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Generalized Wave Principle for All Biologic Negentropy (with latest film / interviews)


Constructive compression (phase conjugation in dielectrics, and magnetics) identifies self organization, centripetal forces- revolutionizing healing, energy, and pollution issues.

Background science discussion :

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Newest Technical Intro: to Energy Science Projects: (Origin of Centripetal Forces with Mathematics Evidence)

Plasma Fusion Energy Project- development- contact above.

FRACTAL Energy solution example: The key signature to sing hydrogen - burn water! -

Prospectus/ - Nov 2012 Research Update, from Dan Winter- Science team leader- Inventor
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Implosion Group / Dan Winter- offer science leader ship - also for

(Original Science Summary from Dan Winter:

How Fractality Mathematics Predicts when an oscillator - like the STOCK MARKET- emerges from Chaos into harmonic order-

Inventor: Heart Tuner (Heart Coherence Concept Inventor) and Blisstuner -first time EEG power spectra directly identifies peak perception using golden ratio.

New Nov 2012: Heart Oneness Breath Feedback for IPHONE- Empathy Training for Anyone:

Growth force in water- based on IMPLOSION.

Note the research site- with recent updates for The IMPLODER growth project- additionally for more new films etc:


Life force- sacred space- structure-

Note the research site- with an even more powerful experimental version of bioactive field generator:

Original curriculum: science of life force space- re-defining Biologic Architecture-from our multiple international conferences and partners:


Fractal Field Science:

New Executive Summary / Intro from Dan Winter

A Revolution in LIFE AFFIRMING Technologies- based upon the simple but quintessential new understanding that life - and all self organization to emerge from chaos happens- when fields and waves become CENTRIPETAL. The geometry of centripetal force - inviting perfect compression - is called FRACTAL- here referring specifically to what all the fractal mathematics completely missed: which how to water waves, and light waves, and electric field waves- make a FIELD EFFECT- which is fractal - in 3D.

Mathematics has long known - probably the most beautiful property of fractals- is they are infinitely compressible. But few have conceived the real magic of this property when applied to field theory. It is said that Einstein was quite clear- that if he knew the symmetry (or wave shape) of infinite constructive compression- he would have solved the Unified Field problem. This is because - gravity itself - is said to be infinite or perfect collapse for electric charge. Sadly since- Einstein was never told what a fractal is - he never learned what a fractal electric FIELD could be.

It turns out that the simplest example of what a fractal electric field is- is a dodecahedron. It you extend the edges straight out - by Golden Ratio - it makes an icosahedron. Do that again - edges straight extended by Golden Ratio- you have another dodeca. This makes an infinite nest. This is exciting news for electric fields because:

1. I invented a new equation to prove that this is precisely the geometry of hydrogen- from planck length (physics sacred measured) right to hydrogen radius.
( ) Planck length times golden ratio define hydrogen in radius AND frequency - meaning- golden ratio determines the geometry of hydrogen

2. Golden Ratio- is the wave geometry of most constructive interference - ( ) - and therefore perfect constructive wave compression / colllapse.

Golden Ratio is the geometry of perfect fractality - because it is the only way WAVES can make their inside- look like the outside.
Self-similarity perfected- we later see is self reference perfected- meaning ability to emerge from chaos - which is elecrically - identical to the origin of self organization AND self awareness!

You can see that we get into deep water quickly here.

Notice how simply- this concept - re-invents medicine and healing: Doctors know that 'harmonic inclusiveness' (fractality) - in your heart harmonics predicts your immune health and how long you will live. They need to see that this same principle (the more harmonics present in any oscillator -like your favorite forest, ecosystem, galaxy, or baby or atom) - predicts- not only HOW LONG IT WILL LIVE-! but also tells how how to heal it be strategically - replacing the missing harmonic to fix the fractal. read:

The mathematics to apply this well known concept in heart EKG - HRV (heart rate variability)- is identical to how you use it for voice healing, forest healing ("Bioacoustice Habitat Theory") - and ALL of living systems! Reference: Bioacoustic Habitat Theory- and solution to desertification -

The point is- that once you understand how this golden ratio wave geometry is the origin of all wave shapes that become IMPLOSIVE and CENTRIPETAL- and THEREFORE ALIVE! - you can build LIFE AFFIRMING fractal field- technologies -in virtually every field- and bring life back from the brink of chaos.

See the science summary:

updated at

What happens is that when waves of electric charge- or compression in the quantum foam- cross in Golden Ratio (the essence of hydrogen formation - AND DNA formation) - they add and multiply their wave speeds ('phase velocities') constructively- turning compression in to acceleration (called gravity).

This is the reason- hydrogen, gravity, life force, perception, color, self organization - even bliss exist. (above link).

SO - once you understand how to arrange waves ( of light, of charge, of water, of air) into this pattern - you KNOW how to self organize, eliminate chaos and pollution - and create LIFE.

First- to understand what this shape looks like- (we tell people- simply visualize a rose)- we built a hands on kit: (Star 'Mother')

And to be entranced by the wave shape - called THE GRAIL- animated (remember it is physics AND poetry) we animated the 3D equation:

Scientists call waves in this geometry PHASE CONJUGATION- and they know that self organization is proven in phase conjugate optics. Other people call this golden mean curve to perfect damping (compression) - the CADUCEUS of HERMES.

What scientists need to learn is that: this golden mean solution to all wave interference- also produces self organization - in addition to phase conjugation in optics..

we have phase conjugate dielectrics:

see bioactive fields:

Medical examples:


We have phase conjugation in MAGNETICS (eliminates pain - and heals): see Rauscher - below. We applied phase conjugate MAGNETICS in - to heal water - and create dramatic growth effects.

In THEIMPLODER- we combine the conjugation of magnetics- with PHASE CONJUGATE HYDRODYNAMICS. This is Viktor Schauberger's dream of IMPLOSION in water- come true.

To imagine the shape of PHASE CONJUGATION- (light, water, magnetism, electric charge) in all of the above- is simple- just imaging TWO PINE CONES- learning how to nicely kiss noses! ( see grail animation above)..

SO- we introduced you to the theory behind a WHOLE NEW SCIENCE of self-organization- and way out of chaos- based on fractality- the order of the rose...

NOW lets see how we can heal - planet Earth- using the principle!

Each of these implosive - fractal solutions is based precisely on the above.

1. End the energy crisis: precisely my new equation for hydrogen - solves the water to burn water! - see - we are well underway to confirm this new music (imagine the movie CHAIN REACTION applied)- DOES solve hydrolysis. (we have teamed up with )

2. Heal water pollution- see below - 4 different ways to solve water pollution

3. Bring water AND life force to deserts:

Bring LIFE FORCE to water for agriculture:

4. Build the architecture of life force - scientifically into city and building design:

Revitalize city design to attract tourists, energy, and money- by attracting CHARGE! :-

and HOW to attract rain by design:


5. Build the ultimate healing temple:

It accelerates metabolism and growth- eliminates electrosmog- and radioactivity - DUE TO THIS CENTRIPETAL FORCE.


So this is our introduction... now we review the references and detail.

Hope you share our re-vitalized feeling- now that we know how nature herself creates VITALITY!

Dan Winter


Prospectus to Join Research Intiative:

If your research group is ready to collaborate on absolute cutting edge FRACTAL FIELD bio-tech and water tech- please reply.


Dan Winter discovered a new equation to predict the radii, and frequency of hydrogen, hydrogen splitting, and bioactive fields:

ref: and

Planck Length x Golden Ratio IS the hydrogen (constructive charge collapse) radii.

Planck Time x Golden Ratio IS the Kanzius / Hydrogen frequency AND the Solar year and the Venus year- Deep thinkers will begin to understand fractality in time IS the mechanism of charge transfer / synchronicity - and can predict time effects on biologic reactions!

That specific equation and the resulting critical frequency signature is the key to

a) splitting hydrogen- revolution in energy technology : project description:

That project status: new hydrogen cell and Anton Cell will arrive in the S.France lab- where it is to be mated with the amplifier and frequency generator in hand - for breakthru in hydrolysis efficiency.


b) That equation IS the geometry of - note the 3D plot of the geometry used in the science background for TheImploder: Note the replicated 30 to 300 percent growth increases in agriculture replicably measured on 3 continents.


c) That equation IS the scaling and ratio and field effect design of - Note the 40-50 percent replicably measured increase in metabolic rate - in fermentation tests- no input power required. Note the ability to charge rock powder for pollution elimination (more below).


d) That equation directly predicts the magnetic harmonics Prof Eliz Rauscher used to eliminate pain ( and accelerate healing) in FDA studies- See- non-invasive pain eliminator - graphic and description below. We now have complete design to optimize that field now that we have discovered the equation which is the PRINCIPLE ( constructive magnetic compression). We already have built the structure to apply that corrected field in 3D. Email - for more info.

e) That equation directly predicts the PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC field - used to measure the presence of PRIMARY WATER- the heart of the water access revolution for deserts which is the BLOOM THE DESERT PROJECT:

Note there the 4 different synergistic technologies to purify water - complementing the new technology to locate water in any desert.

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Latest science discussion summaries:


Here is a Nov 2012- Updated Summary of recent Media Interviews with Dan Winter:

New IMPLODER SCIENCE Interview with Dan Winter- Sept 2012:



Just Released: Dan Winter -New Aug 3, 2012 - Radio Interview- Lucid Dreaming and Physics of Death -Electrical Nature of Fear vs Fusion- and More
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>New Film Series: Restoring Centripetal Forces- to Restore LIFE FORCE: --June 29,2100: Restoring Centripetal Forces for LIFE and Self Organization
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More about the PYRAPHI^ (above)

The IMPLODER Water - Dramatic growth effect... Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Chlorine: Portugal Research (Thanks Rui! ) group reports dramatic drop in chlorine smell and reduced chlorine caused (plant) growth problems by using TheImploder water. (Oct 3)

Cannabis: Cannabis Report Canada (Thanks Jeff!)- Females are valuable: Is More Females the Response to Fractality?: More Seed Germination- More Females Produced- '"As far as the testing with the Cannabis... One friend had 4 seeds that were dead (squish them and they pop), Soaked them in imploded water overnight, then planted them along with 9 other seeds. Said germination was 2-3 days, all grew & were all female... Had another friend that started using imploded water when hers were about 2-3 inches tall..all ended up female also, approximately 10-15 plants. :)Lo Phi, Jeff"

Pressure: Pressure Limitation Issue Resolved- The ABS Food Grade Clear Plastic was originally rated only 35-40psi pressure- by converting the silicon around the O-ring, to High Quality 2 part Epoxy- new tests show higher pressures (to 45-50) now not a problem

Temperature: - preliminary indications are that water closer to room temperature picks up the magnetic moment somewhat better than ice-cold water- we are working to confirm this.

Recirculation - is it necessary?: so many have asked us- while it is true that most of the pictures of 200-300 percent growth increase were taken of plants that had been fed with TheImploder water- RECIRCULATED thru the device a few times (2-3 times thru- 5-10 minute recirculation in modest tanks for example). It is also true that many of the other reports- not in so many pictures ( drinking effect- more silky, chlorine reduction and other effects) were done with water that had been thru The Imploder only once. Since we have only had the device available for a few months- perhaps you can forgive us a bit more time- as we try to determine whether- one cycle thru the device- does acheive the full agricultural effect. People who have put the device - in the direct plumbing of their homes (where the water passes only once thru it) have reported the silky - more drinkable water etc. but in that group we do not yet have the plant growth tests in as much detail.

The IMPLODER-> Goes VIRAL... in the news and around the web! >

Imploder Science Reviewed at 7thfire :


Russell Wright- On Implosion Water from The Imploder- on You Tube





- Cached # Soldier: Imploder | Flickr - Photo Sharing! 31 May 2008 ... I guess those things are, like, plasma vents. Everything needs to vent plasma once in a while. ...

Water Imploder from Dan Winter by YourEnchantedGardener 17 Aug 2010 ... The 'Imploder' water treatment creates a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination and bio mass yields (stronger, ...


FractalBob | The Imploder is based on phase conjugate HYDRODYNAMICS (liquid implosion- see nozzle below.. COMBINED with PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS.. where the LIKE poles attract...

Real Life Eco Village - reviews .. The water imploder 17 Aug 2010 ... Fractal Inc.'s Imploder uses an intricately designed and precisely engineered nozzle to set up a centripedal force which causes implosion in ...

Super Food Grower - Group- Launches Imploder:


Dutch : Zero Point Energy Group Reviews The Imploder: # Imploder - waterwervelaar gebruiksaanwijzing Imploder creates faster growth rate and denser biomass, stronger disease ... Along with the use of “revitalize the soil products”, the imploder can help

The Spanish Bibliocap.. reviews Imploder: The Imploder - Water Energizer THE IMPLODER revitalizes water quickly, is easy to install, has no maintenance or moving parts, is cost effective and produces amazing results. ...



Short Calendar Update Nov 2010:


below- exerpt from


CONJUGATE The Waters..

Cast your bread.. upon the waters..



We know that the electric field (phase conjugate dielectric) around Gold Powder / Manna / Ormes / The Spice- later called 'Holy Communion'- was called by the Hebrews: "The Plains of Sharon" (see Gardner science review- in "Sacred Ark") - BECAME THEIR NAME FOR HEAVEN. Take your memories- to someplace your bank account can't go? : Note the symmetry physics / map - of where your plasma body goes by measurement - after death:

Charge distribution perfected by fractality (perfect compression IS perfect distribution) is literally the DIVINE- and can bring our spiritual ideas to practical applied technology.


Bloom The Desert- and FRACTAL FIELD Science Update- from Dan Winter- Oct 5, 2010


Main Index:

Part One :

Life Affirming Water Treatment by IMPLOSION:

Creating Centripetal (Charge) Force in Water- Initiates Self Organization, Sorting, and Accelerates Living Process

The Centripetal Force can be generated by:

1. Hydrodynamic IMPLOSION: see the nozzle end of our powerful (perfects the fractal in the geometry of liquid flow convergence)

2. Magnetic IMPLOSION: the phase conjugate MAGNETIC array in TheImploder - link below

These 2 are combined (the mechanical centripetal rotating water molecule enters the implosive centripetal magnetic Z PINCH - like an inductive MOTOR!)- in... ( more science also at -notice the animation of 2 LIKE POLE magnets attracting:PHASE CONJUGATING MAGNETICS) : in addition to the replicable 30 to 300 percent agricultural growth increases measured when water simply passes thru the hydrodynamic and hi potent magentic array- of "The Imploder" - new results (ref: our wonderful Portugal Imploder team- thanks ruijssilva {at} ) dramatically eliminates chlorine odor AND the detrimental effect has on plant growth!. More results on sedimentation rate improvement study soon.

More on understanding PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS- invented by Dan Winter. Study the chart of the magnetic frequencies which Elizabeth Rauscher found (in early FDA trials) - ELIMINATED PAIN (and anecdotally- accelerated healing):

rauscher magnetics
Winter has applied precise phase conjugate / caducceus scaling geometry - planck time to golden ratio - to show WHY these frequencies end pain/heal

What Dr.Rauscher later realized was this is an example of Dan Winter's concept of PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS. Later Winter- has shown that you can take the KEY FREQUENCIES in this graph and DERIVE THEM- from his original equation for the geometry of hydrogen (radius AND frequency): proof of the fractal nature of gravity. ( , ). This much deeper physics now provides the backdrop- as Winter has used ONLY AND PRECISELY THESE FREQUENCIES and geometry IN EVERY INVENTION HERE. (Pyraphi and Imploder are built exclusively with this precise golden ratio TO hydrogen and planck scaling factor - the ultimate global scaling solution! - ).

We are of course pleased to acknowledge and support dear Dr Elizabeth Rauscher- but now that we know how to complete the harmonic cascade by definition from a deeper physics (phase conjugation to Planck) - we will carry this work to completely new level.

What this means is we now know precisely the magnetic (and by analog-dielectric) FIELD which restores compression and is the FIELD SYMMETRY KEY to healing and tissue regeneration in general. Winter and his team (thanks to Andrew!) are deeply engaged in installing this variable DC optimized field in beautiful 3D array - in Winter's newest invention: the ICOSAPHI (stay tuned). Bone generation / stem cell switching and more- trials planned. Serious collaborator inquiries only please- contact below.

3. IMPLOSION of dielectric lines (of charge.. literally a FRACTAL CAPACITOR): the array of capacitance or flux lines in the quantum vacuum-

in our

a) Cheap (piezoelectric / paramagnetic- quartz or calcite based) rock powders - simply exposed the the strong centripetal electric field - have been shown to replicable clear up very dirty or biologically polluted standing water! You can see many films of this kind of thing succeeding at Note that the difference between the good Mr Plocher- and the Fractal Field- team - is that by actually teaching the (centripetal electrical engineering physics) of the process that gives the field effect to the rock powders- (instead of calling it a mysterious mis-understood trade secret) - we a) create a much stronger field effect trigger- the Pyraphi , and b) create self-empowerment by teaching the generalized actual physics PRINCIPLE (charge fields which become centripetal - convey that self organizing field TO THE WATER- more at , , ).

b) Our Phase conjugate dielectric array - is proven in multiple PhD chemist run tests to generate 40-50% increase is simple fermentation rate- by simply apply a 'fractal' (phase conjugate) capacitor - NO POWER INPUT. Coatings based on this technology have the potential to accelerate EVERY INDUSTRY involving fermentation / biologic digestion! (beer, wine, yogurt, digesters, composting and much more).


4. Implosion of Self Organizing BIOLOGIC Fields - by genetic diversity creating the fractality of self organizing domain in the mitogenic (radiation) field-

a) example- not only does the compost pile or the digester get hotter / accelerate metabolism when it is located where (dowsed or measured with DC nanotesla tech.) magnetic lines cross (centripetal force is generated- to the point of self-organizing 'self awareness' - the microbes 'run the farm'!).. but also there are many examples where the microbe colony is so advanced in a farms compost array- that pestilence infections literally skip that farm as if they had been avoiding just that zip code ( - reference: Malcolm Borgward- Perth, Australia, Rob Gourlay - Braidwood, Australia).

b) new recipes of "Effective Micro-Organisms" (call "EM)- already well documented in many countries for eliminated odor and pollution in farm drainage ponds and effluent lakes. We will be offering the effective microorganism which is proven to eliminate pond smell and more. You can see European examples of the EM recipes- for example at

With teams all over the world (Australia and more) developing microorganism synergy recipes- inspired by the beautiful early Japanese work - increasingly it becomes no longer possible or necessary to OWN the recipe of which micro-organisms collectively create a self-organizing field. This is increasingly true when the physics of what makes a genetic diverse and thereby Fractal mitogenic radiating field centripetal and therefore self-organizing. NOTE how this WILL come to DEFINE the science of Bio-Sustainability and PERMACULTURE!


5. Water is exposed to an inexpensive DC bias voltage and segregated across a simple semi-permeable membrane - into ANODE vs CATHODE water

The ANODE water is ANTI-Biotic and profoundly cleansing - (tastes a little like lemon juice- even tho no chemical is added)

The CATHODE water is profoundly ACCELERATING to most forms of growth - called PRO-Biotic - (tastes a little like soap- even tho no chemical is added- surface tension AND solubility effect!)

- read some of the original background SIMPLE ELECTRO-CHEMICAL EFFECT ON water science:

Observe here just one set of the early studies here in our South France testing group: the 'pond scum'- or polluted water cleaning effect- of just this ANODE water alone!


Simply put- electro-negativity IN GENERAL is the result of FRACTAL FIELD. The electron itself IS a little black hole in the quantum foam. That ability generates centripetal force...- We know that the negative ion wind side of any hospital has better healing rate- what about the negative ion wind side of water?

It is good to look at some of the many Fractal Field - Hydrogen Fractality and Water Science films- in our Fractal Field Libraries- ( see how they have gone viral on the internet) Many feature Pat Flanagan - one of the outstanding science people working with us.


SO - our Fractal Field team- is determined to be world leader in assembling the synergy of FIVE proven technologies for clearing polluted standing water.

If you are involved in water resource management and would like to collaborate- please contact-
team science leader:

skype: danwinter


Bloom the Desert Project
updated outline for Kees- and the team from Fractal Field..:

Dan Winter

Fractal compression of charge- perfects the CIRCULATION OF CHARGE-
The principle: perfecting the circulation of charge- is the electrical engineering essential principle - which attracts life force, and attracts rain.

This is how the seeds in a pine cone- being fractal capacitors- attract the voltage from gravity- which makes them alive- and is the reason you can use them to attract rain. This architecture- is the electric design principle for landscapes that attract rain. The opposite of this - the square metal and electrosmog grid- of the average city- is definitely a rain repeller.

Component A
We offer - world pioneering skills- in Primary Water Access Technologies:
-Our team comprises the world's leaders in being able to locate water- deep or so called "primary
water" even in very desert like conditions. By combining sensitive magnetic mapping- with very
specialized -proven dowsing techniques- we can offer demonstrable skill in ' blooming any desert'.
See the example film- at

Also - on our team - is Randy Ziesmis - who has evolved from using magnetic measurement
techniques- which he now combines with profound instruction from indigenous elders- and has been
locating primary water across China.
Our network of profound dowsers specialists in deep or primary water-to confirm drill site locations -
so far these include Georg Gaupp and Anton Rieder team in Austria, and David Yarrow "Dragon in the
Ice Castle" Group in Albany, New York.

1. Zaragosa World Expo on Water- Conference Film Exerpts- with Dan Winter ...
Dan Winter- presents - at ECOLOGY AND WATER- Fourth International Expo ... Primary Waterwww.

2. Primary Water- Powerpoint from Rob Gourlay - Australia - Powerpoint.

Note: the concept is that PRIMARY WATER- can be often proven to be functionally isolated from the conventional water table.
In this regard- the Australian government hasbeen pressured to change laws about access to underground water, based on proofs that accessing so called


or "CAPTIVE WATER TABLE" (as the French have called it)


does not deplete or affect the normal water table.

Component B
Revitalise water - Dan Winter- Phase Conjugate Magnetics- see project outline
Water is passed thru special magnetic treatment -
agricultural effect - evidence: (50-300% growth effect measured)

Tests under way to show that this IMPLODER process can also significantly increase sedimentation to treat even severe water pollution issues.

ALSO - the capacitive phase conjugation ELECTRIC FIELD- see

which has already show 50% increase in fermentation rate inside that fractal capacitor - NO INPUT POWER USED-

will be applied to treat the water. This phase conjugate dielectric or fractal field- is projected to be an applied field theory 'switch' to control things like stem cell growth etc.


Component C-


Any one of which has already been shown to be a dramatic help for agriculture:

We will be treating the soil and water with

1. Effective Microorganisms- (EM) - as pioneered by the Japanese- but now replicated in Austrlia and elsewhere..

2. Agricultural Ormes- Naturally occuring biologic rhdium irridium emulates- like the aloe derivative Manaloe- or on a larger agricultural scale- the caustic preciptates of deep sea water- making a 'natural white gold powder'. - We refer here to the work of our associate Barry Carter:

We also have our own commercial sources for the material.

3. Phase conjugate dielectric charged- piezoelectric - rock powders (calcium carbonate / quartz / calcite sands)- DO heal water- large scale:

This work can heal lakes and water tables LARGE SCALE. We will use our own technology - which features professional electrical engineering- instead of secrecy and little understood physics- altho we appreciate Plocher's work in pioneering the use of charged rock powders.

I learned personally how highly capacitively charged rock powders can revolutionize healing geobiology / geopathic solutions- from the famous Gary Skillen in Canada. Now - unlike Plocher (link above) and Skillen- we understand the physics - and can build the correct charging capacitor from pure (phase conjugate) principles- instead of secrecy and quasi-science. See :

Component D
The Light City Curriculum Remap magnetics like a Rose. How to adjust the magnetic map of a city to
be a fractal attractor - to attract: life force, health, tourists, and money:

Component E & F:
Design structure- both (E) agriculurally and (F) architecturally- need to be re-arranged to be FRACTAL - and therefore permissive to the circulation / distribution of living charge / plasma - IN ORDER TO ATTRACT SUSTAINING RAIN. - curriculum -
See essential exerpt below.

The further curriculum for biologic architecture- defining architecture as the ability to build a structure within which the electric field generated (capactively) will create life force, seed germination, and vitality - in short a fractal or phase conjugate field effect creation - is the ultimate test of success in architecture. (see how we measure a building for harmonic inclusiveness capactively- and for fractality in the AIR generated - thus predicting the BUILDINGS ABILITY TO SUPPORT LIFE). This same measurement of success- WILL DETERMINE IF THE ARRAY OF BUILDINGS WILL ATTRACT RAIN.

This is for the reasons defined below: - water vapor will form droplets if the capacitive field lines are centripetal - note how the capacitor most effective for making rain in "Weather Engineering on the High Seas"- film by Trevor Constable- was a 60 degree cone- the same we use from The Imploder- based on conjugation.

---- here exerpted from the original: Electrical Engineering Principles of Rain Attraction- by Dan Winter,

Applying the Principles of Rainmaking - To Land Design: The Principles of Symmetry to Restore "Wet-Making" Power to Your Land.It is Feminine to Create Space -Wave Patterns (like "Fractals') that INVITE COMPRESSION - CREATE 'SPACE"To Do That You Add Magnetic Pattern In Order To Teach Waves - PERMISSION TO TOUCH.When Waves Have This Non-Destructive Way to Nest Into Each Other -

Then The Water Vapour Molecules in The Clouds Have The Pattern of Charge They Need To Be Steered into SHARING SPACE (TOUCH) Called: MAKING A DROPLET (RAIN!!).

This is the Physical Science of Precipitation.

Summary of the Electrical Principles of Rainmaking - 1. Water vapor is attracted to capacitive charge symmetry because water is highly paramagnetic. This means - the water molecule always decides which way to orient or 'steer' it's bonding by ALIGNING itself using the local stored (capacitive ) charge field. This means that arranging the shape of the field effect around a good capacitor - explains:

a) the Immoto and Schweitzer and Sensitive Crystallization water picture..

b.) the Kirlian photograph

c.) the way harmonic inclusiveness of capacitive charge MEASURES and DEFINES LIFE FORCE ELECTRICALLY

2. The difficulty the water molecule faces when asked to assemble itself into a DROPLET which will then precipitate and fall as rain, is discovering how to arrange enough CHARGE SYMMETRY to become bonded, embedded and FOLDED INTO A (wave) ENVELOPE. Providing ambient electrical fields which steer charge into this 'dimpling recursion' / 'turning inside out ness' (see animations ) is the electrical solution to rain making.

3. Enveloping of fields gets 'self-centering' or 'implosive' force when (magnetic and capacitive) field effects are steering into DIMPLING RECURSION (see 'Phiricais') - in the rain attracting ecosystem. In simple terms (turns), field effect lines need to be taught the symmetry recipe to turn inside out. When this happen, magnetic lines become magnetic circles.. Example - see the LABYRINTH animations below. (link)

4. Providing the symmetry seed of charge aligned into a dimple, MAKING A TORNADO OUT OF MAGNETISM.. is what happens when highly paramagnetic biologic materials like cloud seeds, or paramagnetic dolmen are used to fabricate microclimate.

5. Mapping and then bending local bioregion long wave magnetic lines into these dimpling arrays, which produce 'centering force' / the tornado magnetic ultimately can be continent wide.

6. Things like metal structures, fractionated magnetic lines, and electrosmog magnetic pollution, and mono-culture, and lack of human bliss, prevent rain by preventing 'harmonic inclusiveness' (fractal ability to compress implosively in a self organizing way). Compare with how harmonic inclusiveness predicts viability medically in Heart Rate Viability - apply this to ALL biological oscillators - including harmonic inclusiveness (identical with non-destructive compression) IN THE LAND'S MAGNETISM.

see: Harmonic Inclusivness:HRV and Emotion vs Care & Feeding of Immune Health

FIRST - How to precipitate... + Hopi aphorism: JUDGE A CULTURE BY THEIR ABILITY TO ATTRACT RAIN.

+ Bill Witherspoon - carves a shallow ditch many acres across in the shape of a Sri Yantra - pours in paramagnetic sand - and measures a dramatic change in annual rainfall locally...What is the SCIENCE? (hint - magnetic and capacitive charge lines creating long wave columnation is the steering wheel for molecules needing direction to learn how to assemble themselves into a 'folded envelope' (raindrop!).-see INSET below

+ The Book:"Dance of the Trees" (Richard St.Barbe Baker ...'Men of the Trees') describes the California city where there was a Eucalyptus Tree Forest on one side of town, and a Cyprus Forest on the other. The Eucalytus side of town consistently got no rain, while the other side got lots of rain. Observing this - they cut down BOTH forests, and SWITCHED which side EACH was planted on. And sure enough - THE RAIN SOON AFTER - SWITCHED SIDES OF TOWN ALSO! -- What's the SCIENCE ? ( hint look for the spectrum analysis of the charge field of the Cyprus Tree to be far more fractal or harmonically inclusive than the Eucalyptus. The Eucalyptus probably does not WANT rain - so is not built to attract it. The PINE tree attracts rain - see the geometry of the PINE CONE /implosion as a fractal to understand why. )

+ Another helpful teaching story: The U.S. Army in the true oxymoron of Military Intelligence- went to a town in the US Midwest - and decided to "HELP" the town by taking the river that ran through the town - and Re-'Engineer' - TO MAKE THE RIVER GO STRAIGHT - instead of meandering ALL over town. Shortly thereafter - all the major water wells in the town DRIED UP. The Army came back in, and re-curved the river - and then the water well levels returned! What is the SCIENCE? ( hint - read how charge density and the self-organization electrically is lost in water that does not braid - at (nice pics) and in Schauberger: "Living Water".. also Callum Coates books )

+ Marty Cain (labryrinth installer) takes a small core of emotionally energized women to a magnetically crux spot in Vukovar, Yogoslovia shortly after the bombing war there measureably caused all the underground water to shrink back from the land surface. She installs a properly dowsed labyrinth - promotes intense healing dialog with the elemental forces - and the underground water re-appears blossoming underland just like a flower following magnetism.


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