Phase Conjugate Fractality: HOW Gravity is CAUSED

Golden Ratio / Conjugation / Fractality CAUSE Both Gravity and Mass- because only they permit charge to be efficiently ( and in the case of gravity- IMPLOSIVELY) ..COMPRESSED!

From Dan Winter - Implosion Group - - - - June 21, 2015 (top update here: May 11, 2017)

The intellectual background and visuals/ppt for this article (including comparison to E8 - and Nassim) originally from our 2008 Budapest Fundamental Physics conference - see

Our companion article - How Golden Ratio / Conjugate / Fractal Implosive Charge Compression Causes (Peak) Perception / Bliss / Charge Radiance -

Dan Winter update-2020 - how Fractal / Conjugate / Golden Ratio Charge Compression is the principle behind all Zero Point/ Vacuum Energy Technologies- international keynote lecture-

Dan Winter's- original equation : The (FRACTAL/ recursion wave perfected) - CAUSE of Gravity : planck(length/time) x phi^(integer)N

How we discovered what Einstein and NASA could not: why an object falls to the ground

Earlier articles in this series from Dan Winter - - Phase conjugate charge implosion model of gravity: , , tech implementation examples:

Dan Winter: "Compression/rarefaction of the (super fluid) ether (called charge) is quantized to the planck threshold - precisely by phase conjugate golden ratio - to produce longitudinal and superluminal emf charge ACCELERATION (by golden ratio x C) using golden ratio enabled constructive RECURSIVE heterodyning of phase velocities- named THE GRAVITY  (the escape route for charge out thru the speed of light into longitudinal emf by phase conjugation is what Einstein missed- tho he was clear that perfecting 'inphiknit' (charge) compression was the cause of gravity- we now know exactly by (my) equation (planck x integer exponents golden ratio) what that is: FRACTALITY"

Dan Winter's updated paper on gravity, Martin co-published ( direct pdf download here research_papers_gravity_science_journal_7617.pdf


Oct 18, 2021-
The Centripetal / Fractal Electric CAUSE of Gravity: KEY- to LIFE FORCE in a Seed or Body AND How Consciousness /Vision Form AND to Zero Point/ Vacuum Energy , More on coherent longitudinal emf interferometry and mindFULness -
IF you know: What is a PLASMA VORTEX..& HOW it becomes CENTRIPETAL (hint fractal conjugation):-- THEN you can know:
- WHAT IS (the physics of) ??
+IMPLOSION+ How SHAMAN STEER TORNADOS+ healing plasma+ an ELEMENTAL / and an ANGEL+ LIFE FORCE -inside a SEED + what SURVIVES DEATH+ OUT OF BODY VISIONS/LUCID DREAMING + ALL ACTION AT A DISTANCE/ STARGATES+ How Hydrogen MAKES Gravity (& why objects fall to the ground ) + HOW GAIA / Earth’s Schumann Field became NEGENTROPIC+ How a SOUL forms in (imploding) DNA (BLISS / ‘fusion in the blood’)+ How the NAZI BELL/ Honibu flew (how the Nazi’s took over the Solar System) +THE Principle of ZERO POINT / Vacuum energy + The Physics of CONSCIOUSNESS Itself +The Physics of ASCENSION (Longitudinal aura array distribution)+How Body PARASITES & Astral Parasites (& ET Parasites) get ‘Toasted’ -2018 series Online University Series- update (exerpts)

March 4 - Dan Winter- a highly visual - Physics review -and intro to the latest Breakthru's: "Waves of constructive electric charge compression/rarefaction in the ether are the only reason to study sacred geometry and quantum mechanics (because this is why they exist). The boundary between what we call mass and energy -is only a 'matter' of how much charge is compressed (by fractality/conjugation)- this is WHY: E = MC^2. This charge fractality (successful compression) is the only cause of both mass and gravity: Charge in rotation -SPIN- is the only cause of inertia- the only definition of mass- AND simultaneously the only cause of the PERIOD of charge rotation- the only definition of time. Once you see how the 'pine cone kissing' waves of golden fractal conjugation- CAUSE the possibility of implosive charge collapse- (the only wave mechanic of fusion / alchemy / and ultimately LIFE) - you then understand for yourself- (unlike Einstein, Stephen Hawkings and NASA) - why objects fall to the ground- BECAUSE you will understand HOW (conjugate fractality) - causes charge to be ACCELERATED toward center ( named THE gravity /recursive constructive phase velocity heterodynes perfected by golden ratio conjugation). Gravity doesn't 'bend space time'- charge fractality nearby in space merely accelerates the SPIN rate CALLED time. Once you see what happens to waves necessarily SELF SORTED IN TO PHASE as they approach this conjugate fractal fusion center ( origin of PROTON and ELECTRON mass/radii - NEXT weeks subject with Mark R.) - THEN you will understand for yourself WHY - CONSCIOUSNESS - LIFE FORCE and NEGENTROPY (self-organization) exist. This is why this fractal / conjugate /embeddable charge coupling (generally capacitive - because this supports the lo wattage and superluminal) is the only physics and instruction set- for what we call synchronicity ( ). THEN unlike conventional physicists you will be relieved of the profoundly dangerous fatalistic schizophrenia which believes (not only wrongly that charge and gravity - are somehow made of different stuff)- that the UNIVERSE is somehow condemned to running down to ENTROPY / DISORDER. While- in fact - this fractal physics - wave mechanics is absolute proof- that the electrical power (to become centripetal) - of your CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF- to EMBED in this NEG-ENTROPY - and CREATE- is most basic PROOF that they are wrong. Negentropy is not only possible and sustainable- it is WHY you exist. This introduces the conjugate EEG power spectra ( ) which measures and teaches this Peak Perception/ Bliss physics - the only (electric) POWER of consciousness: 'Get Centripetal or Get Dead' - We conclude with comparing the brainwaves which allowed Ingo Swann to repeatedly light that flame (thermistor-heating) - with his mind - thru a faraday cage- in laboratory measure. We introduce the (superluminal by golden ratio x C) conjugate produced longitudinal wave mechanics - which are the ONLY mechanism for this action at a distance (which Einstein incorrectly labelled spooky - because he could not conceive of the superluminal physics phase conjugation produces ). Walking thru this basic / we see that this fundamental faster than light / able to return to transverse FROM longitudinal - (Egyptian KA from the BA) charge wave mechanics- (heat containment at a distance/ holy grail of fusion physics) is also the ONLY mechanism and reason for:
-the existence of gravity waves
-the existence of collective unconscious/ communion of saints / 'akashic records'
-the existence of 'Sacred Geometry' in the Earth Grid (and beyond) - and 'sacred sites'
- in fact this embedability (and resultant negentropy / sustainability) is virtually the only wave mechanic in general behind what we CALL Sacred - even the very concept CULTURE (ritual is embedabilty/entanglement perfected- what conjugation IS) only exists to point to this - the only door not only to long term survival- but literally electrical immortality : a

March 11 - Mark Rohrbaugh: -When Mark co-authored he showed that implosive charge collapse not only produced his new equations for proton / electron mass ratio - but directly supported Dan Winter's new (fractal conjugate) equation for hydrogen radii ( ). Mark and Dan have breakthru new publication on this in process- their co-authored peer reviewed physics - are already in the top .5% there. Mark has combined his high level commercial solid state electrical engineering profession with a talent and a team for breakthru fractal math and physics- with us. Mark's latest papers/projects- "Proton to Electron Mass Ratio Paper Points to New Physics" , "A 4th Order 7D-Dimensional Polynomial Whose Roots are the Proton and Electron Masses and Standard Physics Constants ", "Gravitational Control - EM Drive - How It Really Works - A Preliminary Explanation (Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster) " - lead up to Mark and Dan (and his partner Lyz) - developing their new breakthru- synthesis paper - on the Fractal Physics Cause of Gravity- tentatively titled:"Proton Electron Geometric Evidence: Gravity is the Charge Implosion Caused by Golden Ratio Phase Conjugating FRACTALITY"
Dan Winter: IF you know ‘why objects fall to the ground’ (thus excluding NASA, Einstein, Stephen Hawking) THEN you might understand the famous EM DRIVE microwave propulsion -This graph of the microwave path - in the famous EM propulsion drive would be more accurately called PHASE CONJUGATION. See HOW phase conjugation causes gravity (propulsion);
Multiple equation based examples of propulsion tech which results: , more on conjugate interferometry:

Gravity= inphiknit (implosive) charge collapse (paraphrasing Einstein)- Fractal / phase conjugate charge collapse - precise exponents of golden ratio - to planck - cause gravity by allowing superluminal Acceleration* past C by golden ratio (non destructive self re-entry= perfected recursion in phase velocity heterodyning) into longitudinal emf - *This underlies Einsteins conviction there is no experiment which could discriminate acceleration from gravity- meaning charge acceleration IS gravity- meaning if you learn what causes charge to accelerate DURING compression ( hint golden ratio phase conjugate recursive constructive heterodyning of phase velocities) - you have then PRECISELY DEFINED THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY ( and how else would any physicist explain my new equation -planck x integer exponents golden ratio - proving this conjugation of phases to planck - is the precise geometry of hydrogen, photosynthesis, orbital mechanics- and so much more ... and this then explains perfectly WHY gravity, life, mind/consciousness are centripetal and negentropic - just like phase conjugation is in optics..

It is ESSENTIAL that kids be taught the correct physics: (from Star Mother kit-

Fractal /self-similarity (perfected golden ratio charge collapse/ implosion) - is not just the physics of the CAUSE of gravity- (why objects fall to the ground) ,
it is also how gravity orbits are maintained and stabilized- and therefore key to stabilize ATMOSPHERE !

( See 'your life depends on making gravity' - so called - 'planet taming': )


Symptoms of “Einstein Induced Insanity”: by Dan Winter-

-not having a clue why objects fall to the ground
(perfected fractal charge compression’s -golden ratio recursive constructive heterodyning of phase velocities produces the acceleration of charge toward symmetry center- named the gravity)

-thinking the speed of light is a speed limit
(velocities faster than light are routinely measured -centering rather accurately around 1.618 golden ratio x light speedproof of the conjugate cause of gravity)

-thinking it takes infinite energy to go thru the speed of light
(this mistake reflects ignorance of how longitudinal waves accelerate smoothly thru light speed by golden ratio conjugation precisely at the planck threshold- see image)

-thinking all action at a distance is 'spooky'
(this mistake reflects ignorance of how superluminal longitudinal emf waves/gravity waves pass thru about anything- but reconstruct inertia and heat containing transverse emfwhen they cross in conjugation at a distance-example 'Russian woodpecker')

-not having a clue what the ether is made of (it is a compressible superfluid whose compression and rarefaction is charge)
(this mistake reflects the schizophrenia rampant without a real fractal unified field science - somehow rediculously believing gravity and electromagnetism were made of a different 'substance')

-incorectly and wierdly believing space-time is somehow 'bent'- instead of clearly understanding precisely what is bent (by gravity for example) is compressible charge wave-front trajectory.

-not understanding that both mass and time are both created and defined SIMPLY by (the inertia and period of) charge rotation-
so for example the change of clock speed in the presence of acceleration (sometimes named gravity) - is SIMPLY a change of spin density and spin rate!


related from Winter: , , , see also Dan Winter University Keynote:- How implosive / conjugate /fractal charge compression causes VISION (and gravity!)

Enter here Dan Winter- Implosion Charge Collapse- 2018 SlideShow-

Update May 2018:> <'Gravity Making:Your Life Depends on it' -key article emerged from the huge response to film ->principle of 'Planet Taming' -when dolmens embed well by conjugated crosses in longitudinal emf (gravity waves ) not only is gravity stabilized-but atmosphere is maintained - :proofs -(see article) -gyro spin rate can be 'pumped' by nutating it in your hand..- (that implosion is gravity- the form of charge acceleration produced by the recursive /fractal compression as conjugation of phases-DEFINES GRAVITY ) - -also micro gravity measure over pyramids- especially at sunrises, eclipse.. - also here see image- magnetic line collapse during eclipse (image here from Cardinaux

Einstein was clear- (infinite) constructive (electrical) compression DEFINED gravity (hence IMPLOSION OF CHARGE):
That is the wave problem - Dan Winter's team solved
demonstrating Golden Ratio phase conjugation infinite constructive charge compression using Klein-Gordon generalized wave equations.

Dan Winter- has shown more recently- that this golden ratio phase conjugate implosion of charge which causes gravity
- reaches a limit condition at the planck sphere dimension- where the phase conjugate pine cone translation of vorticity converts the charge inertia from transverse to longitudinal EMF
- which IS gravity waves- and the bioactive / action at a distance field wave mechanic- see

This way of producing charge acceleration (named ' the gravity') thru the speed of light (longitudinal EMF)
- also accounts for mitogenic radiation, 'DNA radio', (collective unconscious/ ancestral memory) and the physics of most spiritual wisdoms- including body plasma fields surviving death.

Dan Winter's phase conjugate charge implosion theory of gravity- defended- thanks to Mark Rohrbaugh -

Mark Rohrbaugh - ( ) letter to Physicist Elizabeth Rauscher - May 11, 2017
"Hi Elizabeth, Attached is the paper I was telling you about that gives a derivation of Dan’s work for his phi-ratio implosion idea.
(here Mark attached PDF of our paper published in GS General Science Journal - originally from
- "Compressions, The Hydrogen Atom and Phase Conjugation" (Magazine source link for pdf- followed by link to the same paper - at the original fractalfield pub)



If it is valid to use the Klein-Gordon equation (I don’t yet see any reason why it can’t be used), then, what Dan and team are showing is that the solution to this differential wave equation involves phi-ratio’d summation of waves.  (over time at a point)
This section: 3. Compressions can be solutions to the Klein-Gordon equation for a free particle shows the derivation for the N=3 case, and I agree with their math, however, I need to triple check it and hope to have more time in the future to verify.  (differentials with natural exponent, e, are pretty simple…, just want to triple check on something with such important implications).
I’m still working on understanding the “Extension to infinite sum of waves over time at a point”.

 IF GUT physics turns out to be geometrical, and I think it will, then these ideas will be/are very important for optimizing self-sustaining systems (life, etc.). Warmest Regards, Mark Rohrbaugh, AZ
PS:  I think this idea can be extended to the vacuum density – aether -   flowing into and out of a black (w)hole (ordinary matter made of protons which behave like black holes/white holes), and I think going with this idea and extending it actually does define what gravity is, as Dan says.   If true, it should be possible to derive the usual “laws of gravity” in some limit or boundary conditions placed on aether flow into a point-like black (w)hole (superfluid aether dynamics, using Klein-Gordon or appropriate wave equation).  Note:  the vacuum density, or new superfluid yet to be defined aether, disturbances in this aether can have a positive charge (proton), or negative (electron), and it has to do with aether dynamics.  Since charge is aether dynamics, in my opinion – still need to work out the science on this, then, that’s where the idea comes from to say gravity is charge implosion (aether implosion/flow).  This implies gravitational control is possible, perhaps inertial isolation as well (with appropriate gradients in the vacuum)." end quote

Postscript here from Dan Winter- see commerical application of gravity control by (phase conjugate) charge implosion:

pdf download - article discussion:



"I find it personally hilarious when physicists say that unpredicted dramatic fluctuations in gravity are proof of the existence of 'dark matter'
when even a 5 year old could see that the only thing these unpredicted fluctuations in gravity show is that physicists are functionally clueless to what CAUSES gravity and therefore it's fluctuations"
- Dan Winter

Nassim's latest "dark matter is the effect of the proton’s interior energy or vacuum energy density at the proton scale. Similarly, when looking at the exterior energy available in terms of Planck voxels on the surface horizon of a spherical shell universe it was found to equate exactly with the critical density of the Universe without requiring the addition of dark matter and dark energy. "- finally agrees to replace the preposterous concept of dark matter- with the real cause of gravity- but the mechanism for that is far more precisely expressed as phase conjugate charge collapse due to golden ratio (which both Nassim and i agree has to be exactly tuned to planck scale) - image below here from my latest university lecture and power point: - the key is to recognize that 'turning inside out' symmetry perfected (the implosive charge compression named the gravity) is precisely the problem golden ratio phase conjugation to the planck threshold -solves! - background'non destructive self re-entry is simultaneously also specifically the wave mechanic origin of consciousness for the same reason- implosive charge collapse by phase conjugation to planck is the only possible origin of negentropy.... and my new book)

How to stabilize gravity:

from Dan Winter - ON the occasion of the repeated Earthquakes in Italty- Oct 30, 2016

We don't often consider that human intervention can play a role in stabilizing gravity. However- when the conversation is extended to those who have discovered why objects fall to the ground (the cause of gravity)- then there are quite specific thing which can be done to stabilize gravity. Gravity is a centripetal force- and the central thesis of our IMPLOSIONGROUP.COM technology group - is precisely RESTORED CENTRIPETAL FORCES.

Our phase conjugate theory of gravity below- is a variation on the theme- of what many physicists have come to agree- that fractality is in fact the cause of gravity. Even Einstein was clear- infinite non-destructive compression (of charge) is precisely how gravity is created. Of course Einstein never had the privelege of knowing that fractality is infinite compressibility- and now - we know what a fractal field is ( phase conjugation).

There is extensive literature about using DOLMEN / standing stones- to stabilize gravity - see TWO THIRDS- and 'planet taming' at

In short- by arranging strong paramagnetic dolmen at conjugate / fractal - nodal positions (grid cross points) on the Earth- gravity can be stabilized. What happens is that electrical charge implosion is invited where golden ratio / pent paramagnetics are aligned with the Earth grid. The reason this is called 'planet taming' is fascination - and deep. Basically- the ancient Annunaki knew that planets with too much gravity- could not support life, but too little gravity- cannot hold atmosphere. To dance that tightrope- gravity was modulated with dolmen (like our pyramids - at tetrahedral latitudes) which modulated the planet spin rate to better EMBED zodiacal spin.

To understand how ZODIAC spin EMBEDS planetary spins- to create PHASE CONJUGATION and thus gravity - see this chart:

particularly note how Earth orbit time, Venus, and Precession, and Galactic Year are all almost EXACT INTEGER GOLDEN RATIO (PHASE CONJUGATE) EXPONENTS of PLANCK TIME/LENGTH. This phase conjugate EMBEDABILITY is how gravity is stabilized.

-and discussion from


In summary- pure phase conjugate charge collapse (THE GRAVITY) is created when rotations are INTEGER GOLDEN RATIO PHASE CONJUGATE MULTIPLE OF PLANCK LENGTH AND TIME.

(see discussion below).

Another way which can stabilize gravity- is retuning the Schumann harmonics to more correct values (phase conjugate charge collapse)

see table:


Another way in which gravity is stabilized - see how restored pent/dodeca Earth magnetic lines- creates electricall measureable peace-making : ( from Prof. Callahan's work).

The ability of LIGO to measure gravity waves as compressional waves- is in itself proof that gravity waves are longitudinal / compressional. The original design of LIGO - laser interferometry to measure gravity waves was based on the idea that gravity waves were compressional (longitudinal)- yet they ignored the simple fact that phase conjugation was required to couple longitudinal waves (convert transverse to longitudinal and -the idea was for LIGO to measure the change in the compression of space time- (using laser intrferometry) but they failed to understand that coherent compressional wave propagation WAS longitudinal emf - namely GRAVITY WAVES!

LIGO ability to measure gravity waves is entirely based on the physics of gravity waves as compressional / longitudinal - yet no one admits that since only phase conjugation creates longitudinal emf coherently- therefore phase conjugation is the mechanism behind gravity- which creates longitudinal gravity waves in the first place.

Laser interferometry will never sensitively measure gravity waves -unless they use phase conjugation... capacitive coupling measures gravity waves (hodowanec and ramsey- see image- ) indicating gravity waves are longitudinal emf interferometry -note measurement shows faster than light gravity waves consistent with longitudinal...- the next experiment needs to prove those faster than light velocities are centered around 1.618 time C light speed (proof of my conjugate cause of gravity hypothesis)- noting all of well known professor Raymond Chiao measurements of faster than light velocities so far were between 1.5 and 1.7 time C light speed!

This is really helpful- because having shown here that scale invariance in the vacuum replaces the ridiculous dark matter fantasy- they are very close to realizing that scale invariance ( compressibility - ) - perfected is precisely what phase conjugation of charge IS - which (fractality) causes The Gravity - Not knowing the cause of gravity (and excess unaccounted for gravity ) - is the embarassment they tried to hide by dreaming up 'dark matter' in the first place The central reason why the dark matter enthusiasts are so profoundly confused (other than that they are clueless why objects fall to the ground)- they figured out the excess gravity they can't figure- is especially associated with SPIRAL galaxies (hint causes conjugate longitudinal embedding which IS gravity waves)- and they are clear as is well known the major masses of the universe are arranged both fractally AND DODECAhedrally- image just below here- (hint conjugate geometrics)....... so in other words if you don't know what symmetry CAUSES gravity - (fractal/ conjugate/ dodeca/ golden ratio)- then it never OCCURS to you to understand the macro geometric symmetry (longitudinal embedding)- actually increases the amount of gravity ( even tho we already proved by equation that is the symmetry of hydrogen- the primary source of gravity) -

Wave mechanics- natural wormhole solution (the 'primrose path'):
it's a charge compression/acceleration problem whose only solution is charge wave phase conjugation -the way biology solves this problem is instructive - it's the precise electrical symmetry of successful death ( )- that plasma black hole created - (at death) is proven contagious by medical doctors ( Ray Moody) - the symmetry sequence (Kluver Form Constants)- like DNA recursive braid sequencing - implodes / accelerates charge into the conjugate longitudinal ( wormhole) - entry into ancestral memory/ collective unconscious.. (interesting the Montauk lead time empath always said -in the 'raid at Aldebaran' for example all the really kool interstellar /superluminal craft were essentially 'made of DNA' / implosive plasma (like - and steered by intent.. like the Guild Navigators of Dune- immersed in a vat of 'gold water' phase conjugate dielectric media..
) - notes- the Montauk 'raid on Aldebaran' -story was from personal conversation with time empath- Michael Ash ( --The Montauk- 'time chair' -plasma black hole accelerator- a conjugate imploder- cross between Preston Nichol's Delta T model for Montauk antenna ( -like optics conjugate 4 wave mixing ) vs 'deca delta' in the "Contact" movie (dodecahedron) model for Montauk

Course from- Sept 11, Sun- 2PM EST - Profound Atomic Geometrics- Perfecting Charge Collapse- in the ATOM- New Full Unifying Geometry of Proton vs Electron- Mass Ratio- with Mark Rohrbaugh (Moderated with Dan Winter) - More on Mark Rohrbaugh - see and blog: Mark connects the work of Nassim with Golden Ratio phase conjugation- and atomic physics. Mark is a professional in solid state electronics=

Gravity IS Charge Implosion (by Conjugation)
Then after the charge accelerates by golden ratio conjugation- thru center (planck sphere as phase conjugate 'mirror'?)
what emerges? (charge acceleration IS the gravity) Learn about phase conjugate generation
of superluminal longitudinal EMF- exactly suggests
even what emerges from the center of black holes!

Stephen Hawking showed SOMETHING emerges from Black Holes - Conjugate Gravity knows what that is! Superluminal - golden ratio times speed of light-conjugation generated longitudinal EMF: evidence: -Raymond Chiao - wikipedia: "CHIAO - has become well known in the field of quantum optics due to several important experiments. Based on former experiments carried out by Günter Nimtz in 1992[1] he measured the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 and 1.7 times the speed of light. " ( 1.618 is golden ratio )

Phase conjugate gravity prediction (Dan Winter) which says that faster than light velocities produced will propagate primarily at integer golden ratio multiples times the speed of light -- exactly where the imploded charge (gravity) goes at center thru the (phase conjugate foci)- planck sphere!

= Click to download Course Graphics: MarkRohrbaughAdvancedGeomtricPhysicsSept112016.pdf

Update from Mark Rohrbaugh: Jan 2018- The implications of this recent theoretical DRAFT research of Mark Rohrbaugh, Master of Science (co-authored w Dan Winter originally: ) ,;, Lyz Starwalker, Ambassador AGC ,;, Dr. E.A. Rauscher, PhD,;, provides the theoretical and mathematical framework that links the fundamental equations used by and associated sacred geometry works with a solid theoretical foundation of already accepted mainstream western science world view . Reviews invited/and paid

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If someone is to help you understand FRACTAL FIELDS- centripetal life force and biologic rejuvenation ( commercial proof it works: you will definitely need a scientist who knows why an object falls to the ground (thus excluding Einstein and Stephen Hawkins). Gravity is a centripetal electrical force. Golden ratio perfected fractality/recursion/embedding called phase conjugation- is proven to be negentropic/ self-organizing - 'self aware'. This LIFE PRINCIPLE allows charge waves to add and multiply (heterodyne) recursively constructively not just their wave lengths- but also their phase VELOCITY. This converts a part of the charge COMPRESSION toward center into charge ACCELERATION toward center - named THE GRAVITY - and the ORIGIN OF ALL BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY (book). The new equations: Dan Winter

From Dan Winter- July 2016: Phase conjugation is clearly THE mechanism which generates superluminal longitudinal EMF ('scalar' waves). Phase conjugation is also the mechanism of self organization (negentropy)- and how gravity (and 'mind') propagate. (this article below) Einstein's way of calling this bent space time- -obfuscates the core principle which is that time IS the charge rotation- -/interval- which becomes centripetal when conjugate- which causes the gravity which is bending the charge rotation path. Charge rotation itself- defines and creates both mass and time- and thus IS the plenum. Calling the resultant path curves of (compressible ether) charge: the BENDING of space time is misleading and secondary to the core principle: Charge cannot remain in rotation unless something centripetal at center is created and that is the gravity caused by phase conjugation itself. Time IS the periodicity/ interval which charge rotation creates- and - Mass IS the inertia gyroscopically created by rotating charge. - And charge won't rotate- or literally- GET BENT-UNLESS the centripetal force of phase conjugation - called the gravity is present (there is nothing else around which to spin!).
The smoking gun - is that hydrogen orbitals ARE phase conjugate charge collapse- the proof: see my new equation for hydrogen radii below.

- Further all this language about wormholes and entanglement- is simply a crude way to realize that entanglement perfected (perfect embedding) is PRECISELY the wave mechanics phase conjugation (fractality) describes.

The sufi version of all this: 'only love (embedding/conjugation) bends the light- THEREFORE only love creates' *

Einstein:the solution to infinite non-destructive (charge)compression IS the unified field. ..So- if perfect compression is the solution to virtually every science problem in history: gravity, alchemy, fusion, urban design, computers.. the physics of human (peak)perception/bliss.. the list goes on - THEN what does it mean that we have just proven the (fractality perfected) wave mechanics showing that golden ratio IS the solution to perfect (charge) compression?
Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy - by Daniel Winter-
212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter's team ( , ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and (peak perception) BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE - and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter's original successful water implosion for growth - invention - used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : ) and more recently - Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in - which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.
When tesla used the word 'tension' or pressure for voltage- perhaps he was unaware this was also the name for compression and rarefaction of the vacuum- the only real definition of charge..
- pointing to the urgent need to understand the origin of all centripetal forces
-(electronegativity in general -like the electron itself is functionally a little fractal black hole for charge- why negative ion wind is SO rejuvenating.. and so fragile)
- successful compression is always fractal/recursion- golden ratio in essence.. hence- the origin of gravity (this article)
- interesting that the wave mechanic origin of emotion ( ) is also precisely a simple geometry of pressure
. * The Sentic proven pressure wave of touch defining LOVE there- IS golden ratio!

Feb 16, 2016 Comment regarding recent confirmation of GRAVITY WAVES- from Dan Winter: " the key experiment was not done - placing the heavy mass (or black hole) centers- at golden ratio / dodeca array ( as is KNOWN for the geometry of the universe) - and that placement will INCREASE the gravity- - thus proving phase conjugation causes gravity - and eliminating the need for the spurious unproven idea about dark matter- in the known dodeca geometry mass arranged universe ( see image) - dark matter was only imagined to account for the extra gravity created by that dodeca mass symmetry - . Also - the fact that -hodowanec and ramsey - proved that gravity waves move faster than light- is also evidence that phase conjugation causes gravity - in that phase conjugation is the known mechanism to produce longitudinal EMF (which is known faster than light)

- then later when prof raymond chao measured the faster than light velocity see Raymond Chiao - wikipedia: "CHIAO - has become well known in the field of quantum optics due to several important experiments. Based on former experiments carried out by Günter Nimtz in 1992[1] he measured the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 and 1.7 times the speed of light. " ( 1.618 is golden ratio )

Phase conjugate gravity prediction (Dan Winter) which says that faster than light velocities produced will propagate primarily at integer golden ratio multiples times the speed of light -

- hodowanec and ramsey replace weber's and LIGO multi billion dollar gravity sensor with a 25 cent capacitor (russtrak recorder). These conjugate longitudinals- are the mechanism of gravity and biologic radio.

New Jan 16 - 2016- (2PM NY Time) Mark Rohrbaugh's Course- at Advanced Geometric Physics Solutions-
Here is the excellent new film- 140 min.
- Mark does a great job explaining how Nassim's ratio of the equator to the sphere surface of the planck sphere-
generated the Muonic Hydrogen / Schwatzchield Proton Radius- which allowed Mark to generate his breakthru new equation for
Pure Geometric Embedding Ratio of Proton Mass to Electron Mass- which in the process: 1. confirms Nassim's work & 2. confirms
Dan Winter's work - that PHASE CONJUGATE EMBEDDING is the electrical cause of gravity. (Nice discussion on film!)

Dan Winter comments: "if the planck dimension is what the proton and the black hole have in common then..
it is not just  the proton which needs to be treated as a phase conjugate pump wave- as tom bearden said-
- the black hole is also a form of a (negentropic) phase conjugate mirror!

Nassim and Hawking: " when the black hole reaches the Planck density critical limit it bounces back “bang” and releases all of the information it had absorbed back into the Universe once again. "

Dan Winter: " phase conjugate predicts that what EMERGES from the black hole
will be golden ratio exponents of light speed AND be increased order (negetropic)
because THE gravity of the black hole - and the proton: IS a phase conjugate mirror!

Nassim: "the interior of subatomic black wholes are linked through tiny Planck wormhole networks entangling and connecting all particles"
Winter: "multiple connectedness (successful compression) topologically climaxes in (fractal) phase conjugation"
Here is Mark's updated PDF For that Course- Download

(added 4 new pages, 24-27: discussion about the fundamental forces of nature and how these 4 forces may be only 2 and finally, reduced to 1 force/field. )

Announcing the 2016 Internation Conference Lecture Series - from
Jan 3 - 2PM NY Time - Fractal Physics- THE STEPHEN HAWKINGS MISTAKE:
Film for this lecture now at top of
Click here to download the color PDF 33 Slides for the course: HawkinsMistake.pdf

To highlight and resolve the bankrupt ideology and total incapacity of modern physics to provide the human condition with a sense of meaning-
The first new lecture (Sun Jan 3, 2pm NY time) series is entitled: The STEPHEN HAWKINGS MISTAKE.
Inability to conceive of the charge implosive/radiance of human bliss - leads directly to the clueless - blind ideology of modern physics
- where Stephen Hawking declares the only purpose of life is the model you make in your mind.
When in fact - phase conjugate/ fractal/centripetal charge embedding (bliss process) can be a direct plasma coherence path to immune health, biologic sustainability- AND memory thru death.


Updated Nov 14, 2015 Recording Advanced Geometric Physics with Mark Rohrbaugh
and Dan Winter- course film
140 minutes: Play the Film:

recording refers to Keshe update project- at the end- see also:
also-at the film conclusion- discussion of Phase Conjugate Wave mechanics of propulsion- equations in pdfs at

here is the pdf doc for the course outline: - Mark's Advanced Course- PDF Outline Download AdvancedGeometricPhysics1A.PDF

March 11 - Mark Rohrbaugh "The Fractal Physics Cause of Gravity"

March 11 - Mark Rohrbaugh "The Fractal Physics Cause of Gravity": -When Mark co-authored he showed that implosive charge collapse not only produced his new equations for proton / electron mass ratio - but directly supported Dan Winter's new (fractal conjugate) equation for hydrogen radii ( ). Mark and Dan have breakthru new publication on this in process- their co-authored peer reviewed physics - are already in the top .5% there. Mark has combined his high level commercial solid state electrical engineering profession with a talent and a team for breakthru fractal math and physics- with us. Mark's latest papers/projects- "Proton to Electron Mass Ratio Paper Points to New Physics" , "A 4th Order 7D-Dimensional Polynomial Whose Roots are the Proton and Electron Masses and Standard Physics Constants ", "Gravitational Control - EM Drive - How It Really Works - A Preliminary Explanation (Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster) " - lead up to Mark and Dan (and his partner Lyz) - developing their new breakthru- synthesis paper - on the Fractal Physics Cause of Gravity- tentatively titled:"Proton Electron Geometric Evidence: Gravity is the Charge Implosion Caused by Golden Ratio Phase Conjugating FRACTALITY"

here is the link to the YOUTUBE version of this film:

March 11 COURSE VISUALS - PDF from Mark Rohrbaugh:

about this course Martin Bielecki wrote: "Let's take a closer look and consider a small bit of the history of human tech development. The digital revolution started in 50s last century. We have started with computers in a size of rooms. Nowadays, we go with small personal universal computers (still called phones despite the fact that actual calling does not happen often)
Imagine another 10 - 100 - 1000! years of tech development! A naming process for the future-vision would require extremely flexible and comprehensive mind in order to realize an effective progress. A resistance in thought process which you may experience comes from the difference between realities (of the present times and the future). The problem with 'a bright future' idea is caused by unresolved present issues. The essence of human collective mind operates among a big amount of unsorted structures. That is why there is a need for an interdisciplinary approach in the looping civilization of the Earth. 
Would you lose a cultural attachment to a comfort zone of a moment if you would name a phone as a PC or as an ID? Perhaps you haven't got time for this? This is a small example regarding updates in our culture. The Big example is the problem with the gravity. We are blinded by the old perspective (or no perspective) on how the reality works. The real theory of Gravity appears very understandable because the principle is universal. Lack of knowledge in this regard is like living disconnected from a source of life force. 'The Fractality' of the idea allows to nicely generalize the problem to the point where I can say that the old education system is sometimes boring because it is not properly updated. This is why you need to join the course. Understanding the phase conjugate fractal field and electrical cause of the gravity is quintessential for the technological development and evolution of humankind.


New Nov 2,2015: 160 Minutes Video-"Fractal Field Physics" Dan Winter's clearest explanation- Launch Class from

This article- The Phase Conjugate/Fractal CAUSE of Gravity,
is a companion to the newer article- The Phase Conjugate/Fractal CAUSE of PERCEPTION:

See Dan Winter's original article history on the fractal/conjugate cause of gravity (tech examples first) - - - -"POINCARE AGREES with WINTER - Dan Winter's first paper on Self Similarity / Fractality as the Symmetry of Charge Collapse and therefore CAUSE of Gravity - hinges on charge waves approaching non-destructive compression - based on Golden Ratio symmetry. When we examine physics best current idea of the symmetry of gravity itself - it resolves to what is called the S3# Poincare Dodecahedral Space. this 'Lie' or symmetry group - 60 / 120 element array fits perfectly the dodeca icosa symmetry - for capacitive charge which our new theory concludes will MAKE GRAVITY. This is because the same Golden Ratio spacing beween every path curve on Dodec / Icos is exactly that needed to turn Charge Compression IN to Acceleration (Gravity)."

How Dan Winter's discovery of PHASE CONJUGATE Wave Mechanics
-origin of centripetal and negentropic forces- creates life giving BIOACTIVE FIELDS
(commercial breakthru's):

Dan Winter: "Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation causes gravity by uniquely allowing phase velocity heterodynes- to add and multiply recursively constructively- turning (phase conjugate golden ratio) charge compression IN to acceleration of charge toward center.. called THE GRAVITY."

What Mark & Lyz prove (below) by their new equation for the (phase conjugate)
geometric ratio of proton to electron mass
- is that the reason proton's exist is because they are embedded in a phase conjugate arc from the electron!

.. also proving Dan Winter's phase conjugate model of gravity.

Update Aug 30, 2015: Dan Winter's New Lecture 60 minutes- Physics of the Universe International Conference- California:


Announcing: - New The Fractal UNIVERSITY- from Dan Winter- and our complete Implosion Group Team - Scientists

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- Fractal Field Physics -
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1. How Fractal Field physics was discovered.
2. Why is there a frequency key signature that defines fractality in space in time.
3. How does that re-invent understanding the cause of gravity, the cause of negentropic and centripetal forces.
4. Review of the book(intro link): (Note: Dan's new book- core of this course- complete color pdf -will be sent to each registrant)
5. Review of the key physics article- fractal field- and the cause of gravity:
6. Review of the key wave mechanics- wave equations:
7. Physical implications- of restored negentropy in ANY system using new equation of self-organization- examples:
a)applied to optimizing photosynthesis -
b) applied to restoring negentropy in the Earth grid - including gravity/atmosphere and climate stabilization- since now we know how to FIX the Schumann Earth harmonics- to be an even more perfect NEGENTROPIC PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE


Advanced Phase Conjugate Fractal Physics -
Course Dates : Nov. 8, 2015 - & Jan. 10, 2016 - Sunday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)
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- this course will be co-taught be partner physics investigator Mark Rohrbaugh-
See - links and the course intro- which is
1. How and why Dan's work, Mark's work and Nassim's work ALL begin with a sphere of dimension Planck length and time.
2. The wave mechanic physics role of Golden Mean Ratio as solution to constructive interference/ compression in Dan Winter's work, as the solution to Global Scaling- with Nassim and the Global Scaling movement.
3. Golden Mean ratio in wave equations.
4. The background and significance to Mark's new breakthru equation for the ratio of proton to electron mass- which starts with Nassim's Schwartzschield proton - and proves- protons exist BECAUSE they are conjugate embedded in electron shells. (A 'fractal field')
5. HOW this new radical equation for the pure fractal geometry of proton to electron ratio- in the process- is proof- or strong evidence for Dan Winter's phase conjugate models of gravity and negentropy.
6. Long term implications for the physics community of this new physics of perfected geometric embedding / fractality / phase conjugation- in understanding current mysteries in physics. For example: can the multiple connectedness faster than light speed in the double slit experiment - Bell's theorem be explained because phase conjugate longitudinal waves - the so called FLAME IN THE MIND- are faster than light- and perfect plasma containment- the 'holy grail of plasma fusion'.
7. "Star Wars" like implication of new gravity tech. based on conjugation: - ('Impulse Power' see hydraulic propulsion pdf, 'Warp Thrust' see Kowsky Frost/Crystal Propulsion pdf )
8. Fusion Physics vs. phase conjugate interferometry: holy grail- of cold fusion:

Mark Rohrbaugh: Advanced Geometric Physics Solutions: Protons exist EMBEDDED in Electrons-
New physics evidence- for conjugate solutions- fractality.
Mark's blog: -
Mark's work featured with Dan Winter on Phase Conjugate Gravity Physics:

- Course Dates : Nov. 14, 2015 - & Jan. 16, 2016 - Saturday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)
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Click here to download this ADVANCED GEOMETRIC PHYSICS SOLUTIONS- course outline in PowerPoint: Advanced_Geometric_Physics.pptx



This article: conjugate gravity - Strong new evidence for

Dan Winter's: "Phase conjugate (golden ratio) collapse
- IS the constructive charge compression which causes THE GRAVITY.

Dan Winter: |"Gravity is the acceleration of charge- due to recursive constructive heterodyning by golden ratio of phase velocities
-only in that golden ratio phase conjugate geometry is compression toward center- converted in to charge acceleration toward center- named- the gravity"

( in many ways garrett lisi's E8 geometry - below is related to El Naschie golden ratio physics- discussion:

(Dan Winter's new equation for 3 significant hydrogen radii - planck length * integer exponents golden ratio- -beautifully complements extensive work by Heyrovska et al - on golden ratio wave mechanics in hydrogen structure- see link above.
Dan Winter & Martin Jones- new proof with wave equations- that golden ratio is the solution to constructive wave interference,
therefore charge compression, therefore phase conjugation: as published)

Advanced engineer and physics team Mark Rohrbaugh- with his amazing partner Lyz Starwalker- have derived a completely revolutionary new equation- for the first time proving the geometry of the mass relationship of the proton to the electron to Planck.
In the process - using Nassim's proton math- he has proved Nassim's golden ratio mathematics correct- AND in the process- absolutely providing the equation based physics
to prove Dan Winter's FRACTAL-PHASE CONJUGATE cause of gravity / fusion - and all negentropy!

What Mark & Lyz prove (below) by their new equation for the (phase conjugate)
geometric ratio of proton to electron mass
- is that the reason proton's exist is because they are embedded in a phase conjugate arc from the electron!
.. also proving Dan Winter's phase conjugate model of gravity.

Mark Rohrbaugh (we co-authored this CONJUGATE GRAVITY article below-
looks at my work on conjugate hydrogen- today- nice google calculator link to confirm my discovery: hydrogen's radii EXIST BECAUSE THEY ARE A NEGENTROPIC (golden ratio ) PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE ( I have shown this is also true of Photosynthesis, of Earth's Schumann Harmonics, of the Brainwaves and Spine Pump of human bliss .. and much more (

If now for the first time- the phase conjugate charge arc- (THE GRAVITY) which (fractally) EMBEDS the proton within the electron - is now proven- Dan Winter's fractal conjugate cause of gravity cannot be refuted. In the case of hydrogen- Dan Winter's new equation has proved that spacing of electron shells-to the Planck center- is precisely integer golden ratio exponents (PHASE CONJUGATE..) of Planck length.

Relegates the idea of the Higgs Boson- and Dark Matter- to the dustbin of history. If it is well known that the arrangement of masses in the Universe- is fractal / dodeca (see the cover of New Scientist and Scientific American Magazines-below)- AND the new theory from Dan Winter - that (dodeca/golden ratio ) charge fractality/phase conjugation- causes gravity- THEN it is strongly suggested that the extra gravity physicists use as the only excuse to imagine the totally un-proven idea of dark matter- could well now be explained by the new FRACTAL THEORY OF GRAVITY- from Winter.

Published by Implosion Group, Dan Winter, June 23, 2015: - Index: and - blog:

Notice how this dramatically useful physics of FRACTAL NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION / NEGENTROPY- leads to :
*A practical philosophy of ONENESS & Science of Peace:
* Life Force -in a real Science of Biologic Architecture: and in Living Water for Growth:
* Energy
and * healing

=== early feedback to this article- we will publish the most interesting comments on our blog:

*elizabeth rauscher -comment ( re: ) "Dear Dan, Nassim is trying to construct the strong nuclear force from the strong gravity of a black hole. As I understand it, you construct gravity from charge compression. The standard physics utalizes the Kaluza- Klein geometry which I relate to my complex eight space, to relate gravity and electromagnetism. There are some interesting aspects to the Nassim calculation and some require a detailed discussion, Elizabeth" ...

then * mark rohrbaugh coauthor of and author of new equation proving ratio proton mass/electron mass/planck
replied to elizabeth rauscher: " Dan, I do not recall Nassim's latest theory claiming a strong force. As a matter of fact, no strong force is needed. Nassim's theory already proves that. The fact that these 3 magic numbers REQUIRE Nassim's proton mass.radius product equation (MpRp=4LM) to be correct means Nassim's theory IS correct. The main point I am making, is Nassim’s proton solution is REQUIRED to be correct to be able to solve for the 3 magic numbers: the proton/electron mass ratio, Planck mass to electron mass ratio, and Planck mass to proton ratio. Nassim’s proton radius solution is correct, it gives the three magic numbers. I think if Elizabeth saw Nassim’s whole solution and that it agrees with a whole simultaneous solution to a set of 2 Schrodinger equations – simultaneously solving for the proton and electron masses and focusing on the ratio of this mass and the other appropriate number of mass ratios (the Planck mass to the electron mass, and the Planck mass to the proton mass). It is using a simultaneous set of equations solution to solve for the magic numbers. This is something I derived mathematically, privately many years ago and solved for the 2 key pieces of information, either one of which, being the proton or electron radius COMBINED with Lyz Starwalker’s reasoning for equating the two, a reason Nassim easily sees.
These magic numbers prove Nassim’s proton radius solution is 100% correct. The remainder of Nassim Haramein’s work functions very well to predict the behavior of Nature. These things are of a theoretical nature and require time for me to review… Regards, Mark"

THE FACT THAT SPEEDS FASTER THAN LIGHT- measurements- do center very near- 1.618 golden ratio TIMES the speed of light: Confirms- Golden Ratio/Phase Conjugation - CAUSES gravity.. because.. " my theory of gravity says the (inPHIknit) charge compression producing golden ratio phase velocity heterodynes- going toward planck center- allows the WAY OUT for that charge (why gravity goes one way ) by the superluminal component - of charge accelerated by phase conjugation- to LONGITUDINAL (gravity ) waves- which must then necessarily be golden ratio multiples of the speed of light- note that famously prof. raymond chiao - concluded by measurement that faster than light velocities measure generally between 1.5 to 1.7 times the speed of light ( suggesting 1.618 is probably correct) : "Q&A: Since quantum tunnelling through light speed C- is shown to be dominant very near 1.618 GOLDEN RATIO times normal light speed C- this would strong evidence Dan Winter's golden ratio conjugate cause of gravity- theory is correct (ref prof raymond chiao): Cam McNaughton What happens at the "zero point", Dan; a bending back, from a boundary? Dan Winter answered: at the zero (planck) point - phase conjugate charge wave velocities are accelerated through the speed of light by golden ratio multiples OF the speed of light (one of the proofs of the theory-ref prof raymond chiao "the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 to 1.7 times the speed of light'.- hint 1.618)-
quoting...Chiao has become well known in the field of quantum optics due to several important experiments. Based on former experiments carried out by Günter Nimtz in 1992[1] he measured the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 to 1.7 times the speed of light.

( In essence Dan Winter is saying golden ratio phase conjugation IS the wave geometry of the PERFECT QUANTUM TUNNEL / constructive interference solved.../ EMBEDDING PERFECTED... the advanced thinker begins considering here then HOW golden ratio conjugation IS the only way thru death.. see the geometry of successful death:

Link to Dan Winter's article : Phase Conjugate Implosive Centripetal Negentropy Physics APPLIED TO DNA - and how we get a soul:

Related Dan's original film: Pupose of DNA

This article : The Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio wave mechanic which causes the existence of gravity, is parallel to Dan Winter's article:
The Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio wave mechanic which causes the existence of PERCEPTION:
and Dan Winter's work: The Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio wave mechanic which causes the existence of COLOR and RAINBOWs and PHOTOSYNTHESIS:

Q&A: Since quantum tunnelling through light speed C- is shown to be dominant very near 1.618 GOLDEN RATIO times normal light speed C- this would strong evidence Dan Winter's golden ratio conjugate cause of gravity- theory is correct (ref prof raymond chiao): Cam McNaughton What happens at the "zero point", Dan; a bending back, from a boundary? Dan Winter answered: at the zero (planck) point - phase conjugate charge wave velocities are accelerated through the speed of light by golden ratio multiples OF the speed of light (one of the proofs of the theory-ref prof raymond chiao "the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 to 1.7 times the speed of light'.- hint 1.618)- requiring a conjugate spacing to the next propagation nodes (rather like Jodi Foster in "Contact" discovering the plasma dreaming path thru the time antenna- which Montauk like was dodecahecral- the superuminal wormholes which make stable gravity possible are why interstellar mass is often dodecahedral (we know of the mass of the universe) and like the galaxy spiral arms- are golden spiral (also golden sprial is the dominant geometry of orbitals in the solar system - ref:

Further evidence for Dan Winter's Golden Ratio/Conjugate theory of gravity: "Surfer Dude" Garrett Lisi's famous E8 theory of everything:
is ONE nested E8 geometry - which mostly describes the subatomic particle zoo:
the 'kool' thing- it is large based on ( El Naschie et al)- GOLDEN MEAN RATIO
more images from that E8 / GOLDEN MEAN RATIO?- 'theory of everything' discussion at

The Proof:

The critical breakthru equations- from Mark Rohrbaugh- (and his partner Liz Skywalker) - all at - which build on Nassim's (golden ratio based) Schwartzschield Proton- mathematics- to absolutely vindicate and prove Dan Winter's GOLDEN RATIO PHASE CONJUGATE CAUSE OF GRAVITY- hypothesis:
(4 exerpts from Mark: )

New 21 min. film interview- with
Mark Rohrbaugh and Lyz Starwalker -about their new equation - Conjugate / Fractal CAUSE of all Mass Creation.. The conjugate 'ARC' which geometrically embeds the PROTON into the ELECTRON establishes the conjugate geometry which causes the gravity they make.

How Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugate / Fractality) Causes Gravity -

(Credits- site index- see bottom here-- this is - where else would you expect to read the new proof THAT GOLDEN MEAN- causes gravity.. )


Here Dan Winter Published in June 2009- his new equation : Planck Length times whole number Golden Ratio exponents precisely predict at least 3 Hydrogen Radii
\The MECHANISM of Hydrogen and fusion is the PHASE CONJUGATION which Golden Ratio permits.
(Also related:Winter's new equation for Hydrogen Frequency)

So - our international-research team- on the- Frequency Keys- to Hydrolysis & Hydrogen- just came up with HOW - the famous KANSIUS ('Can Water Fuel the World!) - got his frequency key to split hydrogen. He took the known sputtering frequency of Palladium (phase conjugate/ PGM!) - 13.56 Mhz. He found out that this radically reduced the power needed to split hydrogen from water. Even the noble Rustum Roy - quickly realized this was the end of Earth's energy crisis. (Check the films and links- water IS power- when you can directly ring out the hydrogen).

I decided to apply the mathematics I had originally discovered to produce the key frequencies I use to make phase conjugate dielectrics. With these frequency recipes- in Phase Conjugate dielectric- materials - I have been able to produce 50% growth increase- measured - in bioactive fields. ( The key is to know that the GOLDEN MEAN- and PLANCK TIME CONSTANT (and PLANK LENGTH) define the sacred- and the bioactive - and phase conjugation (and gravity)! I had multiplied the Plank time constant times PHI powers- to get my magic frequency for EVERYTHING. (Take a lesson - you folks who talk about 528 hz - Len Horowitz- and 8 hz etc. being sacred- we KNOW what sacred frequencies are!).

So I took my same original equation- and applied it to Kansius's Palladium / Hydrogen frequency - guess what - I got a perfect multiple of GOLDEN RATIO - to many places of accuracy:


So now I knew how to derive most any 'sacred' and bioactive - and hydrogen ringing frequency.

Note here: if you have commercial resources to participate- in our Hydrolysis & The FREQUENCY Solution- project- we have films of results (hydrogen overflowing)- we are ready for your serious partnership:

SO- I decided to go deeper. I had been so thrilled to find the work - of Heyrovska (below) - showing GOLDEN RATIO - accurately in the radii of hydrogen and many related ions. I devised a test. If I was right- that:

Gravity is an electric field coupled by Golden Ratio (perfect charge collapse) at (universal ) quantum distances:
(Perfect Charge Collapse- IS Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation - / Fractality)

Then - the exciting new listings of the Golden Ratio radii in hydrogen ( from Heyrovska- below)
- I hypothesized SHOULD be whole number multiples of GOLDEN RATIO - times the PLANK LENGTH...

I did the calculations .. and guess what-


Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 116 power = .282537 Angstrom -The First Radii of Hydrogen (below)

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 117 power = .457154 Angstrom -The Second Radii of Hydrogen

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 118 power = .739691 Angstrom -The Third Radii of Hydrogen

The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths
Author: J. Heyrovsky, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic –

 This work arose from the author's finding that the ratio of the radius of hydrogen, estimated recently

(C.H. Suresh, N. Koga, J. Phys. Chem. A, 105, 5940 (2001)) by density functional methods, to the ground state

Bohr radius is the Golden ratio, which operates in a variety of natural phenomena.

It is found that the Golden ratio indeed plays a quantitative role in atomic physics.

The interesting results are (1) that it arises in atomic dimensions due to the electrostatic forces

between negative and positive charges;

(2) that the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser

with the Golden mean capacity; (3) that the origin of two terms in the Rydberg equation for absorption and emission

 is in fact in the ground state term; (4) that all atoms can be assigned definite values of cationic and anionic radii

based on the Golden ratio and covalent radii; (5) that these radii are additive and explain quantitatively

 bond lengths like those of alkali halides, of hydrides of many elements and of many other bonds,

whether covalent or ionic or both; and (6) that the work functions of alkali metals can be evaluated using the bond lengths.

R. Heyrovska- Articles on the Golden ratio-based ionic radii and on the additivity of atomic and ionic radii in bond lengths etc:
132. The Golden ratio in the creations of Nature arises in the architecture of atoms and ions. Chapter 12 in: "Innovations in Chemical Biology", Editor: Bilge Sener,, January 2009; ISBN-10: 1402069545, ISBN-13: 978-1402069543 (Proceedings of the 9th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences, Antalya, Turkey, September 2006; Invited Lecture).
133. Golden Sections of Interatomic Distances as Exact Ionic Radii &Additivity of Atomic and Ionic Radii in Chemical Bonds ( 1. ) ( 2. 134. Golden sections of inter-atomic distances as exact ionic radii of atoms
135. Atomic Structures of Molecules Based on Additivity of Atomic and/or Ionic Radii
1. The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths, R. Heyrovska, Special Issue of Molecular Physics, 103 (2005) 877 - 882.
?? Fine structure constant, anomalous magnetic moment, relativity factor and the Golden ratio that divides the Bohr radius
4.?‰?? Dependence of the length of the hydrogen bond on the covalent and cationic radii of hydrogen, and additivity of bonding distances
5. Dependences of molar volumes in solids, partial molal and hydrated ionic volumes of alkali halides on covalent and ionic radii and the Golden ratio.
6. Atomic Structures of Molecules based on Additivity of Atomic and/or Ionic Radii.
Various Carbon to Carbon Bond Lengths Inter-related via the Golden Ratio, and their Linear Dependence on Bond Energies.
8. The Golden ratio in the creations of Nature arises in the architecture of atoms and ions.
9. Golden Sections of Interatomic distances as Exact Ionic radii and Additivity of Atomic and Ionic Radii in Chemical Bonds.

Compare the calculation from Winter above - with Hydrogen experimental base below- (Heyrovska) .28 Angstrom, .46 Angstrom, .74 Angstrom. (1 Angstrom = 10 ^-10 meter)
(Equations above from WINTER) - This next section BELOW is exerpt fromDr. Rajalakshmi Heyrovska (Raji Heyrovska, Ph. D.)Academy of Sciences of the Czech

Republic, Czech Republic.
"...the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity"

also see - New Interpretation of the Structure and Formation of Ozone Based on the Atomic and Golden Ratio Based Ionic Radii of Oxygen- Authors: Raji Heyrovska

"A decade ago, the Bohr radius of hydrogen atom was interpreted as the sum of two Golden sections pertaining to the electron and proton, and those of the bond length of a hydrogen molecule as the cationic and anionic radii. Subsequently, this result was shown to be applicable to other elements as well. Further, the bond lengths in the structures of molecules were found to be sums of the appropriate atomic and or the Golden ratio based ionic radii. Here, the formation and structure of ozone have been explained in terms of the atomic and ionic radii of oxygen."




also note: Description:


Commentary from Dan Winter- continued-

HOW Golden Ratio Fractal Phase Conjugation - Causes Gravity: Perfect wave collapse- (Einstein's definition of gravity) has to couple the inertia of compression during rotation - with that of acceleration. This is the very nature of gravity. Only the golden mean path with the power to make wave interference constructive in both addition and multiplication- solves this problem. Gravity is the Golden Ratio CONSTRUCTIVE adding and multiplying of (charge) wave VELOCITIES- producing ACCELERATION.- The portion of the rotational inertia known as mass- is coupled to the experience of acceleration which waves of charge experience in the presence of this golden ratio fractality ('golden quantum field theory' El Naschie) which causes gravity. Gravity is a coupling of electric fields which happen due to how they are phase locked at very short wave (and very universal) quantum lengths. The premiere spectral distances being in the golden ratio wave fractality or 'self similarity' which describes how the nucleus must embed in its electrons- which allows atoms to make gravity.

In this model - further- charge is identified as the net difference betweeen rarefaction and compression generated when these compressional waves traverse the either. The electron then becomes not a point source, but rather a very small slip knot. That slip knot itself participates in the fractal or gordian knot that is gravity precisely by utilizing again golden ratio curvature- because that defines optimized translation of vorticity. Hydrodynamics has long known this optimized coupling of rotational inertia to linear inertia - was the definition of the golden mean spiral path . What they had not discovered - was that it is precisely this characteristic of the golden mean curvature - which makes this spiral wave path for charge- the only way to acheive non-destructive wave collapse. therefore making this golden mean fractality the creator of the phenomenon of charge acceleration.. called GRAVITY.

Dan Winter

Description: xcitationstates

How the solution to Unified Fields- is solved by the Golden Ratio key to Perfect COLLAPSE- Perfect Compression:

Compare Garrett Lisi's internal folding of the (Golden Ratio based) E8..
to the internal folding -called perfect collapse- of Bucky Fuller's -vector flexor- JIITTERBUG-
as the CubeOcta (octave geometry) COLLAPSES PERFECTLY to the (Golden Ratio ) ICOSA/Dodeca...
In the below table- click on the link to the animation source- 4 from Garrett Lisi- 2 from Bucky animators.


From: Douglass White -from Observer Physics another - TM Physics PhD: <> Date: Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Re: Winter's new equation:PROOF-Golden Ratio Fractality-Causes Gravity!
Hello Dan, Thanks for sending this and other updates on your Golden Ratio Fractality research. This is an excellent update that pulls together a lot of your work and that of many colleagues around the world. It also has vital practical implications in many directions. This material confirms and elaborates on many key insights I have been pointing at in
my Observer Physics articles. It is great to see more and more scientists from various disciplines -- physics, math, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and so on, all converging on this emerging paradigm that will help us to integrate the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds and create a new civilization that is in tune with how things really work in a holistic manner rather than simply pushing agendas that exploit in a highly biased manner.
.. Keep me posted on your work and that of all the other brilliant minds. Elegant theories achieve fulfillment when they reap elegant solutions and applications. As always, I love your great computer graphics. You are one of the great scions of the amazing Bucky
Regards to all, Douglass White

from Sal Giandinoto, PhD (Towards a Frand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Ratio & Quantum Gravity) .: Dan, This is really great work. This is truly an amazing triumph for Phi. Especially (Dan's) calculation of the Kanzius frequency of 13.56 MHz using the Planck time and the 171 power of Phi!!! It just doesn't get better than this!! Case closed for the validity of the Kanzius work. Your idea when put through the rigorous mathematical test holds water for the Kanzius results too!! What a gold mine! Thanks a million for the acknowledgement. Best, Sal.

INCORPORATION OF THE GOLDEN RATIO PHI INTO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE FUNCTION USING THE PHI RECURSIVE HETERODYNING SET , by Salvatore Giandinoto*, Ph.D. *Advanced Laser Quantum Dynamics Research Institute Abstract. The Golden Ratio Phi - is an extraordinary and ubiquitous irrational number having a value of 1.618033… Phi’s presence may be seen in both the biological and astronomical realms and recently in the quantum mechanical and physical realms. In the biological realm, the number Phi can be seen in both Phyllotaxis and DNA. In the astronomical realm, its presence is found in the spiral structures of galaxies. In physics, Phi can now be related to the g-factors of the electron, proton and neutron. This paper will show and prove that Phi is also intimately related to the quantum realm by virtue of its presence in the quantum mechanical wave function -(x, y, z, t). The basis for the compact incorporation of Phi into the wave function will be derived from solving the Schrödinger Wave Equation and the use of the Phi recursive heterodyning set of wavelengths ?n. Solutions to the Schrödinger Wave Equation based on these recursive wavelengths and ? will be derived in both Cartesian and Polar coordinates.
SUPERLUMINAL TRANSPORTATION OF HIGH ENERGY PARTICLES THROUGH WORMHOLES USING THE PHI-BASED SOLUTION TO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE EQUATION, THE THEOREM OF RESIDUES AND THE CAUCHY INTEGRAL FORMULA by Salvatore Giandinoto, Ph.D. - Abstract. This paper will demonstrate that the transportation of high-energy subatomic particles through wormholes occurs at superluminal speeds through an ‘elastic’ wormhole entity which adjusts its diameter based upon the kinetic energy of the subatomic particle. Additionally, it is shown that the diameters of such wormholes are of sub-Planckian lengths for energetic subatomic particles. This is demonstrated by the use of the Phi-based solution to

also for convenience - we link here - our partner- Sal Giandinoto's original papers
in UK and at  our physics conferences ( budapest
and with Nassim at

Since- above- Nassim Haramein- equations for Proton mass/radii - and equations for GOLDEN RATIO in black hole formation- are now proven..
(thanks to Mark Rohrbaugh
- above..

it is now proven that Dan Winter's GOLDEN RATIO PHASE CONJUGATE CAUSE OF GRAVITY is irrefuteable.


Dan Winter: "Phase conjugate (golden ratio) collapse- IS the constructive charge compression which causes THE GRAVITY."

Dan Winter's core physics: phase conjugate cause of gravity- and all centripetal, negentropic forces- especially the wave mechanic cause of life force, perception, color ...
from his new book : FRACTAL SPACE TIME
4 exerpt graphics:

Dan Winter's Fractal/Phase Conjugate Charge Compression THEORY OF GRAVITY- began when he developed his new equation : Planck Length (and time) x Integer Exponents of (Phase Conjugating/Fractal) Golden Ratio
First he newly proved this was the radii of hydrogen:
Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 116 power = .282537 Angstrom -The First Radii of Hydrogen (below)Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 117 power = .457154 Angstrom -The Second Radii of Hydrogen
Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 118 power = .739691 Angstrom -The Third Radii of Hydrogen

Compare the calculation from Winter above - with Hydrogen experimental base below- (Heyrovska) .28 Angstrom, .46 Angstrom, .74 Angstrom. (1 Angstrom = 10 ^-10 meter)
"...the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity"

Later Winter et al- proved this golden ratio WAS the wave mechanics of phase conjugation/constructive charge compression( Later in his book (above) Winter proved this same equation amazingly predicted the exact 2 frequencies of photosynthesis, the duration of Earth and Venus years, closely to the Schumann Harmonics, and many other compelling negentropic examples. Winter claims - this golden ratio phase conjugate wave mechanics to Planck dimension IS the fractality of space and time... which thus CAUSES- THE GRAVITY and all biologic negentropy - including the phase conjugate nature of perception itself!


Quotes from Dan Winter- May , 2015 ( ) "the new information NASA needs in order
to use the most natural (conjugate) form of propulsion
the (conjugate) CAUSE of gravity.

Proven exact conjugate collapse (planck*precise integer exponents golden ratio)- accurately predicts *Hydrogen Radii, *Photosynthesis frequencies, *2exact HRV frequencies, *Planetary Oribitals, (Black hole dynamics).. GOLDEN RATIO (fractal self-similarity) CAUSES GRAVITY BECAUSE ONLY THAT SPIRAL TRAJECTORY PERMITS (wave front) 'PHASE' VELOCITIES (heterodynes) TO ADD AND MULTIPLY RECURSIVELY CONSTRUCTIVELY- this turns (inPHIknit) COMPRESSION of charge toward center- IN TO ACCELERATION OF CHARGE TOWARD CENTER- which is the ONLY definition of THE GRAVITY!

Mark's reference to Nassim Haramein- on Golden Ratio and Planck:- more evidence how Golden Ratio causes gravity:
Exerpted here from our conference with Nassim and Elizabeth:

Below - legend for the above: (U,G,S,A - datapoints defined)

* Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter (PDF), by Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, and E.A. Rauscher.

From observational data and our theoretical analysis, we demonstrate that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter utilizing the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole, describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures. Of interest are solutions involving torque and Coriolis effects in the field equations.

Significant observations have led to theoretical and experimental advancement describing systems undergoing gravitational collapse, including vacuum interactions. The universality of this scaling law suggests an underlying polarizable structured vacuum of mini white holes / black holes.

As the atomic and subatomic data points levels obey the scaling law, a computation is given demonstrating that the proton can be defined in terms of a Schwarzschild condition, when the vacuum structure is considered. Further, we briefly discuss the manner in which this polarizable structured vacuum can be described in terms of resolutions analogous to a fractal-like scaling as a means of renormalization at the Planck distance. Finally, we describe a new horizon we term the “spin horizon” which is defined as a result of a spacetime torque producing boundary conditions in the magnetohydrodynamic structures of galactic center black holes, which we demonstrate obeys similar dynamics as the interior of our sun.

Preprint: N. Haramein, M. Hyson, E. A. Rauscher, Proceedings of The Unified Theories Conference (2008), Budapest, Hungary, Scale Unification: A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter, in Cs Varga, I. Dienes & R.L. Amoroso (eds.)- end exerpt


Dimensions must be conjugate (above) or 'sacred' to invite charge compression- centripetal / life force.


Since inflation theory of universe expansion - is essential to account for the proven flatness of the universe
- and that theory requires gravitational REPULSION as well as attraction
- would not a phase conjugate theory of gravity ( ) also be necessary because

1. since phase conjugation is PROVEN to be perfected compression in wave mechanics- it must ALSO be perfect (non-destructive) EXPANSION (perfect phylotactic unpacking- maximum exposure/minimum superposition - IS perfect phi packing) , and -

2. because phase conjugation always exists with perfect symmetry between opposing wavefronts (4 wave mixing IS pine cones kissing noses)
- requiring the existence of- gravitational attraction AND gravitational repulsion..!?





also see Dan Winter's earlier notes:
-self similarity / fractality as perfected charge collapse as the cause & mechanism of the gravity which holds/embeds atomic structure together

Perfected (platonic) EMBEDDING as the wave mechanics of nuclear creation:

Visual evidence- the electron shells (above s,p,d,f) above nest platonically..

below- note the NUCLEAR HADRONS (proton + neutrons) are ALSO platonically arranged.( see Moon / Univ Chicago pic, 21st Century Magazine).

Dan Winter challenges physics to 1. quantify this obvious SELF SIMILARITY between electrons charge symmetry vs. nucleus charge symmetry,

and 2. show that in fact there can be ANY other reason for this SELF SIMILARITY (between electron shells vs nucleus) if not to CAUSE the gravity which holds atoms together! (constructive charge collapse= charge implosion >where charge compression becomes the charge acceleration which DEFINES gravity?)


Walter Russell :

usefully intuited the atomic table was specifically the result of only constructive wave interference
- constructive interference is something physics today takes as obvious - but both failed to understand how golden ratio (phase conjugate / pent embed symmetries)- was the specific wave mechanics of that maximum constructive interference (infinite non destructive compression- which einstein stated would then be the solution to unified field mechanics) which we proved with wave equations:

Amazing in a way that scientists like Guy Obololensky (pic / link below-) (Hi Guy- thanks for selling me your polygraph 30 years ago, and showing me your scope to measure faster than light signals)... realize that.. cascading frequency heterodyning is key to the scalar and superluminal..

<Guy Obolensky
(compare to Golden Mean caducceus)
('optimized translation' of transverse EM waves into longitudinal/scalar - which are known to be superluminal- faster than light)
This adds meaning to the definition of the golden spiral as taught in hydrodynamics: OPTIMIZED TRANSLATION OF VORTICITY..

This is how golden ratio /phase conjugate- non-destructive charge compression is the wave mechanic of matter creation!

.."The particle state is the concentration of the wave inertia (of charge)- that optimized charge (wave) compression which stores envelopes of wave intertia (particles) - that compression is optimized by (fractal) phase conjugation.. among waves ( in other words the concept of particle is just packets of waves whose inertia is compressed)-

.."Non-destructive compression=restored centripetal forces=negentropy (phase conjugate by golden ratio) Electrical Origin of Biological Self-Organization (only possible 3D fractal for wave mechanics

.."when gyroscopic forces- create optimized embedding in longer rotations (precession for example) gravity is created/stabilized (deep physics of atmosphere maintenance) this phase conjugate centripetal gravity maintenance (why pyramids had leverage on spin embedding only at tetra hedral latitudes) was called ' planet taming' in 'two thirds' ( book) - animated at:

.. "When gyroscopic forces- create optimized embedding in longer rotations (precession for example) gravity is created/stabilized (deep physics of atmosphere maintenance) this phase conjugate centripetal gravity maintenance (why pyramids had leverage on spin embedding only at tetra hedral latitudes) was called ' planet taming' in 'two thirds' ( book) - animated at:

.."where centripetal force of charge (gravity) is CAUSED by that conjugte self-similarity - (optimized by the golden ratio which is the edge length ratio of the infinite dodec /icos stellation-AND the ratio of the cube edge- to the dodeca it embeds in.. Star Mother II, Sacred Geometry Modeling Ultimate Learning Tool

Calculated Proof:Phi Fractal Self Similarity CAUSES the Gravity that Holds Atoms Together+Photon...
note the platonic nest interdigitation is not just accurate model of electron shell nesting- but also nuclear particle nest -
.."Antigravity : when a field (see rotating conjugators- 2 pdfs at ) becomes more fractal / centripetal than the earth underneath it- (gravity's 'debt' is paid).. then it floats..

.."Only coherence - in phase- emerges thru the center of conjugation / implosion - thus the quality of radiance.. (disorder is cancelled)

SO- MATTER CREATION- is just the same implosive (longitudinal) PERFECT HETERODYNE: Dan Winter's IMPLOSION SOUND software- SECRET SOUND- PERFECT BIOACTIVE BINAURAL BEAT- demonstrates at .."phonon generally include major longitudinal wave component (sound is mostly longitudinal component)- most electromagnetic field progation is transverse - but when conjugate can project longitudinal components- which are often faster than light- and penentrate most anything.. (many who refer to EMF as scalara or torsional- actually mean longitudinal wave mechanics.. longitudinal interferometry is how the mind makes flame.. (see role of phonon wave geometry in the brain's ventrical liquids- in kundalini (

This climaxes - in the holy grail of all plasma fusion: CONJUGATE INTERFEROMETRY ( heat/ charge containment AT A DISTANCE/REMOTELY) using conjugate longitudinal microwave interferometry - - which is at once- the ultimate secret threat to national security - AND the only way to know how the (flame in the) MIND /psychokinesis works (which is the only SOLUTION to national security) !

Calculated Proof:Phi Fractal Self Similarity CAUSES the Gravity that Holds Atoms Together+Photon./ ELECTRON charge coupling.

the platonic nest interdigitation is not just accurate model of electron shell nesting- but also nuclear particle nest - (exerpted below)

similar to the original - Electron to Hadron: pics from

Visually showing how self- similar/ fractal (golden ratio / conjugate) charge collapse creates the atomic table- is illustrated by the fractal relation of electron shell symmetries to the nucleus. Specifically- we see that all electron shell symmetry (s,p,d,f sub-orbitals)- is essential S- TOROIDAL, P-TETRA/CUBIC, and D-F being dodec/icos:

So we see that electron shell nest / embedding - is specifically platonic. This is archtypal wave mechanics because the ratio created by nested tetra/cube
(phase conjugate 4 wave mixing)

IN to dodec/icso- IS the GOLDEN RATIO (the ratio of the edge of the cube - below- to the dodeca- in which it is perfectly EMBEDDED/CONJUGATED)

Interesting that the number of directions from which longitudinal wave interferometry - ( the so called holy grail of plasma fusion- see the physics below..)- must converge in order to make the 'cold flame' of plasma fusion - is...

-first the 4 wave mixing - tetra cubic symmetry (the way you set up lasers to make time reversal/negentropy in phase conjugate optics- AND the way AGNI HOTRA- makes the fertilizing/rejuvenating healing plasma).

- 2nd- the 4 wave mixing (of the lasers for example) must then nest in the PHASE CONJUGATOR (the non-linear phase conjugate mirror- material itself, barium-strontium titanate for example - see "Alice in Barium Titanate Land" for how magical this physics becomes). The point here - is that the REASON the phase conjugate material is so magical (implosive/ negentropic /self-organizing ) is because the molecular geometry of that material - precisely embeds the tetra cubic symmetry (above)- IN to the DODEC / ICOS symmetry....



SO -that charge embedding is conjugate/ negentropic and centripetal because it is a golden ratio phase conjugator.

THEN - we see the same GEOMETRIC PLATONIC NEST- in how the nuclear hadrons (protons and neutrons) nest/embed:



SO - we have long taught ( ) that the reason the atomic table exists in wave mechanics - is the self- similar / fractal / conjugate charge collapse (ARC) which links the electron to the proton.

What the new mathematics here (acknowledgement to Mark R) - shows- is the equations which prove that. Namely....

as Nassim explains the large calculated radius of the (theoretical) Schartzschield Proton- is as if you have removed a water balloon (the compressed charge which makes up the proton) - from the water. It gets bigger. If you put the water balloon- back into the water - the ambient water (charge) compresses it to the radius of the conventionally known proton radius. By showing that Penrose tiling the surface of the Schwartzschield Proton with sticks made of Planck length- (which then looks like multi-frequency dodec/icos- Fullerene- monoatomics- see - pic below) you then predict how it is going to collapse (jitterbug- PHASE CONJUGATE)- into the radius of the conventional Proton.


Dan Winter: "Phase conjugate (golden ratio) collapse- IS the constructive charge compression which causes THE GRAVITY."

The proof:

Nassim said to me in Paris (paraphrasing here)- by PENROSE TILING planck length units in significant geometry (dodec/icos/conjugate?)- onto the surface of the Schwartzchield proton- you predict the ratio (my words: conjugate collapse)- to the convention proton.

HOW the 'Jitterbug' creates the perfect golden ratio phase conjugate charge collapse path - called.. THE GRAVITY, and THE PROTON/ MASS CREATION

I originally explained the atomic geometric origin of superconductivity-

with - the Perfected collapse expansion of space / charge is modelled by the (Bucky Fuller made famous)
JITTERBUG- from hyper cube to dodec icos (as Nassim later confirmed)

==Dan Winter's further presentation on monoatomics as the phase conjugators/ centripetal force- allowing cold plasma to be cold:

Rotating phase conjugators (like monoatomic's) as gravity makers:

The Cold Plasma Revolution:
Life force and rejuvenation- as centripetal plasma-
also have in their principle the key to cohering the vacuum for energy AND
... If you learn how the charge in your aura becomes projective- as cold plasma-
in that principle called-' a rotating conjugator'
lies an amazing break thru in the physics of propulsion and plasma containment.
The secrets of how the VIMANA and the NAZI Bell flew!


Here is what a phase conjugate (centripetal) bioactive field looks like: RejuvenationFieldTech.html

PRIORE Rejuvenation Field- Technology -

Here is what our new 'cold flame' PRIORE rejuvenation field plasma array looks like: (below- are the technical pdf's)

Radio Interview: DanWinterMikeHarrisLivingPlasmaRadio.mp3
Links for with the Interview: Priore Healing Plasma/Rejuvenation , Origin Alphabet Animations, Origin Propulsion & ANU Story..
Holy Light (Jerusalem) Plasma Miracle Story, Ophanim/Angel (Plasma) Physics & Connection to Greek..

Newest related article: Experiencing /Playing / Singing- IMPLOSION SOUND:

Latest April 2015: film set on ET Origins of DNA (discussion below)

Also new: Monoatomics & Plasma Energy- (The deep scientific meaning of temple- as plasma projection / ' stargate')

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Back to our discussion - about the fractal geometry of Implosive Collapse:

Notice- in the collapse geometry possible for CLATHRATE dodec to cube-octa/tetra:

how this introduces the physics of what the icosa symmetries make possible - in NON-DESTRUCTIVE COLLAPSE

namely- Bucky Fuller's famous JITTERBUG:

See illustration- consider how the JITTERBUG collapse geometry - ICOSA to CUBE-OCTA can describe a non-destructive COLLAPSE PATH FOR CHARGE-


The collapse path from the cubic vector matrix (start position is cube-octa which is stellated tetra)-
TO the icos/ dodec

CREATES- the golden spiral phase IMPLOSIVE CHARGE COMPRESSION PATH (zero resistance to spin / charge called superconductive)

This introduces the core concept of phase conjugate optics

Here the cubic 4 wave mixing- laser path in phase conjugate optics:

which is the precursor to phase conjugation (negentropy)- BECAUSE

the molecular geometry of the (often - barium strontium titanate- ) material of the phase conjugate mirro itself- BECAUSE

inside that (high dielectric) substrate- the cubic (laser light path) lattice- can JITTERBUG into the the icos/ dodec - PHASE CONJUGATE collapse path.

SO - the key (jitterbug) wave mechanic origin of superconductivity- happens (for example in zapped mono-filamets of dodeca wratchet - gold or DNA)-

because the resistance to the path of charge (spin) goes to ZERO - AS IT COLLAPSES('jitterbugs') NON-DESTRUCTIVELY THRU CENTER!


The point here is that mono-atomic materials- create centripetal forces in the vacuum due to their conjugate / implosive / fractal structure. This is nowhere better illustrated than by the famous extremely large field effects created by mono-atomic gold ( Gardner). Laurence Gardner usefully discusses the physics of the HUGE charge or plasma field created by mono-atomic gold - ( ORMES / manna / 'the spice'- our notes: ). He specifically speculates the nature of the virtually infinite potential growing charge or plasma field around gold mono- atomics- as the origin of the Hebrew word for HEAVEN: "PLANES OF SHARON". I consider this a useful introduction to the physics of how human plasma can become sustainable / immortal- in the physics of what is HEAVEN and successful death: ,

The physics of HOW the mono-atom stabilizes such a large outreaching plasma or charge field- is introduced by the word both Dr KESHE and David Hudson have used to describe the atomic process- by which the atom BECOMES monoatomic. They say it TURNS INSIDE OUT (rather like pop-corn). This is surely a good introduction to the implosion physics of perfect charge collapse- which is the subject of almost my entire life work.During implosive collapse of the charge field- the physics of phase conjugation (negentropy and self-organization) predict that the superluminal component of the charge field that then again RADIATES from the center- will have been stabilized into max coherence (called conjugate). This is the very essence of what phase conjugation IS ( in optics for example): self organizing to eliminate all wave components not precisely in phase. This is the nature of how death CAN work, and how rejuvenation and age reversal happen in phase conjugate - plasma or charge fields. We urge you to look at the picture of our PRIORE phase conjugate plasma rejuvenator at , and the detailed pdfs about it at .


Now we reprint here - exerpt from Dan Winter's original artical FRACTAL GRAVITY


The correct cause of gravity- published by Winter- March 11, 2007

Proving Phi Fractal Self Similarity is Electrical CAUSE of the GRAVITY that HOLDS ATOMS TOGETHER:

& below- does that same platonic fractal perfectly explain the TRUE 3Dimensional ORIGIN OF COLOR??

By calculating NUCLEAR (hadron) nest distances vs ELECTRON nest (radii) distances - do we PROVE that Phi - fractal CHARGE SELF SIMILARITY is THE CAUSE OF THE GRAVITY THAT HOLDS ATOMS (& galaxies) TOGETHER? ..

March 17 Update: read about overwhelming response + more evidence - update..

(do they fit log Phi vs Log 2 scaling???) - like this..
Thus proving that the nucleus CAUSES GRAVITY/perfected CHARGE COLLAPSE
by nesting inside the electron shells MATHEMATICALLY precisely.. like this.
(Dan Winter animates his 3D equation for Phi)

If you are one of many who choose to reprint Dan Winter's original animations - feel free- just mention Dan Winter- each place.

Star mother tetra/cube to dodec - icos - dodec infinite 3d stellation model of dna/earthgrid/zodiac.. AND we see below - origin of Atomic relation of the NUCLEUS to the ELECTRON...
and ....the true 3 DIMENSIONAL - origin of COLOR: (photon like the electron as a TOROIDAL slipknot of CHARGE-see link article updated April 07)
(excellent further reading /visuals: )
When the donut toroidal photon gets to the bend point in the prism, the compression test forces it into the only tilt which can share the compression space in the 'traffic jam' {implosion:ultimate principle of sorting}- this causes the photon to nest in the maximum way its spins can superpose symmetry axes- the 7 spin symmetries of the tetra-are natures maxima. The result: the photons emerge sorted into the tilt or phase angles of the 7 symmetry arrows thru a tetra- CALLED the 7 colors of the RAINBOW!

DID you ever notice: the perception of colors was DISCONTINUOUS or 'catastrophy theory' with respect to the continuum of frequencies?
Did you ever notice - that a continuum of photons enters the prism- but then (implosive compression?) somehow sorts them into (phase conjugation by fractality?) DISCONTINUUS color bands?
Why is the color wheel - 3 primary pair - a HEX wheel, yet everyone talks about SEVEN colors of the RAINBOW?
Why is RED centripedal (atom/adom=shadow of that photon phase tilt in HEBREW means RED and TO MAKE HARD or compress) vs BLUE CENTRIFUGAL / unpacking?
Is it because one side of the torus photon hydrodynamically more centripedal with charge flux than the other??

See below the 13 axis of symmetry,-26 holes in this zome system/connector= 7 axes of tetra/cube + 6 symmetry axes of dodec/icos > predicting the hex vs dodeca color map - TRUE 3 DIMENSIONAL ORIGIN OF COLOR : Non-destructive approach angles to the PHOTON as the SURFACE OF A TORUS. - Cones (in retina) in wave theory - can ONLY measure phase angle! The photon does not exist in flatland- it is a toroidal slipknot - so if the photon is not 2 dimensional, then certainly color CANNOT JUST be frequency - but rather the frequency 440-880 angstroms of the visible color spectrum is more likely the shadow in 2d (octave cross section?) of the DONUT PHOTON in 3d!

This article is in the series: , , , , Gravity Theory:

Implosion Group (originally by Dan Winter) newsletter Mar 11, 07 Fractal Gravity-Completing the PROOF that FRACTALITY IS the Electrical CAUSE of the Gravity: url:
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: “100 Years of Writing Field Equations, yet has physics investigated whether the same fractal field that causes gravity could also most nourish DNAFractality Causes Charge to ACCELERATE! - All field effects that are NOT Fractal do KILL DNA- Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that inward is FRACTAL!Mar 12,07: -Phi Fractal Self Similarity CAUSES the Gravity that Holds Atoms Together

International Unified Physics Theories Conference-Scientists Version of this Paper in PDF:
Is Fractality: The Electrical Mechanism of Gravity? - ‘Fractality-Gravity, Perception and Color Descrimination’-
( Download here)

"Is the universe a dodecahedron? (ref: ) , 8 October 2003-NATURE MAGAZINE:"The standard model of cosmology predicts that the universe is infinite and flat. However, cosmologists in France and the US are now suggesting that space could be finite and shaped like a dodecahedron instead. They claim that a universe with the same shape as the twelve-sided polygon can explain measurements of the cosmic microwave background - the radiation left over from the big bang - that spaces with more mundane shapes cannot (J-P Luminet et al. 2003 Nature 425 593)."
We had overwhelming evidence and overwhelming response..
On the day we published this (left)
FRACTALITY:The CAUSE of Gravity... and Overwhelm..
look at what happened to the server..

33,000 hits in a day, just a few days after the first graphic article release ( ) - triggered 53 gig in one day server traffic.

Summary: evidence fractality causes gravity:
+New Scientists Magazine - headline news: the FRACTAL UNIVERSE,
+new physics films (Nassim Haramein) the FRACTAL VACUUM
+new evidence the atomic nucleus is profoundly platonically SELF SIMILAR or FRACTAL to the platonic nested ELECTRON SHELLS.
+new evidence the solar system planetary orbital radii are profoundly self-similar based on Golden Ratio ( )
+appropriate physics models: fractal capacitance CAUSES GRAVITY ( )& numerous 'Lifters' / orgone evidence for fractal capacitance=gravity and life.

+We have also added the links to Dr.Alex Kevarainan:Golden Physics "Our dynamic duality model elucidates the quantum background of non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the quantum and relativist theories.. Tending of open systems to conditions of Golden mean is supposed to be a driving force of their self-organization... It appears, that Golden Mean plays a crucial role in matter (rest mass) and elementary charge origination." -who with dozens of other physics now realizing Golden Ratio is THE PRIMARY PRINCIPLE OF CHARGE SELF ORGANIZATION INTO MASS (successful compression- see wave generation proof by heterodynes Franks Fractal Synth Software)

+ Randy Masters unconfirmed analysis: Golden Ratio animates the spectral emission lines of Hydrogen- in Thrust created by Capacitors discussion:

short prolog: NOW THAT WE KNOW (Phi optimized, Implosive, & Phase Conjugate) FRACTAL ELECTRIC FIELDS ARE THE CAUSE OF ALL SELF ORGANIZATION, GRAVITY, PERCEPTION, CONSCIOUSNESS, HEALING, LIFE, (nouishment, education, symbol..) and ONLY way out of CHAOS..into ANY SUSTAINABILITY... ( )

we can APPLY this to:

-Rearrange the magnetic lines of Earth to fractality (like the ancients did at EVERY major sacred site- usually pent, phi based and magnetically EMBEDDED) - to restore gravity, atmosphere maintenance, + compression ability ,+ climate emergence from chaos, + restore resistance to solar wind. See pictorial examples of modern enviornment shifting geomagnetic megastructures: Bill Witherspoons Sri Yantra in the desert - with evidence of massive ecosystem effect- - also massive geomantics .

-Reinvent the medical profession and architecture and urban design and agriculture and food processing - now that we know the ONLY field effect in which ALL biology can thrive and reach climax sustainability is ALWAYS a FRACTAL FIELD - see the practical evidence and many links:

-Reinvent all religion - now that we know the ONLY path into the river of charge sustainability called ensoulment and life after death is PRECISELY the hygiene to enter the world of the shareable electric wave which exists at the core of biology's phase conjugate fractality. Here the phase or group wave velocity modes approach the inPHIknit - where ALL religious stories - of DNA communion begin. This is the only real alKHEMy of history: the only way in to the fearless icy kool throat of this implosive phase conjugate vortex in DNA- the REAL shem-an-ic.
(+only real meaning of KHEM in alKHEMy and KHEMistry=black hole access)

What this means- is that every form of metabolism can only climax and complete itself when it acheives electric fractality. Ever wonder why you burp and fart when you take your clothes off and stand naked with wet feet on charged Earth. It is because when you ALLOW your body to embed in charge fractality - ALL metabolism gets a chance to go to completion. Digestion for example - is a name for the charge distribution that results from acheiving compression fractality. The ULTIMATE digestive (and healing) aid is ALWAYS going to be only a perfectly biologically fractal electric environment!

Come on kids- there is still a way to make our genepool sustainable. BUT it IS going to begin with physics understanding the ONLY possible biologic definition of A SUSTAINABLE WAVE! (a fractal field of course - only there does non destructive charge distribution - create the definition of wave sustainability).

Of course this requires we reinvent our stupid civilization. But it was boring (and depressing ) before anyway. Imagine - politicians who don't know that the ONLY biologic definition of POLITICS is BODY POLIS. The POLIS of a body - is like a bee hive able to take flight collectively because of the completion of the the charge field of their best DNA - which by implosion suddenly becomes navigable. Royal simply means electrically charge radiant by fractality. The BODY POLIS is the biologic body ABLE to make charge into a POLIS. Death survival is predicted by lucid dream ability is predicted by the sudden onset of implosive biologic CHARGE.

When capacitance emerging from biology gets fractal / charge implosive - it spits out an electric field - sometimes crudely called incubus and sucubus. WHEN that field gets coherent, fractal and sustainable it develops an upwelling emergeant - + gravity MAKING - toroidal bubble called KA in Egypt (boat to the underworld - defining moment to the word KAtholic and KAthar)- which later became the word SHEM - shem-an. This word SHEM (fractal and thereby phase conjugate array of biologic capacitance) was mistranslated into 'altar' by the church - that great parasitic intellectual midget of recent history - possibly responsible for more murders than even the U.S. CIA- a daunting achievement. The technologic skill to build a life span extending capacitor (Edin, Stonehenge) came from an (Annunaki) culture careening out of control in its own (Nephalitic) genetic disaster as they set up their doomed addiction serving gold powder mining operations here- in several nightmare episodes (Lumeria / Sumeria). The money that PAID for the genetic engineers who made our slave ancestors - WAS a pirate of pent - i tANce- BUT - the DNA (arkAN) which they brought - knew MORE than they did. (Thank 'God').

What this MEANS in practice - is that the simple real definition of the word POLItics- means that if your group has no BLISS (charge climax state for biology / implosion- the start of the phase conjugation leading to the climax state for ALL perception - and the only FINAL form of ALL education -) not only do they NOT get an immune system OR SUSTAINABILITY / OR life after death - but also they get NO politics. See our section on re-inventing government (hint GeOGre the Bushed..) now that we know the only reason to have government is to empower people to reach the biologic climax state: Bliss. ( ).

Oh yes- what this also means - is we no longer need to kill each other for religious reasons. Because all religious dialog is now ONLY about testable physics principles and shareable experiment - which determine and prove electrically measureable immortality- what electric field survives death- and in fact does not need to die - instead of stupid and murderous disempowering personality and miracle worship.

We propose a simple biologic revolution based on the pure self empowering science which says biology cannot become sustainable in ANY form until it gets fractal.(end prolog)

Dear Richard Amoroso- Thanks for reminding me to complete my paper submission for the Proceedings of Budapest Conference on Unified Field Physics. My original paper "Fractality {Perfected by Phi}: The Electrical Cause of Gravity" can be proven in multiple ways. Here we look also at the fractality of nuclear symmetry to electron shell as another example.

Proving my hypothesis that fractality is the cause of gravity would complete the stated dream of both Einstein and Kepler. Einstein was convinced that infinite charge collapse or compression was the key to unifying the electric field with gravity. Of course he could not have known that fractality is clearly physics only answer to infinite compression. Kepler kept dreaming that the planetary orbitals were a dance around the platonic solids. What he did not know - was that the platonic solids primary nesting ratios always involve primarily Golden Ratio (tetra cube to dodec to icos ratio to dodec )- in counterpoint to the square root of 2 ratios inside the tetra cube octa. I have shown that in the infinite stellated (5cube)-dodec to icos to dodec (all the above animations + the essential symmetry of DNA, Earth Grid, Zodiac, Universe + Every Living Protein, Cold Fusion, Gravity + Consciousness + ONLY possible true 3D Fractal ) - EACH one of the infinite array of vertex has x,y,and z coordinates which are a simple multiple of Golden Ratio! (My first book "One Crystals Dance").
Dan Winter is the first to explain WHY the S3# symmetry group - most often used to describe 'gravity field' is actually DODECAHEDRAL! ( )- Also why - the Palladium atom - key to cold fusion (the thin film will feel COLD in your hand!)- atomically has DODECAHEDRAL symmetry!

The work to show that the planetary orbitals ARE all fundamentally geometrized by Golden Ratio is already done.. (

SO in fact the wonderful news is that in principle Kepler was right to see the planets nesting by perfect nesting 3d platonic geometry. And more wonderfully- the REASON planets nest this way IS to complete the FRACTALITY which is the only way to stabilize the gravity of the whole solar system!

As we know - the newest science: THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE - showing the Universe is specifically arrayed fractally - beautiful supports my original hypothesis that Fractality is THE electrical cause of THE GRAVITY.

In my earlier publication "Fractality: The Physics of Creation" - I visually illustrated HOW fractality is the cause of the gravitational force that holds the atom together. Specifically - that the (platonic nest ) geometry of the placement of the hadrons (protons/neutrons) in the nucleus is precisely SELF SIMILAR or fractal to the (platonic nest ) arrangement of the electron shells -inside -out so to speak. This fractality (where charge compression is turned in to charge acceleration by constructive heterodyning b PHI of phase velocities) then allows the non-destructive charge collapse - called gravity which then holds both atoms and galaxies together.
exerpted here:
"Self-Similarity:So, how does nature do it?-(source see link) How does nature direct molecules into snow flakes, or crystals or any other regular form? Chaos Theory has an answer: Self Similarity, a fundamental principle that allows building blocks to mimic their own shape in the building they make.....A large number of particles will display a pattern that is near equal to the initial possibilities of a single particle.....A similar thing is going on here: A large number of elements may form a shape that is derived from the shape of one element. And because no element can be coerced to follow a certain path, no large number of elements will display the exact same pattern as another group. Patterns caused by large numbers of elements are alike but never the same. Hence all snow flakes look alike but no two are exactly identical.
...... Self-similarity is a really big deal. It occurs all over nature and many have argued that self-similarity is one of the key natural principles that shape our world the way it is. Self-similarity has been observed in all fields of research: physics but also biology and even psychology and sociology. It also happens all over Scriptures and has been studied extensively, most often referred to as type-Theology. In the Book of Exodus for instance, Moses constructs the Tabernacle according to patterns he observed in heaven, making the tabernacle a self-similarity of something that exists on a different level of complexity, namely heaven. ........

Visual evidence- the electron shells (above s,p,d,f) above nest platonically..

below- note the NUCLEAR HADRONS (proton + neutrons) are ALSO platonically arranged.( see Moon / Univ Chicago pic, 21st Century Magazine).

References on Moon's 3D Platonic Model of the Nucleus:

Dan Winter challenges physics to 1. quantify this obvious SELF SIMILARITY between electrons charge symmetry vs. nucleus charge symmetry,

and 2. show that in fact there can be ANY other reason for this SELF SIMILARITY (between electron shells vs nucleus) if not to CAUSE the gravity which holds atoms together! (constructive charge collapse= charge implosion >where charge compression becomes the charge acceleration which DEFINES gravity?)

--end exerpt from

(repeating above paragraph) In (this) my earlier publication "Fractality: The Physics of Creation" - I visually illustrated HOW fractality is the cause of the gravitational force that holds the atom together. Specifically - that the (platonic nest ) geometry of the placement of the hadrons (protons/neutrons) in the nucleus is precisely SELF SIMILAR or fractal to the (platonic nest ) arrangement of the electron shells -inside -out so to speak. This fractality (where charge compression is turned in to charge acceleration by constructive heterodyning b PHI of phase velocities) then allows the non-destructive charge collapse - called gravity- which then holds both atoms and galaxies together.

This is so nicely collelate to the beautiful hypothesis from Douglass White ( Observer Physics ) that PHASE CONJUGATION (I would say optimized by Phi / Fractality) - is the mechanism of the BONDING FORCE INSIDE THE NUCLEUS.

Specifically - after I wrote my original paper "Phase Conjugation" (Phi Optimized Fractality)- is the CAUSE and Mechanism of PERCEPTION ( -
(exerpt) "...our ability to understand observation or perception in psychology is precisely limited by our understanding of phase conjugate physics. - - A phase conjugate mirror accomplishes self correcting of aberration, time reversal,- in short the observation of self organization. Once we see the holy grail of physics in the fractal Golden Ratio coeur of phase conjugation - we can grok why PERCEPTION IS the WAVE MECHANICS OF PHASE CONJUGATION! "
by way of correlation to this - Douglass White - writes ( in his highly recommended paper Observer Physics Major Findings : ) "
* Phase Conjugation describes the fundamental coherent interaction of all wave-particle phenomena. It is a fully general way to describe phenomena, including consciousness, because all phenomena (including particles) can be described with waves.
* Mass Conjugation and Four-Particle Mixing is phase conjugation adapted to particles. The gravitational tracking beam between a planet and a star is phase conjugated. The helium atom with four nucleons is the most perfectly balanced form of mass conjugation and four particle mixing "

In response to my original paper - Fractal Universe: Cause of Gravity - paper ( ) - Douglass White wrote: "Dear Dan, Thanks for this. I may put a link on my site. You will note that I put links to two great animations by the team right on my (web) front page. I assume you were the first to map the phi spiral onto a torus."

Note also how my original equations- to map the Golden Mean spiral on the torus- also became my original model of the origin of the Hebrew and arabic alphabets -

Note how the inside hole to the outside RADIUS ratio of this structure could be used to correlated origin of fine structure constant (Frank suggests the math is not compelling- see "Deriving the Fine Structure Constant from the Hydrodynamic translation of vorticity on the surface of a torus donut at : - I suggest - even if the math used there is not compelling, the concept is elegantly in the right direction). ---

So the piece of data - I would yet need to plug in - to finalize my theoretical proof - that FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY .. is:
(experimental proof - is in process: )

the numeric value of the radius of those platonically nested nuclear hadrons (in several atoms perhaps ) compared to the numeric value of the radius of the platonically nested electrons. Gold and palladium for example are specially suggested to be profoundly nucleus to electron FRACTAL in this model - accounting for their role in Gold Fusion etc. - that fractality then becoming the symmetry definition of the physics of alchemy and the 'black hole' making -definition of the word KHEM as in CHEMistry.

(Here is the piece of data needed to finish this paper>) So please if you or anyone receiving this note - could pass along some numeric values for a few of these atoms (what is known about actual nuclear radii vs electron radii) then - I will go ahead and complete the calculation to show that they fit this model : (see animated star mother next)..

Specially the model predicts that those actual numeric nuclear vs electron platonic radii distances- will fit log functions of PHI Golden Ratio interdigitated with Octaves - in precisely the way the tetra cube nests in the dodec.
- like this: (Compare to 'star mother' below..)

These are equation animations of"Phi Recursion physics" , ceated by Dan Winter..from his simple equation FOR PERFECTED phase conjugation. He used the Golden Mean spiral mapped into 3D either on the (60 degree) Cone of concentric Dodec, and also that same Golden Spiral - topo mapped on the torus shape of all fields (origin of alphabets)

All 4 of these my original geometric animations were taken by Sal Giordino - (in 1 case he credited me- Dan Winter- their author) to illustrate his home page PHI THE SOURCE OF QUANTUM GRAVITY "(link/comment also below)
Thanks to Frank - who wrote the Fractal Synth software (link below)- to prove that Golden Ratio produced the maximum possible CONSTRUCTIVE wave interference in wave relations in general. This was helpful (a good step) toward proving - my original idea that heterodyning for Golden Ratio charge waves - produced the non-destructive charge compression (which turns in to acceleration by constructive interference of phase velocity) to produce gravity.

Inspired by my idea that Phi recursion optimizes heterodyne phase conjugation, Frank successfully set out to prove that the Golden Mean ratio emerges from wave physics optimizing criteria; this "back-enginereering" of the Golden Mean ratio is the first time ever that its importance was proven based on a pure physics departure point alone (also with Fractal Synth Software- link below) ; his peer-reviewed paper also demonstrates that the Fourier spectrum of a Golden Mean recursive heterodyne is a perfect Fractal, whereas other ratios create a chaotic spectrum.
This is a direct proof that Golden Mean among heterodynes creates / translates into fractality among normal waves. Then directly as a result of conversation with Dan and Frank- Sal plugged this Golden Mean wave function into the Shroedinger wave equation
(link below). Thus Sal further demonstrated how this principle translates in terms of quantum physics. (His Quantum Gravity Base on Phi - links below) -Based on our hypothesis that (only) Golden Mean optimized heterodyne phase conjugation creates soliton waves (photons and matter), Sal could then conclude that Golden Mean is an intrinsic part of the quantum physical reality. Franks and Sals papers will be presented at the CASYS'07 conference on computing Anticipatory Systems

Here is a screen from Frank's Fractal Synth Software (there at - of particular note - Frank's discovery that the power spectra of Golden Ratio heterodyning produces the Binary Fibonacci sequence - probably explaining why THAT shows up in DNA - see discussion/pics - Gariev- shows GRAVITY / black holes in DNA)-
Phi / Golden Mean vs Octaves
Charge DISTRIBUTED (Imploded thru light speed into Gravity?) vs Charge Isolated / Stored

(In the above Fractal Synth Software- see link- evidence that Golden Ratio Fractality - allows the constructive charge compression which CAUSES gravity).


as discussed at (Sal G's>),
- Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Recusion and Quantum Gravity (4 of Dan Winter's implosive recursion 3d equations based on phi - animations on Sal's home page)

My original mathematic solution to map the Golden Spiral path (of charge?) on the surface of the torus - applied to the electron..

compare with Dan Winter's: >