dan Winter- to accompany this article:

Flame in the Mind 1:

Flame in the Mind 2:


Flame in the Mind 3:


Flame in the Mind 4:


Flame in the Mind 5:



This article is a sequal to the original PERFECT FLAME - lecture from Dan Winter:

Consistently voted 'the best of Dan Winter videos'- Starseed Gardens Presentations:
Understanding Fractal Fields: Origins of Self Organizing / Centripetal Forces



This April 2013 film series was update May 2103 - with most recent:



Review: In my original article

using my original invention the BLISSTUNER (recently illegally stolen by Frank Van Den Bovenkamp) -

I showed that (inspired by Dr K.Korotkov) I can measure golden ratio in EEG harmonics


to teach and correlate to peak perception / bliss / ecstasy.

I used that as new evidence for my hypothesis that PERCEPTION is caused by phase conjugation optimized by Golden Ratio.

We noted there a separate developed hypothesis that PHASE CONJUGATION is the mechanism of perception- from Steve Lehar:



Also see: Matt Pitkanen: Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms
M. Pitk¨anen, January 29, 2011, refers to PHASE CONJUGATION as mechanism of consciousness- 71 times.



We needed to account for the data- that focused consciousness causes electric fields to COMPRESS:

Clearly (below) the CENTRIPETAL hemisphere of the brain (right) - is measureably linked to creativity:


we think we know what makes it centripetal (phase conjugate / golden ratio EEG?)


New June 2012: Mathematics Completed- Systematic Wave Equations- Golden Ratio / Phase Conjugation - SOLVES PURE CONSTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION / FUSION (and therefore the nature of self-organization in consciousness):


Who has provided a meaningful description of the nature of consciousness? - Here is the raw data that needs to be accounted for: 1. Focused attention causes electric fields to compress (Bill Tiller's extensive measures "Conscious Acts of Creation"), 2. Focused attention reduces radioactivity measureably (Geller measured). - If you look at ISSEM or What the Bleep- or Gary Schwartz and Stuart Hameroff- gathering of hundreds of scientists on consciousness - do they have an answer as to the electric nature of consciousness to explain the measurements? No - nothing close. - Dan Winter has proposed a simple and compelling and MEASUREABLE explanation: Focused attention is a centripetal and golden ratio / 'implosive' - phase conjugate (donut shaped) plasma or charge field - (Golden Ratio in EEG as he has pioneered). COULD ANYTHING BE MORE SIMPLE- LIFE HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CENTRIPETAL ELECTRICALLY. Death happens when you don't! This is more than a real electrical engineers phase conjugate phenomenology of perception- it is a recipe for how to create life.

New Film Series: Restoring Centripetal Forces- to Restore LIFE FORCE:



But Bill Donavan pointed out that there was more to the wave mechanics of perception / consiousness:

It is standard initiation testing for both the CHEROKEE and the BON PO Tibetans-

that before they are recognized initiates- they must be able to START A FLAME WITH THEIR MIND. (the so called 'BON' FIRE)

When the well documented Ingo Swann heated a thermistor at a distance..


it is clearly reported there was a shield and a ground placed between his brain and the heated thermistor ('flame' he made with his mind).

The ONLY kind of electromagnetic wave which could penetrate from his mind to the heat he created at a distance- is a LONGITUDINAL WAVE.

-So this gives us an opportunity to understand controlled plasma heating at a distance. (Listen up you governments who wasted enough money to feed Africa for decades on TOKAMAK)..

When psychotronic / alternative energy people refer to SCALAR waves- they generally mean LONGITUDINAL waves. (The use of the term scalar in physics is altogether different).

It is critical we understand how longitudinal waves are created in the brain (the so called PERFECT FLAME- or FLAME THAT DOES NOT CONSUME!)


First we know that the 2 brain hemispheres by making golden ratio in EEG are setting up the

"2 pine cones kissing noses' of PHASE CONJUGATION (next animation down).

NOW we know- that in order for the phase conjugation to complete the production of LONGITUDINAL WAVES-

in the brain - it is simple:

during peak perception / bliss / psychokinesis (ala Ingo Swann)-

the 2 brain hemispheres altho clearly phase locked- MUST BE PHASE LOCKED 180 DEGREES OUT OF PHASE!

- This means it is simple- if neuroscientists measure the 2 opposing hemispheres of the brain at 180 degrees out of phase-

during peak brain power- then our LONGITUDINAL WAVE THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS- is proven!


Now the animations from our article


Inset note here- Feb 10,2013: Here is an exerpt to what we think is one of the best animations of the (wave mechanics of collapse) idealized DODECA- ICOSA 'implosion morph'-
definite credit here to the source: Morphing Platonic Solids (Sacred Geometry by ieoie) -!

master principle

Golden Ratio optimized conjugation of phases (wave fronts and wave phase velocities add and multiply or heterodyne- recursively and constructively)...
simply is the best wave geometry for opposing vortex pairs to converge constructively...
as we say - it is "the only way for pine cones to kiss noses".
It is our strong hypothesis that this equation for golden ratio generated implosive / centripetal force-
is the geometric wave mechanic of
- phase conjugate optics, dielectrics AND (now we see examples of) magnetics!

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation):
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS - (the reason attention is electricall CENTRIPETAL)
- my BLISS TUNER invention (at link) makes this teachable -

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (

==Just added this below -to our animation of the physics of the PHASE CONJUGATE SPIRAL- ORIGINS OF ALPHABET DISCUSSION:

Note also - in line with how Bill Tiller- measured consciousness essentially as how much your focused attention CAUSES electric fields to compress-

how John McGovern- discovered how the origin of all SHAMAN ALPHABETS- petro-glyphs are generally PLASMA RESIDUE- with a universal translation. He started after finding Hebrew on Australian Aboriginal cave petroglyphs - finding that he could essentially read any rock petroglyph carved by a shaman anywhere in the world - based only on PLASMA RESIDUE symmetry. Note how - now this has been embraced by TONY PERATT- Los Alamos PLASMA PHYSICS- who now publish this work.

Discussion - literature examples- pictures - (lower part of):

A shadow of a plasma residue / phosphene flare / or spiral on the donut IS alphabet - because putting these in symmetry (sequence) called ALPHABET- is how you MAKE the plasma of your mind implosive and charge compressing (golem making) - which IS (the only definition of ) consciousness!

Phase Conjugation- How Double Cones (Pine Cones Kissing Noses)-

Fractal/Golden Ratio Origin of Alphabets.. (continued here - with exerpt from ORIGIN OF SLAVIC / CYRILLIC / RUSSIAN

Because the centripetal plasma force this creates in your aura- is the cause and mechanism of consciousness.

This animation is an exerpt of

which makes reference to:


Here we see that the two spiral cone pairs (PHASE CONJUGATION)

is also the origin also of Slavic / Cyrillic / Russian (we show elsewhere the same vortex pair origin - HEBREW / SANSKRIT / OPHANIM

Note the REASON opposing vortex as PLASMA RESIDUE / PHOSPHENE FLARE geometry- are alphabet - because only assembling the elements of

that symmetry- initiates the cone implosion compression (of charge) which is the cause and definition of how consciousness is created by the plasma bending hemispheres of the brain!



Solution to Implosive / Non-destruct / Naturally CENTRIPETAL COMPRESSION- IS the Solution to Gravity, Mind , Life-Force , Color.

NOW to clearly visualize HOW the transverse wave CANNOT make compression / implosion / mind / life force / gravity work


Note the next animations of the difference between TRANSVERSE vs LONGITUDINAL waves- is adapted from - and credited for the animation to:

Transverse waves (most electromagnetic communication, in Earthquakes called S waves):


cannot implosively compress.

Whereas below - LONGITUDINAL WAVES ( sound waves, conjugate heating at a distance, mind waves, naturally superluminal and penetrating most barriers transparently, Earthquake P waves):

These waves can implode - and acheive remote plasma containment ( the nature of MIND , and the holy grail of all plasma physics).


How longitudinal waves work-

the nature of MIND as a plasma compressor -

the true wave mechanics of consciousness -

how 4 wave mixing in phase conjugate optics creates:

time reversal

self organization, etc.

And -

the solution to plasma compression control at a distance-

how physics (clueless as to why objects fall to the ground, and clueless to why life and mind exist)

wasted your money - by not understanding the very phase conjugate / longitudinal component of FUSION (all centripetal forces- based on implosive compression).

-Mathematics - and film from Tom Bearden:


How you convert between LONGITUDINAL WAVES (shown here) vs TRANSVERSE WAVES (shown above)..

see PINE CONES KISS NOSES (phase conjugation animation top).


Visualize the 2 hemispheres of the brain differentially focusing 2 LONGITUDINAL WAVES (here right vs left)-

which when they cross at a distance- re emerge as TRANSVERSE and MAKE HEAT. - This is the way mind exists - and is the solution to plasma containment - which all governments desperately need.



In closing here- we would like to point out - that our associate Dr George Egely - is clear about his carbon nano powder fusion:


in addition to being a net energy gain reaction:

Dr Egely documents that-

1. Primarily carbon NANO-TUBES (aka FULLERENES / Dodeca/icos symmetry) are active in the FUSION.

2. the reaction (perfected collapse) - plasma field is PROFOUNDLY BIOACTIVE- heals people nearby - heals infection etc.

Fusion reactions properly contained- with these skills- will not only solve energy problems-

but (like the BALL LIGHTNING he also documents on his site)-

produce self organizing , bioactive fields.


These plasma fields- of fusion- will REDUCE RADIOACTIVITY / FISSION nearby and increase the local binding energy (presence of Mind / God / the Divine).

(Like the workers whose bones stop falling apart - binding energy loss- only when they move away from the nuclear plant they work at).



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